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  1. 26 minutes ago, at3n said:

    You could, and it's better than nothing, but if you had malware running that's watching what you do, it could capture the keys and send them back to its owner when you go back online.

    Unlikely maybe, but possible. It's a question of how safe do you think your Mac is vs how valuable your XRP wallet will be.

    You can boot Linux off a USB key onto a Mac, you could look at that as an offline option if you have no other physical machine.

    BAsed on your comments I am thinking a ledger will be safer....what are your thoughts?

  2. So having read a lot on this in the last couple of days here are the steps I believe to create a cold wallet and to verify your private keys. Please correct me if I am wrong on this...

    1. Generate a paper wallet by going to one of the two sites (do not use Safari)



    Go offline, use a private window, generate a couple of pairs ( do not use the first set of pairs)

    2. Write down the pair, close the window

    3. Go to https://www.theworldexchange.net go offline

    4. Enter your secret key, leave the account address blank click log-in

    5. You can then verify that the pair you generated above is valid. I believe no xrp needs to be transferred for this check to occur

    6. Once you have validated that the pair is valid you can then go and activate your wallet


    Let me know if the above makes sense, thanks!


  3. Looking to setup a cold wallet using a Mac. I read the thread regarding wallet creation, however this is 6 months old and wondered if it was still valid and if the problems facing setting up the wallets using a Mac had been resolved. 



    Edit: I should say I am interested in setting up a paper wallet

  4. I would like to update everyone on what happened and how this was resolved. I had a couple of messages on this with others making the same mistake as me. Firstly always make sure you fully copy the address, do not do what I did which was to double click quickly. I always use shape shift when transferring funds to another exchange or wallet when not working in XRP. I must admit I was highly impressed with the Shapeshift team, less so with the Gatehub team who still have not contacted me over a week later. First step is to contact shapeshift and open a ticket. They have an impressive twitter account which they man 24/7 (or so it would seem). Contact them and if you have forgotten the destination tag likely hood is that you have sent it to Shapeshift however for Shapeshift to access your funds you will need the transaction id from Gatehub. Once you have this, Shapeshift will return the funds. Thank you to everyone for your help on this one...

  5. Hi All,

    Firstly I want to say how much I have learnt from this forum over the last couple of months, for now I have not been able to significantly contribute without saying Moon and Lambo and so I am sitting on the side until I can really contribute. So thank you

    I sent some XRP from my Gatehub account via Shapeshift to another alt coin to try and get some short term gains. The issue I had is that I was too quick clicking and did not properly copy the destination address which shapeshift gave me. The transaction came up as sent however once I realized what I did it was too late. Is it too late to reclaim the funds sine the address was incorrect? I am unable to see the transaction on Gatehub...currently 'unavailable', I have send in a ticket to Gatehub however doubt I will get a response. I realize this is 100% my fault and I also feel I have lost the money sent.

    Hopefully I can claw this transaction back since it was to an incorrect address,



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