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  1. domingo

    100,000,000 XRP Transferred/Purchased?

    Hey @PlanK Thanks for the confirmation, we have now settled the outstanding
  2. domingo

    Quora: How big can Ripple XRP get?

    1. RIPPLE 2. bitcoin 3. Ethereum 4. LiteCoin
  3. domingo

    Ripple and MoneyGram (MERGED THREAD)

    Just few minutes back at BitStamp.com
  4. domingo

    Harsh towards new members

    Welcome to the forum. Do listen to your son as the kids around his age knows the latest before oldies like me. My son(19) always come to me asking, did you buy this crypto and always give me a stare when my answer is NO.
  5. domingo

    fastest way to fund?

    I sent mine on 3rd Jan 2018 and they confirmed on 4th Jan 2018.
  6. domingo

    fastest way to fund?

    Cool. How much was the voucher and the fee, if you would like to share
  7. domingo

    how to deposit ripple from coinbase?

    You need to send your ETH from CoinBase.com to your BitSane.com ETH Wallet. Once the ETH are at BitSane, you can trade them to XRP. It is important to send ETH to ETH Wallet.
  8. domingo

    fastest way to fund?

    Nope, but if they are selling through Canadian Tires, Esso, Gateway and Hasty than I think its worth a try. Didn't check with the stores if they have it in stock.
  9. Unfortunately, you have to wait. . Try getting on an exchange which accepts Wire. BitStamp.com and Kraken.com are two. I am using Bitstamp.com. No issues so far and fast confirmation of funds.
  10. domingo

    XRP Transfer

    Yes. You can easily do this through Ripple Ledger Wallet.
  11. domingo

    fastest way to fund?

    @legomaracas are you a member of BitStamp.com. I sent a wire yesterday in the afternoon and BitStamp confirm this morning receiving the wire. The wire was sent through TD Canada Trust. I am in Toronto. You can also try this option https://www.gonetcoins.com/redeem/ I have never used them and not affiliated in any way.
  12. Mine was recently updated to $1000 a week after I carried out 3 transactions of $250 each in three weeks.
  13. domingo

    Anybody else getting fed up?

    I haven't seen any CC purchase option on Bitstamp. I am a Canadian, have to give out my Driving License and than wired money to them.
  14. domingo

    Canadian looking for some help and insight!!

    Wife fees :). Welcome to the club @Fazezivo118. I saw few selling BTC on localbitcoins.com but the price is really high. I have been using CoinBase.com with my TD Visa card to buy BTC and than sending those to BitStamp, Kraken for XRP purchases. Also, you can look into wiring money to your choice of exchange if they have the option. My experience with Bitstamp is very good and the money arrived their within 2 days which I used for XRP purchases.
  15. JPMorgan Unveils Blockchain Money Transfer Project; So Much For 'Bitcoin Is A Fraud' http://www.investopedia.com/news/jpmorgan-unveils-blockchain-money-transfer-project-so-much-bitcoin-fraud/?partner=YahooSA&yptr=yahoo