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  1. The crypto exchanges are going to evolve to allow seamless exits of any amount. It will take some time.
  2. Yes, hardly 'baked in' @.25 as so many were insisting.
  3. I just noticed today a new category on Marketwatch. Wonder what Jamie Dimon thinks.
  4. Gibberish from beginning to end. A very convoluted way to say "I don't know what it will do.."
  5. At least you are in the game. There are so many who can't afford to buy a toaster. Be patient above all.
  6. It's ok - it is just that the signal to noise ratio on this site is high. Want to keep it that way.
  7. New member, Hello to everyone...

    Welcome - I am a US Ex-Pat over in Switzerland. What specifically are you looking for help on? You have landed in the right forum.
  8. Introducing myself - Young Catholic dude

    Welcome. I understand completely. The thing that drew me to Ripple was moving over to Switzerland from the US (to escape Trump) and getting fed up with waiting a week for money transfers. I did some research and found Ripple, Thank God.
  9. Number 3 again

    Welcome, this is a great spot for good solid info with a high signal to noise ratio.
  10. I just sold my conure for 15 Zerps. Do I feel bad? no.....
  11. Banks are not organized enough to pump.
  12. Gatehub USD IOU trade price discrepancy

    If I know Gatehub, you will hear back in 3 weeks....maybe
  13. Excellent move and timing - so hard to do sometimes. Now HODL!
  14. There we go ...

    I went up to Germany for a few hours to do some errands - I come back and am $9000 richer. I can get used to this....
  15. Chances are you will look back on that .55 buy and marvel what a deal it was. I hope so. Hang in there and be patient. You are in the right hangout for XRP - lots of good solid info here.