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  1. Now that that is over.....

    Amen to that - shake out the weak sisters, get rid of the juveniles and get back to serious discussions again.
  2. Absolutely - the sense of entitlement is really quite incredible. The mature investor is willing to wait patiently on a great idea that needs time to be adopted. Ripple/XRP will either make a case for itself and change something long overdue for updating or it won't. I worked for Bank of America years ago and I can tell you that bankers hate change. Even the good kind.
  3. Amen to that - especially all this utterly ridiculous 'technical analysis' - the equivalent of reading tea leaves (without a decent cup of tea as a result)
  4. I took a memory course with World Champion Chester Santos once. Within an hour he had us memorizing all of the Best Picture Winners since 1927 by essentially the same method - it really does work. I'm not sure I would put 100% trust of my 24 words in it, though :-)
  5. XRP And Ripple doubt!!

    If some nincompoop is willing to pay $50 million for an idiotic Warhol consisting of 60 of the same images of the Last Supper, then all bets are off as to what constitutes 'worth' or 'value'
  6. XRP Price........or nah?

    I think this investment needs more patience than most. Since it has a solid use case in the world of banking and international transactions, this will take time. Meanwhile HODL....
  7. Why Ripple?

    Indeed - they seem to be in that unique position of turning a beautiful theory into solid practice. That is why I took a stake.
  8. Why Ripple?

    I am curious how folks here decided to invest in Ripple. Myself, I moved over to Switzerland last year from the US and have been driven half-mad by trying to move money around. I began to research why it took a week to get a transfer and lo and behold, Ripple seemed to have a much better mousetrap. I am creeping up on 100k zerps @ .21 average. I am a confirmed HODLer. Cheers from sunny Weinfelden.
  9. Piled on some more @ .24 - average zerp is .21 Getting closer to that 100,000 goal ;-)
  10. This is truly impressive. Perhaps a divorce from the other cryptos will raise the interest level. Wow.
  11. Coinbase adopting Ripple could make it far easier and straightforward to buy XRP. There is a petition out there to that effect.
  12. Bitsane

    Anyone had any experience with Bitsane? I have the buying and storing of XRP down with Coinbase---Shapeshift----Ledger Nano S and I want to set up the efficient way to go the other way. XRP to USD in a US bank. Thanks for any advice.
  13. Definitely XRP is a different animal than these other cryptos - spot on that the value of it is in its usefulness to solve the problem of the ridiculous friction in sending payments around the world. I see it as a unique opportunity that requires some patience. There seems to be a high sense of entitlement here.
  14. Of course Dimon would never fire any trader dealing in derivatives, which is far more fraudulent than Bitcoin would ever hope to be and might eventually bring down the entire financial House of Cards. What a hypocrite.
  15. I predict the LA Dodgers will win 112 games, so $1.12