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  1. If you are a true SHTF believer, you've got to look to headlines and consider currency events and war events globally. We are always riding seesaws when we trade, and when you consider how rare stability is, and the heavy hands required, you can assume manipulation in these markets 90% of the time while volumes and overall market cap is this low. The parabolic shifts that we crave are caused by sharp external forces. Heavy doses of greed or fear or both. I don't know why people ignore the potential social causes behind the massive movement to crypto from South Korea during the last bull cycle - check the headlines, because folks were scared to death of war on the peninsula and I think a lot of folks were worried about a currency event being needed to pay for war and/or needing a way to quickly get funds out of local fiat if people needed to leave the country. Here we are again with testing in NK engaged. There is some indication of international unwinding of us debt, while also a bit of positive movement into t-bills on the us side. This could contribute to a dollar flush event and I have plenty of reason to speculate that there will eventually be a flippening between crypto and national bonds. This is what I think the global banking system is gearing up for, and I would be hesitant to cash out too early into fiat prior to knowing how much government debt is being unloaded. It would be a convenient transfer of wealth to power if, in a coordinated effort, a bull run was triggered with bond revenues sold at secret auction and fueled by government crypto purchases - leaving us as millionaires in fiat and triggering hyperinflation while governments hold all the digital assets. What a purge of hypocrisy in crypto that would be! Just a reminder that price in fiat is not what the cryptocurrency ethos is all about. Price and value are not the same. I don't think the social and political value of digital asset networks should be understated.
  2. Something cannot be a security and a currency at the same time. A digital currency without an active operating utility network is, effectively, a currency without an actual country backing it up. Until that point all anyone has to go on is the promise of a company telling you there's a home country for a currency being built - it's coming soon but is not here yet. Until there is a standing stable ecosystem for utility and trade a digital asset remains a security. As for the escrow, I agree with the assessment SPQR has come up with which is that there is nothing to stop Ripple from selling their escrow in advance through negotiated futures contracts and that much of it has already been reserved in this way at a lucrative price. The escrow then provides custodial security until Polysign is fully operational. Has nothing whatsoever to do with the SEC who are waiting for network effects to reach an as yet undetermined threshold before declaring it as much a currency as BTC or ETH. My guess is that it will take a few more corridor announcements before that happens, but perhaps not many more if they carry significant volumes.
  3. Sorry I didn't get notifications on the thread but really appreciate the inventive nature of the technology and your thoughts on how the tech can be reshaped to address exceptional circumstances.
  4. Are they important? I necrod a thread (sorry) but then found a link to one video that caused a mild ruckus. This was inspired by a brief segment in the CKJ presentation where Bob did a brief segwe and broke down the relationship between satoshis and drops. Will this become more relevant as micropayments make up a larger part of the volume if the price of a whole XRP increases? Are XRP undervalued when compared to BTC given the location of the decimal place? Or is the reach and network of BTC such that it outpaces XRP and the value factor is justified as is? I'll step away from the hornets nest now - but I'd ask Bob how he thinks about the impact divisibility has on overall whole price - and if the dominance of public perception of owning a "whole amount" of something holds back pricing - because there's just "so many" xrp.
  5. I hate to necro this thread, but @BobWay just commented on the placement of the decimal point being unimportant when comparing the counts of drops to satoshis in his discussion slides with CKJ: At 1:47:50 he mentions the drops count. Bob, do you believe the price difference in terms of Satoshi vs drops discussed in this thread is relevant? Will utility bring the value of drops to bear a comparable value to satoshis that is more balanced?
  6. Um guys? The longs are off the rails today.
  7. It's really huge IMO. That's a valuable foothold. But DMLogic's "under every rock" scenario is certainly playing out. Very interesting.
  8. On the basis of this paper, I would not be shocked to discover Ripple goes back to talking about XRP as a virtual currency.
  9. This was already a bit of my conclusion but I haven't seen solid - I will see how it compares to some of the distributed hash table products out there. I like the idea of a person's data aggregating to their local store and being able to give external applications access to that as they engage in business with them - it feels more like a diary and less like an account. Plus from a medical perspective it makes the hospital EHR/EMR far less of a valuable target. I've given this a lot of thought and actually have a CPA friend of mine running some numbers to see how profitable it could be, while disrupting the EMR stage on the price/participation side. Thanks for the Codius piece. That clears up a lot. I really appreciate how much value you have added to the XRP product in my mind - a pinch of the right information can provide more value than a dumptruck full of speculation. But I agree that the best thing we can do is find ways to use this tech now, before wall street and 5th avenue swarm the digital asset landscape.
  10. I have been giving serious consideration to working through some schemas and planning for CCD and CCDA documents (to start) for medical data storage, but when I started looking at Codius I wasn't sure it was really the right architecture for that use case. I know this year at HIMMS there was talk about 'blockchain' solving medical issues, but everyone seems to just want to build distributed versions of their legacy silo applications - with silos and proprietary nonsense included. I have been more inspired by hedera and in particular the agent-centric architecture possibilities and distribution potential with holochain - this strikes me as being the most responsible way to deal with clusters of personal and sensitive information that you want a high granularity of precision on. It's going to need a simpler updated standard I think for communication regardless. FHIR is promising as a standard for less intensive applications but... adoption, etc. Not a lot of agreement or cooperation with vendors (NextGen, Epic, get over it already) However, if agent-centric ledger operations can be done on Codius and can scale appropriately, I'd love to get more input for evaluation. What I appreciated with holo was that each application host really only needed to host data for agents who wished to use the application - it seemed like the right mixture of need-to-know and also willful cooperation and privacy. Turning the entire threat vector, expense and silo tendency of health information exchanges (HIEs) on its head completely. Right now each HIE has its own half-baked methodology for determine patient matches from different systems - all of this seems like a great application for distributed hash tables - but what could the Codius alternative offer?
  11. You just inspired me to add this: https://xrp-community-fund.canny.io/funding-suggestions/p/router-module-to-stream-guest-wifi-for-payment
  12. Gotta know when to hodl 'em, know when to fodl 'em, know when to wakl away, know when to rnu.
  13. Hi Bob! Some questions continue regarding things tied to setting up other currencies on the XRP ledger. Does it make sense to do things like what Allvor is trying to achieve? Are there better uses of community value and virtual scrip? Will we see a revitalization of community currencies on the blockchain?
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