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  1. Thanks, I updated my comment. It really does not change much. With the pending lawsuit against Ripple, the SEC is likely to stay silent on XRP as they await the outcome of the case.
  2. People who are hoping for the US SEC to follow the UK FCA are likely going to be sorely disappointed. For better or worse, US regulatory authorities rarely follow the lead of other regulatory authorities from other countries. The US SEC will probably continue to stay silent on XRP and let the courts decide. It could very well be another 2-3 years, or more, before there is legal clarity in the US on XRP. Also, given the political polarization in the US right now I don't expect Congress to address this as there are more pressing matters though it would be a pleasant surprise if they did. Will this cause the US to fall behind other countries when it comes to block chain development? I doubt it as BTC has been declared a non-security and the SEC has made favorable statements about ETH. Also neither has pending lawsuits as there is no equivalent company like Ripple. Both ecosystems also have many more independent developers than XRP.
  3. You are spot on in terms of how Ripple and the world would react to the outcome. Companies (Monsanto, Johnson & Johnson, and the list goes on) have done far worse things by negatively affecting people's health or taking people's lives. People (with no souls) still work there, they continue to sell their products, and the world moves on... The US SEC could provide clarity with XRP like they did with ETH but have chosen not too. And while legislative action by the US Congress is possible, in today's political environment I doubt they will be able to pass a bill to provide legal clarity. Plus as we recently found out President Trump may not even support such a law. We are at the mercy of the litigation process here in the US which could take years and there is no guarantee Ripple will prevail.
  4. I don't think they are. This is an English idiom. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/idiom
  5. I would be surprised if Ripple publicly commented on any of the stuff that has been discussed today on the various threads as they have spent the last year distancing themselves from XRP due to the lawsuit. If found liable for selling unregistered securities, not only would Ripple face fines, have to pay back those who lost money, but the executives named in the suit would potentially be barred from serving as directors/officers at any publicly traded company regulated by the SEC and/or face prison. I don't see Ripple risking their entire legal strategy to comment on our posts. Don't get me wrong, I wish Ripple would provide clarity on their XRP sales and xPring investment strategy but I don't expect it.
  6. Who said anything about Ripple ditching XRP? You need to reread what I wrote. Also, nothing you wrote precludes the possibility Ripple has doubts about XRP adoption. Let's also not forget what Ripple committed to publicly. https://ripple.com/insights/welcome-to-xpring/ There are IMO too many unanswered questions.
  7. Thanks for sharing your findings with the XRP community. None of us really know what is happening behind the scenes, but there are a lot of unanswered questions. A possible reason why I think Ripple has, via xPring, been using XRP sales to invest in projects seemingly unrelated to the XRP ecosystem is because Ripple may have doubts about XRP adoption and so they are diversifying.
  8. This is not too pessimistic and is a concern of mine as well. When you compare Ripple's public statements over the past 2 years with reality, there is a mismatch. The question is, what is the cause? At this point, assuming "Ripple knows best" is a dangerous assumption. If the class action lawsuit against Ripple survives, I think we might eventually get some answers as the law firms will likely obtain all kinds of internal documentation from Ripple. They will then compare the internal discussions Ripple was having with their public statements.
  9. I do not consider the idea of xRapid being a button away from all of Indian's population realistic. As @iLeeT pointed out, there is no liquidity for the INR: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets. It has nothing to do with being impatient or being satisfied. The OP correctly pointed out many of the projects Ripple has invested in seem to be doing very little, if anything, with the XRP Ledger. I find this concerning because as @Tinyaccount correctly pointed out the XRP Leger is probably one of the better publicly available blockchains. There are other projects out there being adopted by enterprises...
  10. @yxxyun, good post! To add more detail, in regards to the $500 million Ripple has spent on trying to find a use case for XRP, $100 million of it went to Forte. However, as far as I know they are in no way obligated to use XRP. From the Forbes article which is not written by a contributor so probably more accurate. https://fortune.com/2019/03/12/ripple-forte-blockchain-games/ Also while I have a lot of admiration for what Wietse and his team has done and continues to do with building on the XRP Leger, I am not sure it will have much impact on the XRP ecosystem. The fact that to our knowledge virtually no independent third parties, let alone any of the Fortune 500, are building on the XRP Ledger is a concern.
  11. No problem! There is no public roadmap. The only way to track progress is via Github and Pivotal Tracker. More details in the link below. https://docs.chain.link/docs/faq
  12. @XRPboi, I think XRP may be BTFO by LINK. Also, some here convinced me to stick around XRP Chat so I have decided to keep my account for now. However, I will only be stopping by once a week or so. @Mr_X and I (as well as other XRP holders) believe the potential for LINK is massive. Chainlink is trying to solve a totally different problem than Ripple. Another link I would add to the list provided above by @Mr_X is https://medium.com/@gammichan/chainlink-finding-real-value-on-the-blockchain-86a59cd4bfc3. Barring a significant development, like Amazon or MUFG publicizing they are using xRapid, I don't see any parabolic price movement in XRP for a long time. But it is hard to know the future which is why I still have a position in XRP. Brad and company have totally mismanaged expectations with a lot of hyperbole. And the XRP community has become a cult filled with lots of delusion where a tweet about eating at McDonald's leads to speculation about if McDonald's is a Ripple partner. I can't speak to why Chainlink took so long to get listed on Coinbase aside from the fact that perhaps they wanted to wait until after their production launch. Also, the number of exchanges is not as important as the quality of exchanges. LINK has the fifth highest "real 10" trading volume in the past 24 hours (https://messari.io/onchainfx) only $10 million behind XRP as ~90% of XRP's trading volume is likely fake (which is problematic if you are trying to use it for cross border payments). The LINK community loves playing mind games so there may be some reverse psychology going on. At the same time many of the LINK OGs actually do not care if you, me, or anyone else on this forum speculate on LINK as if Chainlink's strategy is successful (a big if), the token will likely skyrocket in value on use case alone.
  13. Thanks for commenting on my post as I probably came across as less crazy. As it turns out, I actually have decided to leave XRP Chat. I put in a request to the moderators to have my account deleted. XRP will still be a significant component of my crypto holdings, but for a variety of reasons it is time for me to move on from this forum. I will probably still visit from time to time to catch up on XRP news, but I do not plan on creating another account for a long time (if ever). Good luck with LINK! Hopefully you and I made the right decision.
  14. Yeah, we're fine. We have not violated any rules. (To be honest, I would not want this to be discussed in the general forum. It would get too many views. ) If both of us had new accounts, we might have a problem as many people on XRP Chat judge the quality of an idea based on how new an account is, how many points they have, and/or if they have a badge. There have been some great discussions on XRP Chat as posts cannot be down voted, but they are definitely in the minority. People on here do not handle criticism of Ripple or XRP too well. And there are many maximalists who do not take too kindly to the discussion of other serious projects. I don't think any this applies to the moderators, but it applies to some of the members who regularly post. I agree the misinformation campaign around Chainlink is similar to Ethereum. Whether Chainlink has the same outcome is of course unknown. And I was wrong about the misinformation campaign. It looks like some in the LINK community are continuing to play mind games on r/cryptocurrency. Though they tend to be in the low effort, cringe worthy shill posts so the OPs deserve the comments and downvotes.
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