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  1. I looked at the address, there’s just a chain hotel nothing more. No replies from them, but not surprised. https://www.sokoshotels.fi/fi/vantaa/sokos-hotel-vantaa
  2. As these guys live on my neighborhood I sent them a message in Finnish asking to verify their status and connection with Ripple. The phone numbers presented here are to the UK but contact address is in a HELSINKI Suburb - just also noticed that they slightly mispresent their address details, so would respectfully suggest NOT to deal with them at this point. If you have an official address you probably know the zip code correctly... I know I would. I will let you know if they reply anything that changes my mind from the above suggestion.
  3. I have told three persons, and all three wanted to jump in within their means. I did my investment through Gatehub, and unfortunately told them to use the same way I had used. Now all three are stuck with Gatehub (different reasons) and get zero support from Gatehub, no answers to any queries through support nor even vie the support tickets. I can understand they might be busy but this feels more like ignoring... I wish I had recommended another way in the first place, as it all sounds a bit weird right now. For a noob, like I am, its not very comfortable to jump in to something that from the firsts steps onward gets stuck like this, not a confidence builder. Now I have decided to cut back on recommendations as don't feel comfortable doing it right now. Not because of XRP for sure, but due to the failed process. #PuzzledWith40K
  4. Maybe they have an office in Helsinki too....went to see the website and it shows office address and even jobs-section mentions working ideally in Helsinki. IDK. But looks like there is actual activity and they are showing f.ex. Nordea Startup Accelerator amongst others. 26-10-15 15:35 | About Nordea | Digital banking Over 170 startups worldwide applied for a start-up accelerator programme organised by Nordea and Nestholma. In November, the 10 startups selected so far will begin working on Nordea's premises in Vallila, Helsinki.
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