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  1. When you look at their own description of the coin, two things stand out. First, it's not just pegged to the dollar, it's pegged to the dollars their clients have on account. Second, they've said it is designed to settle internal accounts instantly, but that its use for settlement has not been determined. This is digital IOU transfer, plain and simple. They've eliminated the need for checks. That is all. A second bank will trust the coin inasmuch as they trust the quality of JPMs books. Outside use of the coin will still require settlement time, and while that could happen fast, I'm not worried until that settlement can be secured and done in seconds.
  2. So this is a private chain token that will represent money held in JPM accounts and be used internally to transfer money between JPM accounts. "Too early." They are signalling to investors that now is the perfect time for others to invest in their coin. But the perfect time to invest in the tech was a while ago. Now is just a great time.
  3. jag216

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    My take on this is that we have already heard Dilip Rao state that for a long time, Ripple had to pursue banks and now that is no longer the case - banks pursue Ripple. In addition, I believe the signing of multiple production contracts on a weekly basis and the dedication of multiple months of time and human resources suggests that they have to pull resource from the marketing and public relations and put a lot more resources into buildout and integration timelines. It probably doesn't help to grow at a pace that is not reflected in an increase at price. It is possible they scaled rapidly in the anticipation getting more cooperation from the policy makers and regulators but now that we are still in a sideways market they are having to deliver aggressively on deployments - which means they can cut back on storytelling. The introduction of the story of Ripple has been told, it's time to write history and that is a technical feat more than a PR feat.
  4. jag216

    Why the hate?

    The market beatings shall continue until the price improves. - The SEC
  5. jag216

    Xrp 20's xrp 50's and xrp100's

    To me, this is what printable xrptip slips are great for. If they get it, they get your tip and start their crypto addiction. If they don't get it, in 30 days you get your xrp back. You can dress them up real fancy, I've actually gotten a bunch printed up through moo and have them on hand to give tips to folks. It's professional, attractive and convenient. One side has redemption instructions and the other side has the QR code. Fits right in their wallet (until they discover the phone app).
  6. jag216

    Deflationary Value of XRP

    Scarcity is no joke in conventional numismatics - hoards found, hoards lost, can transform a market rapidly. Discoveries of undocumented collections and thefts that are never traced are pretty common. As the world goes cashless, the historical significance of coinage could see a renaissance (or serve briefly as a piece de resistance) These are fun bits: https://money.howstuffworks.com/how-much-money-accidentally-throw-away.htm
  7. There is a total conflagration of conspiracy investing and hype these days. I see folks in TMI live streams asking about HSBC and ZIM, I see folks preaching XRP is going to be the replacement for the SDR, and my personal favorite, Dinar RV folks are freaking out over Iraq looking at doing a gold-backed stablecoins digital Dinar and they are wondering if their paper Dinar investment will be worthless, while also wondering if Ripple is going to save them all. All of this suggests that all it will take is one failed economy for this swarm of conspiracy watchdogs to be a black swan bull run event. I find it funny that in the Dinar RV/NESARA/ Global reset crowd they have a SamIAm as well - who shed light on the hype and told everyone why none of it was going to happen - strong with the FUD, this one was. It's great entertainment - happy to watch on the monitors while I wait with my bags at the station. If you don't know the ZIM issue, there was a report going around stating that branches of HSBC were using special agents to cash out Zimbabwe Dollars for amounts based on settling interests during a special interview. As a result, people have been selling Zimbabwe Dollars in bulk on eBay - similar to what was marketed to Iraqi veterans re: Dinar revaluation. The January deadline came and went, I don't believe anyone was successful in the redemption interview process. Why they think Modern Investor would have any clue I have no idea. It's like the cryptocurrency tech revolution, the global debt SHTF crowd and the jubilee/currency revaluation scams all decided to have an orgy and now they are popping out babies of chaos everywhere wearing gasoline diapers and smoking profusely.
  8. Spoiler, the clickbait title does actually come from a rather satisfying interpretation of the parallels between Trump's chicken in the foxhole rule and Putin's. Fascinating stuff, if a bit too neatly packed and tied with an idealistic bow.
  9. jag216

