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  1. all these haters must have bought earlier this year, mad because XRP is not $4k a coin like BTC...instead of letting the team develop this thing, just bash it, trash it and discourage others to invest.........typical ......
  2. Two whole months???? WOW!!!!!.....you are really a prophet????
  3. i like the way you think, sir
  4. you think it was bad here, go over to reddit.....bunch of whiny, crying babies "waaahhhh, when is it going up, when will it reach a dollar"
  5. I don't believe we have.......to put it in perspecitve, i think this is like investing in companies like Microsoft, Cisco, EMC, Quallcomm, etc, back in the early 90's.........i'm sure the early investors back then were saying the same thing, and the ones who held for that decade were rewarded handsomely.........
  6. good stuff.....and when you look at the excellent team that this company has in place, you can hardly help but feel confident in this system.......there are going to be plenty of pump/dump coins come along made by some kid in a basement by the name of "darkwebmaster" or the like.....but Ripple is NOT one of them......i look forward to the coming years and being fully vested in this company
  7. I've read a lot of posts citing "market cap", and how it will not allow XRP to reach more than a few dollars, i personally don't believe that will amount to a hill-of-beans in regard to the price of XRP........
  8. new guy here....i'm not complaining about the price or spreading FUD like most, i'm here for the long haul.....i've been waiting over twenty years for an opportunity like this......ever since i missed the internet boom back in the 90's.....