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  1. As someone who has done a lot of scriptural research, I find the decentralized authority paradigm remarkable. If we develop a global decentralized authority paradigm, so much prophecy breaks. I love it. It will take an EMP strike demolishing the system and reinstating a siloed centralized global authority to get back on the path of desperation. Christianity itself was designed from the outset to have decentralized authority. Imperial adoption sidetracked this paradigm, but I will do my part to bring it back. Love and liturgical action to improve the world worldwide. I would LOVE to break prophecy. This is the path to a free future. If XRP is part of it, so much the better.
  2. And I cannot wait for it to happen. Mobile money in the 21st century ftw.
  3. Instant global settlement is the name of the game, not navigating communication and connecting the right asset pairs. Interledger adoption will render these kinds of specialists unnecessary, because it won't matter what your native payment method is or who/where the vendor is. Payments - like email - will just work. You don't need an email routing 'specialist'. This sort of integration is already appearing in smartphone browsers. Once it hits mainstream, you won't even need to worry about how your business partner wants to get paid. So long as liquidity exists between the assets being exchanged on both sides somewhere in the background, having a browser that recognizes ILP addressed accounts on your phone will be all you'll need. The browser will recognize a payment opportunity on the page, ask you which account you want to pay with and send it along when you press 'pay'. It's a totally different paradigm for payment.
  4. jag216

    Your favorite XRP/Ripple YouTubers

    I have to wonder if spending decades working in markets takes a toll on your mental health. I've barely watched charts more that 1-2 years and it messes with my head already sometimes.
  5. The Western Union bit is interesting. People forget this is one of the oldest communications companies and was a global innovator of electric correspondence. They had to reinvent themselves for the information age - especially after email made their infrastructure nearly obsolete but for a very narrow slice of use cases. It is going to take that level of disruption to make their current rails unviable as a revenue stream, and I think if ILP gets global traction they will reevaluate Ripple - you know - when it is too late. All in all, a fun discussion. I hope their UX for xRapid goes smoothly. CX is a field that is changing rapidly with lots of innovators trialing new interactive tech this year (pay by face, Id tokenizing, etc.)
  6. jag216

    Ran Neuner has seen the light

    This is all one big unregulated mess. I hope the irony of coinbase manipulating the price while claiming to be concerned about regulatory compliance isn't fooling anyone. I have nothing to do with coinbase now. We've already got more than enough reason to believe many are profiting handsomely through selling off underlying assets at the last day to make huge gains on deeply leveraged futures, not to mention Tether getting a bit loose from the USD. And then coinbase in broad daylight indicating coins to insiders prior to public announcements. There is a lot of shady cutthroat capital siphoning going on across the markets while no one watches the store. It is disheartening to watch. I'm glad it's only $250bil or so - although I'm sure the derivatives push it up towards $700bil or more. Holding for the dawn - looking to the east.
  7. jag216

    Does Claire still work for Ripple?

    Hi @peebo38 There were a few questions back with regards to comments made during a presentation by Asheesh Birla regarding whether deploying xRapid required the use of XRP or if other cryptocurrencies could be used. In general, there was also question about whether there was an xRapid ELI5 presentation video similar to one done for xCurrent, but I think we have a generally good idea thanks to the flow of presentations we've seen at conferences all over the place. And then the question of whether the Logo contest was necessary - since there were t-shirts that already had the new XRP logo being worn at events before the contest was announced. There was a discussion about how new ventures could approach Ripple - but then Xpring was announced. I think a general question that a number of forum members have who want to be more proactive in the XRP ecosystem is what types of partnership opportunities exist - in terms of scale and state of establishment - is Xpring primarily geared towards established ventures looking to expand into blockchain or is there space for incubation and support for new ventures? Regarding the Xpring FAQ - which is somewhat minimalist - What universe does 'needle-moving' ventures apply to? Is it limited to global reach opportunities? Is alignment with geographical markets Ripple is already engaging desired, or would they rather support endeavors outside the of geographical areas they are presently targeting? Are there operations standards and ethics that indicate Ripple's alignment? e.g. B-Corporation, 10x Growth, Six Sigma, etc. Finally, a bit of a less serious question - with so many people at Ripple being aimed at long term plans with deep economic and social potential, are there any Long Now Foundation members who are employees or frequenters of The Interval/Long Now Foundation HQ? Thanks!
  8. jag216

    Does Claire still work for Ripple?

    Isn't that called 2 Fone Access?
  9. jag216

    Ledger Live

    Of course.
  10. Come on Ripple. None of this content, just tweet another countdown. Folks will assume it is tied to an SEC announcement and we'll hit $2. /$
  11. jag216

    Ledger Live

    I've been able to set up BTC only - can't get Ethereum or Ripple accounts to add properly (the device disconnects and never detects that the app has been opoened).
  12. jag216

    XRP as a Birthday gift: where to begin?

    If it were me, I'd give them a nice hardcover edition of a classic piece of literature with enough chapters so that I could put red dots under the letters for each word, in order but not on consecutive pages, per chapter. Then put a nice little note in the front saying something to the effect of 'The key to your destiny rests inside you.' That's right, hopeless romantic. Like something from this guy's etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/563340498/easton-press-great-expectations-by
  13. One of my early web design clients, a cross country trucker, got tired of dealing with all the manual paperwork and tracking required to be a trucker. He'd seen computers and wondered if there was a way to leverage computers to make it work. So he bought a tower, put it in his rig and found a language/environment that was a super simplified imitator of visual studio, and he learned it. He built an application and got a bunch of truckers to test it. Years later, he was one of the leaders in the field - before the cloud and everything. As a young lad, I took a lot of inspiration from what this non-techie truck driver brought himself to do, which included selling a piece of software to truckers all over the US at $3k a pop minimum in the early 2000s. I am an old school web guy now, and I've had to learn and relearn stuff from scratch. The two things that have inspired me over the years: 1) the tools to work with get better and better faster and faster. It's awesome. 2) ideas are super exciting. The grind to making time to learn by doing is hard work, but that's what makes the end accomplishment so satisfying. You have to be a problem solver who can tap into skilled work to put together the parts you need to make it happen. Nowadays I get to find the right people to do the work, but having done it myself gives me a good idea of who I need for different tasks. With the right materials and method, coding can be learned. It's more about finding the right software libraries and communities than being a "maverick" coder. There are so many great libraries to learn from just connecting bits - it's more like robotics than coding now in a lot of ways. I like the idea of having a club, but be somewhat protective of your ideas. Maybe the focus of the club can be more about how to build a startup than business idea sharing? Building the right core team is harder than the actual technical work. But coming up with good ideas is a gift - you either have the gift or you don't. Not something you want to let others exploit.
  14. I expect IBM has done this, and it looks like they have: https://patents.google.com/?q=digital+asset&assignee=International+Business+Machines&oq=digital+asset+assignee:(International+Business+Machines) We know Mastercard has: https://patents.google.com/patent/EP3200138A1/ Lots of fun legal pursuits to be had.
  15. What I think is interesting about the initial distribution of XRP is that if and when xRapid is successfully deployed and Ripple is a successful company, the original leadership team who was there during the initial startup will be perfectly poised to branch off and create other startups. I believe that this is the original intent and forethought. Some folks really love building successful startups and don't want to be sustaining maintenance for long periods of time. The leadership have arranged for themselves to develop a cluster of companies all using XRP for different verticals. Coil is already pursuing a different verticals from Ripple. Polysign is a different vertical. I think ventures like Casinocoin and Allvor will continue to pop up attempting to contribute their own verticals to the space. These guys don't care about lambos. They are all about building the future they want - and that takes a few million/billion bricks.