    Private ledger debate

    I don't understand the controversy. Are people saying there are multiple repositories of pre-mined XRP that exist on parallel ledgers - and that banks are using one and we've been sold another? If so, then that's an outright fraud, the SEC would come down hard on Ripple like a ton of bricks for claiming to use the XRP ledger when they are actually using and selling a completely different asset. Are people saying that there might be hidden ledgers where top secret massive sales are happening behind the scenes between major institutions, utilizing massive volumes of XRP and not paying out to us because, let's face it, if they are buying big they want to negotiate a special discount window with special restrictions on sales, etc. that is fully governed by contracts? And through this, bringing down the count of available XRP for the retail markets and insuring that in the future, not only will we put all of the XRP in existence into circulation but that demand will still drive price up, making the banks initial investment and our investment worthwhile? I see absolutely no downside to XRP scarcity on the future retail market being driven up by huge backdoor deals made with institutions who realize that this ledger is going to be the future of finance for the next decade. Let the funds make sweet deals on this for their blue-chip crypto products. Let the institutions dollar cost average to bring their risk down so they'll be more comfortable offering investment products to customers. I just can't see any possible downside to this from a retail perspective. Getting upset because banks want to buy XRP at a discount just like we all do makes no sense. We've got to leave this whole banks are out to screw us behind our backs attitude behind if we are going to invest in XRP - Ripple is a disruptive company. They are trying to break bad rules and bad habits - if you don't trust Ripple when they say they want to make a dent in the universe in a positive way, and you don't believe in the XRP ecosystem for the sake of any of the other interesting projects using the XRP ledger, perhaps you need to sell your XRP and leave the rest of us fools holding our bags. If the banks are fooling us, they are fooling Ripple as well, and my experience with men like David Schwartz is that when corporations violate their principles, they don't fight - they don't pout - they cash their chips, quietly excuse themselves from crazytown and go back to the garage and build the next big thing that they've been thinking about since the last project they developed was finished. Heck, there's nothing stopping him from doing that right now. Again, I could be totally off-base with this, but I really don't see the downside of letting large institutions privately get in low and slow with XRP in mass quantities so that they can sell XRP for us to the masses of non-tech savvy customers and drive the value of XRP up in the process. What better sales channels could XRP possibly benefit from than legit low-risk investment products for consumers that none of us have to manage? I'm not expecting big banks to cash me out when I want to leave the crypto casino - I'm expecting the evolution of retirement funds and high-demand forex users and IoT and web content monetization and subscriptionless pay-as-you-use utility services to make it so that the XRP in my portfolio is worth too much for me to want to sell. Perhaps I'm an optimistic futurist, but I wouldn't even be sitting here in crypto if I didn't have my head in the clouds just a little bit.
  10. I like this, and I agree, and I think we have to be careful about implying motivation with how we read the language. I could find a purchase or a sale favorable depending on my circumstances. If I'm interested in assets, I can totally call buying a piece of land a disposal of fiat currency. If I have a long hold strategy for assets, I definitely see it as shorting cash. Folks talk about saving money while spending - which equally makes no sense. Save 50% on this purchase? I save 100% if I don't buy the product, but then I don't have the product. Exchange purchases are pretty nuanced. Not everyone who sells doesn't want the asset. Shorting in a downtrend can earn you more assets (which I had to read over several times before it made sense to me - shorting an asset to acquire more makes no sense to me on its face). But this never changes the idea that there is always a willing buyer and seller on each side of a transaction. The interesting thing to me about crypto is that, as a closed fully audited system, every coin has an owner - from its inception. Whereas fiat is viewed - in many ways - as ownerless - it can appear "in the wild" and it is hard for me to get used to the disappearance of money in the wild when we shift to cashless society. How strange it will be to find $20 of the old money on the ground and having it be nothing more than a memory of the luck that used to represent. In digital money systems, every movement of money has intent. It's a foreign idea to a lot of people right now, but it seems inevitable. Like 'Pre-War Money' in the Fallout games. Better stock up on those caps.
  11. I have thought about doing youtube videos, but my manner of speech is quite a bit different from how I write and I believe folks would think I paid for an uglier, less sophisticated actor to play me online.
  12. What about using the discord voice channel?
  13. Yes that covers a lot of the bases - certainly biased, but fascinating. I wasn't at a point where I could conjure it quickly, so thanks for that.
  14. I also work in the medical field - I can't imagine what crazy shitshow that entailed. I'd be happy if we could get an actual data feed from our local HIE instead of logging into yet another 3rd party portal like a 1995 netcaveman.
  15. My gosh, when we slip into **** swinging we clearly need more significant price action to entertain the masses. There was a really good Jed write-up posted a few years ago. I don't have the link handy but if you limit a Google search to go no further that 2014 I think you will find it.