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  1. True believer

    Luckily Ripple isn't a sock.
  2. The Saturday edition of De Stentor. I assume the article is mentioned in all newspapers of De Persgroep (the AD or Tubantia for example).
  3. After scanning newspapers for years, today, for the first time, I saw Ripple mentioned in a Dutch newspaper. The two page article relates mostly about bitcoin and the recent price increase. Here are the two mentions: It talks about someone gathering some different altcoins and "I also have Guldens, Safecoin and Digibyte. Apparently Ripple and Ardor are interesting projects as well". Steven later says: "I'm very critical about alt coins, they usually don't add any value". The article concludes as follows: "I've got Ripple and they've only gone to the grave...it's just worthless stuff". It seems that when people know about crypto's they usually just seem to refer to bitcoin. Al other coins are seen as copy's of bitcoin and not worth to invest your time in. If this article represents the general attitude towards Ripple ánd you take notice of the massive value Ripple can create as a cross-border payment solution then I believe we still have a long way upwards to go.
  4. Well, SIA since yesterday runs a bounty program for developers who are first to setup a specific use case for SIA . Maybe Ripple can do the same.
  5. IOTA discussion

    I get the impression that IOTA is trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist yet. It's like building an airbag in a time when the first Ford Model T still has to be build; you just don't know if its gonna fit. It's like first you have a problem and then you solve it. Not: make a solution and then find a fitting problem. Like in your home: are there any devices you would like to make a micropayment to or are there micropayments you'd like to make towards friends? I can't come up with any.
  6. What it's like explaining blockchain to old people

    I've tried, but I don't even know where to start to make them understand
  7. I'm in since early 2014, it's been a looong wait
  8. @Aziraphale213 do your own research on these coins and I'm curious about your conclusions :). I've quiet carefully researched them (that's what I like to believe at least). I've looked at every coin in the top 100 based on marketcap, visited their website, looked at their community, looked at their programmers and at their product. UBQ came up as the most promising coin to me. It's like a more stable version of ETH with a much lower marketcap and less distributed coins. I took a position in it like 10 days ago at 0.37 cents and look at its price now. Still very much upside potential I believe, but please do your own research.
  9. Haha, love the comparison with The Big Short
  10. I just read all your posts @CyberpunkWayne; your mind can apparently melt steel, can you teach me how to be that smart too?