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  1. I doubt enough currency pairs with trading volume exist for them to fully utilize it, and the pairs where is it lucrative may not match their service demands for those pairs. Yet. If new money starts flowing in these emerging corridors thanks to Ripple and their partners, I'm sure they would reconsider. Must follow the money if you are in the money business.
  2. jag216

    12 Banks Trial XRP

    I'm thinking xPool is not a technical offering as much as it may be a psychological and regulatory one - a way of segregating funds that requires isolation from a regulatory view without having to create a bunch of wallets. Perhaps it will be a formalized and user-friendly application of destination tags, because right now that entire process is convoluted for non-technical users.
  3. jag216

    12 Banks Trial XRP

    Just thinking about this - nostro vostro still require a counterparty - someone has to be a custodian over those funds. Remove the need for that third party, and banks enjoy the same sense of freedom one gets when one first has their own blockchain wallet. Marketing something like xPool as a nostro vostro replacement that still works the same way but without the custodian and direct ILP integration through the XRP ledger - I'm guessing the only reason that banks are not jumping all over this is because all of the protections that exist within the current system center around countries having regulatory control over the correspondent banks. But if the ledger technology makes this sort of protection obsolete, all that is really missing is for power that be to acknowledge that many of the protections against and regulations over the correspondent banks are either circumvented or reworked through DLT. Then away it goes. We really need to be watching the acceleration of regulation at this stage just as much as we watch the adoption rate. I like that he says that banks love the concept of XRP so much that Ripple are now trying to look at and develop other use cases because the case for the originally intended utility has already been made and beaten. Dilip couldn't say this more clearly than he does at 28:12 - and that's just an awesome confirmation of their expectation.
  4. #BananaConfirmed $1 here we come!!!!! Just kidding. Welcome!
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    Is the article re ico failure rates posted in the press or altcoins section? I'd like to read it.
  6. Cory Johnson indicated market makers exist on both side of the transaction (into and out of xrp), absorbing much of the risk and apparently profiting handsomely. This is already in action. That podcast interview was very helpful in building an understanding of how xRapid and xrp actually work in practice. Couldn't find the thread for it, here's the audio link: http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/c/c/8/cc8538aa519c2b6b/Bullseye_Brief_Ep41_Johnson_and_Johnson.mp3?c_id=20160181&expiration=1523221468&hwt=f35ed271383339756cda99378629928f
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    HackEthor Contest

    🔥 ohh fire!!!
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    XRP actual value

    Value is subjective. Markets attempt to aggregate value propositions and connect them with assets holders interested in trading for something else of value. I personally believe xrp has to potential to be more valuable than fiat currencies. Call it saving, call it waiting, call it a 3-5 year marathon with a prize at the end. There are many who need fiat now. Sell. There are many who want to get rich quick. Sell. There are many people invested in the cryptosphere who believe fiat is King, they have their price at which they will sell. I believe I don't have the ability to calculate the value the internet of value will have, and what role xrp will play in that network. This has me more than curious about what the future value will be. I could not have predicted the value of domain names in 1994. This was a mistake! One that I decided not to make again. I hold because unlike most other assets out there, I have a really hard time putting a ceiling on what xrp could be worth. Folks who do place caps on the value rarely connect with the vision of either interledger or ripple. I hold, because I really don't know where the future is taking xrp, and I find that really really interesting. I know where fiat savings lead, I know where derivatives lead, and real estate too. This is uncharted territory and we've got a very interesting vehicle with a capable crew and no map. Adventure awaits. We could all drown. We could find an undiscovered wealth. That's an epic once in a lifetime risk. The value of the opportunity is off the charts. In wisdom literature of Jewish scripture there are fudsters too. "There are lions in the square, I shall be eaten alive!" The square was the agora, where all manners of knowledge and goods were traded. Commerce in goods and knowledge are risky, but there is no lion in the square. There is opportunity and risk, and your edge.
  9. This is powerful news. This kind of establishment clout giving positive nods gets large gears turning - slow as they may be. Momentum is turning the wheel.
  10. Couple it with logistics data and you could use blockchain to track more than mango freshness at Walmart. If they can get serious about codius.
  11. Ahh /r/crypto - where they celebrate April Fool's day all year long.