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  1. @Honest_Bob, these questions have been asked and answered dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of times. I recommend reading through the following posts. It will take hours, but all your questions will be answered. Best of luck in your research. https://www.xrpchat.com/profile/30-joelkatz/content/ https://www.reddit.com/user/sjoelkatz
  2. I have long considered the possibility the entire crypto market could collapse, but I think it is unlikely. However, I could see XRP and other digital assets having more normal returns going forward (i.e., 10-20% per year). On the other hand, I think it is entirely possible for them to continue to have fantastic returns (i.e., 50-100%+ per year). No one knows how this is going to play out. With that said, if I had not already invested what I consider to be a fairly sizeable amount in XRP, I would probably be picking up some more. And I still might depending on how low the price goes...
  3. Critical discussions of Ripple are important. However, motivations of XRP Chat members are too.
  4. CLS Group is more of a competitor than SWIFT.
  5. Circle invest app excludes xrp

    If Circle does not intend to offer XRP on their new platform, I think it is likely a strategic decision. I would be surprised if Circle executives and investors care about ideology. As @Hodlezerper pointed out, if XRP takes off, Ripple could become one of the most powerful companies in the world. Any company who enables Ripple to be successful with XRP could find themselves a merger and acquisitions target later on down the road. I think many companies are much more cognizant of this. Publishers have been hurt by Facebook's newsfeed, retailers have been hurt by Amazon, and content providers have been hurt by Netflix. All three of these FANG companies were initially viewed as potential partners, but now they are viewed as legitimate threats to their existence. Brad has stated Ripple's XRP will be used as a "war chest" to acquire companies. Perhaps these concerns, if they are in fact concerns, are being addressed through legal agreements with Ripple's partners.
  6. Received Circle Invest Beta Invite

    Hopefully, they will roll out XRP to Circle Invest. Or perhaps they changed their mind.
  7. Received Circle Invest Beta Invite

    Circle offers XRP in their trading services line of business, but this is separate from Circle Invest. They have three lines of business. If they end up being as successful with Circle Invest as they have been with the first two, Circle will arguably become one of the most powerful companies in the space. Circle Pay - free and instant P2P payments (including cross border) Circle Trading - trading services for accredited investors and institutions Circle Invest - trading services for consumers Source: https://blog.circle.com/2017/09/19/france-italy-groups-crypto-trading/
  8. Received Circle Invest Beta Invite

    The first one is for Circle Pay which has been in production for at least several months. The second one is for Circle Invest.
  9. Received Circle Invest Beta Invite

    What a disappointment. I have been waiting months for Circle Invest to go live and had high hopes XRP would be listed as their prelaunch site suggested. Perhaps it will be at some point in the future, but then again it may not be. Circle has been offering P2P payments across borders using cryptocurrencies for quite some time now. And while not a "100% competitor" (I saw that phrase in one of the other threads about Circle which I found a bit odd.), I think Circle's strategy will increasingly overlap with Ripple's. This is and was never a zero sum game. As Brad said in last year's AMA, XRP liquidity is one of their top priorities this year.
  10. Question on Ripple partnerships

    @Dimitar, welcome! I am familiar with Circle as well as their brand ambassador program but only because I have done quite a bit of research on Circle. Anyway, to answer your question, see the following link: https://public.tableau.com/profile/sebastian8319#!/. I try my best to keep the map up to date. It only contains confirmed partnerships. There is no speculation.
  11. Circle Competes with Ripple

    @Dutchpinoy, see https://www.centre.io/ for what @Hodlezerper and I are referring to.
  12. Circle Competes with Ripple

    @Hodlezerper, I am of course in complete agreement with you. One of my first posts on this forum was about Circle,. As I recall, people were replying with the XRP community's favorite phrases: "Ripple is building the infrastructure. Circle is not." "Ripple is the road. XRP is the car.", "Ripple is the engine. XRP is the oil," and the list goes on (I am sure I got some of those wrong). I always viewed this as a bit short sighted as who says an entirely distinct infrastructure and network needs to exist? What I mean by that is Circle could conceivably be quite successful by using a wide variety of block chains (i.e., Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.) and offer similar services as Ripple. A few months back, I also posted about Circle Invest: https://www.circle.com/en/invest. In my opinion, Circle Invest is going to compete directly with Coinbase. And XRP will likely be included if the screenshot is still accurate (Circle already trades XRP with their OTC operations). No commissions Custodial account Unparalleled liquidity Variety of coins Secure storage @MaxEntropy, I believe Circle Invest is one of the primary reasons Circle acquired Poloniex. According to Circle's whitepaper on CENTRE, they plan on adding their CENT token to their OTC and market making operations. It is important to keep in mind the whitepaper is a few months old so they may have already done this. People can think what they want about Circle, but I have long viewed them as the "Ripple of the East" (they are based out of Boston). They are just going about things in a different manner. In addition, as much as Ripple likes to compare themselves to Amazon, Circle IMO has a more Amazon feel. Has Circle spread themselves too thin with their P2P money transfer app, CENTRE, Circle Invest, and OTC operations as Yahoo! did when Brad Garlinghouse was there (i.e., the famous peanut butter memo)? Perhaps, but at the same time, it is also conceivable Ripple has become a bit too laser focused on cross border payments for institutions. On the other hand, I recognize the problem Ripple is trying to solve is immense and that we, the XRP community, are probably only privy to 5-10% of the information (even when factoring in Ripple's preference for making announcements about announcements ). One of the reasons I do not post much anymore (and have been sticking to my dashboard: https://public.tableau.com/profile/sebastian8319#!/) is because so few on this forum seem willing to engage in critical discussions. I am bullish on XRP and own what I consider to be a good amount, but I also have a healthy amount of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). Anyone who does not have FUD either possess inside information (which I envy) or they are not being rational (which I do not envy ).
  13. Circle acquires Poloniex

    As some of you know, Circle has developed an alternative to ILP called Centre. To date, Circle has primarily focused on (1) trading cyrpto (they already trade ~$2 billion per month) and (2) offering free peer to peer cross border money transfers. But with Centre and now Poloniex I think the intent is to expand well beyond that. As reflected by my post history, I have long viewed Circle as one of Ripple's better competitors. This is good news for the entire space. https://www.centre.io/
  14. Bank of America is feeling the Ripple heat

    BOA is on their advisory board. https://ripple.com/ripplenet-advisory-board/