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  1. Awesome, yeah I talked to Wietse last week at the Amsterdam meetup. Super nice guy, quiet amazing how he develops everything so quickly!
  2. Yes, I think will see the first Codius results soon. Hope it will develop exponentially Can you tell me which 2 users Codius already has?
  3. Sure, I believe we overtook Litecoin in marketcap around that date and South Korea going nuts. I don't believe there were some special technical or business developments around Ripple at that time.
  4. Yeah mabye something to do with Codius but I don't think that many people are setting up Codius hosting. It probably is nothing special, but it's kinda curious to see a sudden account number jump in a clear bear market day.
  5. Lots of new accounts created today, day is far from over. Any speculation on what can be happening? https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/accounts
  6. Welcome to the family
  7. Yup, Gatehub can't even keep up with new customers
  8. Will new money be flowing into XRP the coming days because of this amount of followers ?? Might be
  9. Even Yoshika Kitao (chairman, CEO and president of SBI Holdings) is tweeting about this
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