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  1. Interesting that Prosper is mentioned in this article, too. Another company started by Chris Larsen.
  2. Thanks for the great blog, @Hodor! Great information as always.
  3. Syzygy33

    New XRP investor in Canada-anyone using CoinField?

    First off, welcome my fellow Canuck ! 👋 We have a Coinfield account but do not store our xrp there. The fees look a bit high but to be able to withdraw straight to canadian dollars (instead of btc like with our bitrexx acct) is worth it.
  4. Shout out to my fellow Canuck! 👋
  5. More like the other way around.
  6. I have to say that when I read announcements like this I just smh. I mean how can a company that clearly would have had to do significant research etc. to get into this area of the market be so ignorant as to what xrp is and does. I find myself searching for other reasons that would lead them to exclude xrp but I don't know enough about this industry to speculate about behind the scenes reasons. Just doesn't add up imo.
  7. I completely agree with you here. I've often wondered this myself, thinking they must have at some point performed live at scale. Perhaps during times when xrp was stable (give or take a couple of cents) is when they ran a trial.
  8. Syzygy33

    xRapid Brings on Three New Exchange Partners

    *rubs hands together gleefully* Mwahahahahha
  9. But @Spiegel what about people who want to add more to their stacks or new investors? Don't you think they want to get in at a decent price? Do we tell them, "Sorry, your buying now doesn't work for those of us who already hodl. You'll need to wait till a bull run starts and buy in at a higher price." No one would agree to this. The mantra is, "Buy low. Sell high." Everybody knows this.
  10. I completely see what your saying here but the market is so much bigger than this. Attempting to change market direction with your suggestion would be like putting up sandbags to try and stop a tsunami.
  11. I have to second this. I don't understand why people come on and say sh*t like this. Do you really think you're helping anyone? What's your motivation? What's next, you going to tell us the sun is hot and Kim Kardashian has a big butt. #thankscaptainobvious
  12. Wtf? Don't they still need to have the money to back this bid tho?