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  1. I am not sure there is a plan b. If XRP is declared a security it could have a significant impact on Ripple and XRP depending on the final outcome. I fully expect Ripple to challenge such an enforcement action by the SEC which would mean it would be decided by the courts. I will be accused of spreading FUD, but I do not care. Everyone should have fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the situation. Aside from Ripple being named in the lawsuits, key employees have been as well. There is a lot on the line. https://www.law.com/legaltechnews/2018/06/21/what-happens-when-a-cryptocurrency-becomes-a-security-major-disruption/
  2. Sebastian

    So XLM won?

    I hold both XRP and XLM (though my XLM holding is smaller). The circulating supply of XLM is half that of XRP so it would not surprise me if XLM eventually surpasses XRP on a per unit basis. Edit: Many think Stellar is a non-profit, but they are not registered as one.
  3. Sebastian

    Coinbase considering everything but XRP

    This thread is going to trigger a lot of people, but I am glad I own some of the digital assets being considered. I think Coinbase will only offer XRP if (1) Coinbase becomes an SEC regulated exchange or (2) the SEC declares XRP is not a security. Edit: This thread should probably been posted in https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/3-alt-coins-and-general-fintech/.
  4. @Madbull, I agree. The rules of the press section need to be enforced better. https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/5817-press-rules-must-read-before-posting/ For those who do not know, there is an "other press" section for these type of sites. https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/109-other-press/
  5. To be honest, I am not concerned if Miguel is still with Ripple or whether he was ever actually listed on that page (I am pretty sure he was, but perhaps I am misremembering).
  6. Miguel seems like a nice guy. I enjoy hearing him talk on the panels he is part of. But in the event of key personnel leaving, companies are designed to continue to successfully operate. I remember he was removed from https://ripple.com/company/leadership/ shortly after Ron Will was hired. Ron was hired in November of last year: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/15979435-ron-will.
  7. I do not. They probably have just not published it yet to their blog.
  8. This firm is involved in many lawsuits. This is common practice as many lawsuits probably end up being nonviable. Perhaps a plaintiff's attorney can provide more insight on how firms determine whether to get involved in class actions/mass torts. https://www.robbinsarroyo.com/category/investigations/
  9. Below is a graph of XRP's price and volume date from 1/1/17 through yesterday. There is a correlation between median close price and median volume by week. Whether that correlation continues with "real world" XRP use (i.e., xRapid) is unknown, but I suspect it will.
  10. Sebastian

    XRPCHAT as a private forum

    You misunderstood my comment. The purpose of knowing someone's balances (and transaction history) would provide transparency. I think there are certain members on this forum who are dishonest. During the last bull run, there were many older members who came out of the woodwork and seemed to be actively trying to pump the price so they could get as high of an exit point as possible (there are a couple in particular that come to mind). Whether these efforts actually affected the price is irrelevant. But I realize not everyone subscribes to this moral philosophy (not saying you do not, but there are many who do not). Edit: It would also provide transparency as to whether someone is actually buying/selling when they said they did. For example, people sometimes write something like "I just bought another 2,000 XRP" or "I just sold 40% of my position." And then of course you have people who claim they sold their entire position at the ATH (which I find unlikely).
  11. Sebastian

    XRPCHAT as a private forum

    I would love to have this info about XRP Chat members for the reason stated.
  12. This is a good article on Coinbase in the sense it brings to light some of the more serious complaints. https://mashable.com/2018/06/20/sec-coinbase-complaints-fraud/#P7gKtoZY7iqI
  13. There are always going to be members like @Moonraker, @Mods_are_tyrants, @Chewiecoin, and @RegalChicken. Some are going to be negative/realistic whereas others are going to be positive/unrealistic. That just seems to be the way things work. While psychology is an significant factor in investing, it is ultimately up to every "investor" (I use that term loosely) to make their own financial decisions. No one else should be blamed. While @Chewiecoin and @RegalChicken (and many others) are very positive about their investment, it does not mean they are trying to maliciously pump the price. And I highly doubt @Moonraker and @Mods_are_tyrants (and many others) are trying to maliciously spread FUD. They simply have a different perspective. As I have said before, anyone who does not have fear, uncertainty, or doubt about their investment either possess inside information or is not being realistic. There is a lot that has to go well for XRP to hit $5, $10, $100, etc. and stay there (do not even get me going on $589). On the other hand, with FOMO the first two numbers are likely achievable. I established my XRP position August - November of last year. There was a lot of negativity in the forum as XRP was still well below its previous ATH of $0.42. In addition, other cryptos were routinely hitting new ATHs each month. Many were starting to wonder if Ripple controlled the price. Despite all of this, I continued buying XRP because I was enamored by the longer term potential (i.e., 3-5 years) If I had listened to the many naysayers, I would not be where I am today. Honestly, at today's prices I would like to put more money in the market, but it is not the responsible thing to do. Despite the potential of cyrpto, it is important to keep a diversified portfolio (and by that I mean CD, 401k, HSA, post tax investment, etc.). Edit: Always do your own research. I spent many hours researching before making my first purchase. The more time I spent researching, the more FOMO I got. I was lucky to have discovered XRP when I did as the market was relatively calm. The market today is totally different, but dollar cost averaging can be a good strategy.
  14. Interesting Tweet. Both are critics of XRP (who sometimes make good points), but I think this could be what is going on.
  15. Unless they are bluffing (which is possible), the SEC considers XRP a security. I honestly do not understand how anyone who has watched the recent CNBC interviews, speeches, etc. by SEC officials can come to any other conclusion. Though I will admit it is odd the SEC has not formally declared it as such (given all their recent statements). Perhaps they are willing to wait to see if the XRP ecosystem, including Ripple's 60% stake in XRP, becomes more decentralized. If the SEC formally declares XRP a security, I expect there will be a court challenge by Ripple.