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  1. and if I understand correctly only those connected to coil will be able to donate to a site when viewing it from there own account?
  2. I have setup Coil on my website and it seems like it is integrated, however it still seems to say I am on the waitlist, does anyone know how long this takes? I have been there for around a month now on the waitlist.
  3. BAsed on your comments I am thinking a ledger will be safer....what are your thoughts?
  4. Thanks all, if I am on a MAC could I just clear my cache and then use a private browser go offline to generate the pair? I do not have a PC
  5. So having read a lot on this in the last couple of days here are the steps I believe to create a cold wallet and to verify your private keys. Please correct me if I am wrong on this... 1. Generate a paper wallet by going to one of the two sites (do not use Safari) - https://bithomp.com/paperwallet/ - http://www.ripplepaperwallet.com Go offline, use a private window, generate a couple of pairs ( do not use the first set of pairs) 2. Write down the pair, close the window 3. Go to https://www.theworldexchange.net go offline 4. Enter your secret key, leave the account address blank click log-in 5. You can then verify that the pair you generated above is valid. I believe no xrp needs to be transferred for this check to occur 6. Once you have validated that the pair is valid you can then go and activate your wallet Let me know if the above makes sense, thanks!
  6. I am sure we could gather enough funds to make this happen. The XRP community would back this easily...
  7. Is there a better place to get a domain etc. Outside of godaddy? I find their prices high. Namescheap seem good but have not had any ecperience with them
  8. So I follow the same procedure however instead of putty just use terminal on my mac?
  9. Is it a similar approach when doing the setup on a mac? I know putty does not exist on a mac. I could not find a walk through online...will be using digital ocean for hosting
  10. As title explained I transferred ETH to gate hub 16 hours ago, shows up as completed however I do not see it in my ETH Gateway account. I have opened a ticket but not very hopeful. Has anyone else been in this situation?
  11. Looking to setup a cold wallet using a Mac. I read the thread regarding wallet creation, however this is 6 months old and wondered if it was still valid and if the problems facing setting up the wallets using a Mac had been resolved. Thanks! Edit: I should say I am interested in setting up a paper wallet
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