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  1. Oh, and the news was just presented at Sibos as well, with a big-*** Ripple logo of course. -Edit: Oh @Duke67 noticed it first, but here's a nice picture anyway :).
  2. Could this just be a lead-up to even bigger news?!! I just can't imagine them releasing this news and it being the largest they'll release during the whole conference .
  3. Buying XRP for family members

    - Tell them they might lose all their money; - Store their XRP safely (I use a Ledger Nano S);
  4. We can all pool some XRP together and do an XRP-community takeover of Swift
  5. Swell by Ripple is live

    Wow, I love the guts of the Ripple team to set up this conference. Love you guys!
  6. The national currency of Japan is kind of struggling (years of deflation), maybe they'll move to XRP?
  7. Wow, that volume is insanity. I believe the second highest volume was in the may bull market and it was 'only' reached around the 400 / 500 MM on 2 days. The first one was a bit over 400 MM and the price more then doubled in the days following.
  8. All news more or less from today. Putting it together:
  9. Yeah, but this info seems to be a bit different then the info that was already found, right?. BTW @sasa123123 just found this tweet from the SBI CEO: https://twitter.com/yoshitaka_kitao/status/899973263891111938 He's talking about Alibaba..coincidence?
  10. Don't really know, seems some kind of server. Could be fake. Any tech guys around?
  11. True believer

    Luckily Ripple isn't a sock.
  12. Awesome, thanks for sharing!