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  1. Hi, I was just telling him in Spanish that the company was gonna be an xrapid customer, and would believe that this would increase the volume
  2. Creo que es correcto, esperaría que con estas dos compañías usando xrapid y arp, se contaría con un mayor volumen, yo creo apenas están en la implementación del sistema, espero que en los próximos meses veamos mayor volumen
  3. Lzoxrp

    Brazil's exchange listing XRP

    Didn't Itau bank partner with Ripple? I think it did
  4. Lzoxrp

    Jungle INC banned for spreading FOMO

    We need social media platform competition, a censorship free and anti pc youtube, twitter, etc
  5. i´m pumping some Barry White tunes at work!
  6. Lzoxrp

    galgitron's blog: crystal ball

    We can´t get enough of that price prediction, cause the more we see it the more we want it, oh yeah baby! Hope you get the Barry White reference hahaha
  7. Yeah I also don´t see what the big deal is about this
  8. What is it? with the length of the video?
  9. Lzoxrp

    President Bill Clinton Keynotes Swell 2018

    I agree with this, I hate Clinton, but viewing this with an international mindset and without the conspiracy theories (which I like) he was president when the Internet took hold of our lives, this same situation would be happening with the Internet of Value, so maybe this was the thinking in having him as the keynote speaker, and yeah many ripple employees are die hard liberals, I´m totally the opposite being a libertarian, but as with Snoop I really don´t think we should give this the utmost importance
  10. Lzoxrp

    Topology node over SBI

    This is great news!!
  11. Lzoxrp

    President Bill Clinton Keynotes Swell 2018

    Out of everybody ripple couldn´t get a much better speaker, come on
  12. Lzoxrp


    I agree, we have to remember that this is viewed with a corporate timeline, I work as a legal manager in a fortune 500 company and to develop and deploy new products takes many years, heck even marketing campaigns take about four to six months to pass thru the different approvals
  13. A friend of mine told me about the project and ripple last year about in April, been buying since