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  1. This is not investment advice. I simply thought I would pass this along. According to the Q3 market report (https://ripple.com/insights/q3-2017-xrp-markets-report/): Ripple keeps talking about two things: (1) increasing liquidity and (2) increasing the price of XRP. Below is a graphical representation of XRP's median close and median volume by month for 2017 (I did not like the one they provided in their report). From what I understand, the dip in May/June was due to numerous people selling after experiencing ~40x returns on their investment. But as you can see since late July/early August, price and trade volume have been steadily increasing.
  2. Q3 2017 XRP Markets Report

    They have acknowledged selling XRP on the open market since at least the first report which was Q1 of this year.
  3. My concluding thoughts on Swell

    Max, I am in the same boat as you. I do not know enough on how it would work. In addition, I think it may be some time before many countries start issuing currency in such a manner. The CLS group seems confident a virtual bridge currency will not be needed which would explain the comments made by the IBM representative. But I think they could be intentionally making misleading statements as they are behind the curve in this regard. And I wonder how fast settlement would be without one. Would it be 5 second, 10 seconds, 2 minutes, etc.? If Ripple can offer real-time settlement, and somebody like CLS offers 5 minutes (presuming they do not use XRP, XML, etc.), will that be fast enough? If real time settlement becomes the standard, I think the answer may be no.
  4. My concluding thoughts on Swell

    I am not convinced Stellar's partners are going to use XLM. I think the CLS group and IBM were after the blockchain technology to create a competing software to RippleNet. It may be all about consulting fees for IBM and revenue for CLS (they have to find someway to make money if payments are going to be free). By IBM's own admission, the use of XLM may be temporary. http://fortune.com/2017/10/16/ibm-blockchain-stellar/ Also, simliar to RippleNet CLSNet will be currency agnostic. As a result, I could see CLSNet actually using XRP as its primary digital asset.
  5. I think this is a good one. It is a blog post by Ripple, but I it think does a good job of conveying their vision. https://ripple.com/insights/the-internet-of-value-what-it-means-and-how-it-benefits-everyone/
  6. My concluding thoughts on Swell

    LOL. I noticed that too. My first thought was "have they learned nothing?"
  7. Q3 2017 XRP Markets Report

    I also liked the following. They are sitting on ~$15 billion and they sold $32 million. Also, it represents a small % of all trades.
  8. I agree. ETH is overpriced. And I think a lot has to do with ICOs. It will be interesting to see how much value (if any as who knows) it loses once governments around the world start cracking down on these offerings.
  9. @Anukshuk this looks like the link you tried to post: https://investorsbuz.com/2017/10/18/daily-ripple-price-forecast-xrp-freefall-13-billion-leaves-crypto-market/
  10. My concluding thoughts on Swell

    Perhaps in the future Ripple should not make announcements about announcements. Perhaps they should just make announcements.
  11. Vision 2020 for the #XRP community

    Great post! I like to think of it as the self-interest network effect. Everyone (i.e., banks, individual investors, Ripple, partners, etc.) involved in this has a self-interest in seeing XRP increase in value. The nice thing about investing in something you believe in is dips in price, trolls, etc. do not phase you. For anyone who has not, I highly recommend watching the one hour webinar in the following post. It provides a good overview of Ripple's long term plan. With all of that said, I think Ripple should consider assigning someone within their marketing department to regularly engage with the cryptocommunity. They in turn could recruit Ripple ambassadors on the various forums around the world who would have a direct line of communication with the marketing person. If such a system were in place, I think a lot of the recent drama could have been avoided.
  12. I think this is being discussed here:
  13. Brad Answers Your Questions from Swell

    It looks like the video has been re-uploaded, but there is still no audio. How embarrassing. It was 20-25 minutes of Q&A. Hopefully, they can salvage the audio somehow.
  14. Brad Answers Your Questions from Swell

    Does that mean you do not believe his statement? I am just curious.