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  1. Anyone who has worked in data mapping and what is now called ETL over the past decade has likely run into Altova. Altova Mapforce is a solid and well built graphic no-code development tool that allows you to connect anything to anything - it has popularly included built in schema maps for popular and complex EDI protocols, supports xml and json, many different databases and rest/soap apis. Mappings can run in a native mode, but the code conducting the mapping and translation can also generate royalty-free c++, java, etc. This is a very exciting development, there is potential he
  2. Nick (Nexo Help Center) Oct 22, 2020, 16:47 GMT+3 Hi Jag216 We are reaching to you with news concerning the Spark airdrop. Kindly be advised that after weeks of discussions with the CEO of the Flare Network we decided to support the event. We confirmed that by announcing this news via our Twitter account. We will provide more information at the beginning of December as mentioned in our tweet. The official snapshot of the XRP ledger for the #Spark distribution will be taken on December 12th 2020.
  3. It gets meaty around 10min in but I think the speakers bio is interesting as he's an investor, operations, trader, etc. He's got a lot of exposure to corporate infrastructure, operations and crisis mitigation, efficiency rebalancing, etc. He has enough experience in the corporate world to make his befuddled state telling.
  4. I have been giving a lot of practical thought to the process of incorporation and the potential, pitfalls and promise of smart contracts and funding. Earlier this year, prior to the CoV-2 crisis, I incorporated my technology consulting firms as an LLC and have been working on the past few months developing the marketing for my offering and entrepreneurial advice teaser articles. Part of that process includes the processing of ownership certificates, which don't really hold a lot of meaning when there is a single Owner Manager, but as the operation expands and contract consultants bec
  5. If you have not played this demo, this is a game provided by Solana that demonstrates the rapid transaction capabilities of their mainnet. Each green block here represents a key mashed on the keyboard. The idea of the game is that you mash your keyboard ferociously in an attempt to backlog the transaction system. Each cube fills green as you press keys, and clicking on each block shows the transaction block for that keystroke. It is an interesting tech demo for sure. If you would like to play, there is a thread on reddit explaining the process:
  6. I appreciated this take on what is required to be responsible and profitable in financial markets - the costs of poor lifestyle and mental/emotional management decisions - and the benefits of critical thinking. Where do you go next if you become a millionaire by accident? This video gives some great guidance in my opinion. "It is very easy to be a slave to the market even when in reality you know, deep down, that it is the market that should be working for you."
  7. Here the KS video which touches on UBin King Solomon has been filetype pdfing like a madman lately. His videos for the past week or two have been very on point if you can handle all the paperwork.
  8. They made a big deal about it during the ico phase. I don't know where Tata got this info, but they claimed in several of their passive income token documents that the dividend was going to be monthly. https://www.tcs.com/content/dam/tcs-bancs/protected-pdf/Crytpo-Currency%20on%20Dividend%20Distributions.pdf
  9. Yeah, they have really been very transparent for a loan company, and I appreciate the alignment of incentives that exists and really while we have this undervalued asset situation and the asymetric return potential Nexo has strong incentives to keep loans open and healthy since they are making money on the loans, rather than scalping from the liquidations. That could change in the future, but for now the health of their company depends a lot on people willing to do what we are doing and reinvesting liquidity - this builds the base from a very early stage. The only issue I have had is
  10. I have a considerable position on Nexo. I experienced their liquidation oracle first-hand, it is fair and reasonable actually. Their insurance with Lloyd's of London is tied to their cold storage arrangement with Bitgo. Ah I see you already have that above. You can get in interest deduction on loans APR if you hold the Nexo token as part of your portfolio on the netowrk, and there is supposedly a dividend that gets paid out - for US citizens the Nexo token is one of the few dividend paying tokens approved by the SEC - they filed a 506 and so accredited investors were allowed to buy d
  11. I am all about getting paid hourly as I work, but I know a lot of people rely on the slow flow of money to prevent them from impulsively emptying their account every day.
  12. Have you never dealt with bureaucracy? Three steps forward, two steps back - many times three steps forward, three steps back. That doesn't mean I don't invest in other projects that I believe are making strides in new verticals. I talk about those too - but most people ignore it. I had a number of friends who got in at the ground floor of some fantastic dot.com companies. I had a friend go from millionaire hero to crashing down as an early excite employee. If you think you have seen this all before and know who the winners and losers will be, I would consider with a great deal
  13. This is a really interesting side of this puzzle. When a bank says they support it - does that mean: 1) They will offer you the ability to configure your own PayID on their system, or 2) They provide a solution by which you may initiate transfer to and away from your account to other accounts using PayID. The reason why I find this so interesting, is that many time for ACH agreement you need to provide them with your account and routing numbers and then they store that information. But if you only need to provide them a pointer and their software will make the necessary calls to
  14. Here's what I think. PayID is a brilliant project. It is still a small piece of the bigger picture, but an important piece because it engages the end-user in a way that totally comes out of left field for a company that is trying to help big banks. Any large banks is going to look at the potential of this and see it as a real challenge to the corporate banking industry. Setting up a PayID server is as simple as setting up a basic mailserver or dns server. The api calls are simple and straightforward, but in its own it is not a complete solution. However, it supports a very impor
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