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  1. I think few things -- over the counter sales (banks buying/moving money) money getting out of escrow and into circulation maybe whale getting ready to dump on exchange
  2. Minority view was right for 2018 and majority was wrong in 2018. I still remember people who mentioned anything about price dropping were attacked left and right and some even left - So I am guessing majority will be wrong this time too and minority will be right in 2019 again.
  3. I am guessing not enough demand and we skipped the capitulation stage. Next few weeks are critical and we might be near final stage before we start the recovery process.
  4. What about capitulation? Aren't we suppose to go through final stage before we see a true reversal? I have been in this market for 1 year, so not sure if the drops were true capitulation. My understanding is true capitulation is when everyone gives up and there is no hope left but the recent drop still had a lot of hopium.
  5. I am still new to all this and might be 100% wrong lol but based on my readings so far: today we are seeing a relief rally xrp might go to .37-0.42 and will dump back down to test again we are not out of downward channel. Still bear market. capitulation is still pending
  6. calculator was created using the valuation model - https://xrpbalance.com/
  7. Won't real usage play a big role and if i understand only real usage will bring price stability? If a bank is trying to transfer say $1 million from USD to MXN peso, won't they need to buy up $1 million worth of XRP on exchange?
  8. are we heading towards .25? .20?
  9. I think you did get under his skin with "Instead of always upbeat material". If you didn't start off with that he would have answered all the questions.
  10. I am hoping for the same. I would like to invest the money in business. Grow the business and hopefully use that money for R&D in space travel. One can dream.
  11. Will it be short term and eventually drop back down? I keep reading that we might go to $5k and drop to $2800/$1800 as a final test before seeing full recovery.
  12. What will indicate the market has recovered? I believe in 2017, xrp moved very quickly over few days and what if a person ends up missing that option to buy?
  13. - What if BTC continues to drop and XRP ends up taking no 1 spot with help of real usage? What if this happens before BAKKT goes live? - What if decision is made and XRP is not a security? Will BAKKT list XRP? - What if BTC is dropping because miners are not profitable at the current price? - What if people are realizing BTC is controlled by few groups and loosing trust? **sorry too many questions. Just wondering.
  14. I see $3600 already on Gemini. According to the research, range is $1300-$2600. Let's see what happens.
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