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  1. This has to be a joke, right?.....if you sell now, you've got the IQ of a stick
  2. Hi Bob, I'm Bruce from Kentucky.....and i wan't to literally be a "sponge" to all the knowledge and advice you and others here who are way more smart than i am....... I didn't start investing until late 1990's, i literally missed the "internet boom" and vowed to myself to not miss another opportunity like that if i ever came across one.....and i truly believe that crypto is an opportunity just like the early days of the internet, with XRP being a Cisco systems, Microsoft, Dell, EMC, Quallcomm of this realm
  3. Crypto is not even mainstream yet.....even though it seems like it when we are on twitter, xrpchat, reddit, etc......very few investors like us know what it's all about....we are in the early stages here, like early 90's before the tech-stocks took off an made people with meager investments rich, and it took about eight years for it to reach it's peak......so buy and HODL
  4. just remember last year when SWELL was over everybody thought it was a laughing-stock joke.......then the rocket took off (albeit momentarily)
  5. in life and business: "it's not what you know, it's who you know and who you blow"
  6. one thing i have learned in my years is that MONEY and family/friends DO NOT MIX
  7. for Gods' sake, PARAGRAPHS man, PARAGRAPHS....that wall-of-text is unreadable
  8. for the past two years, i've been dollar-cost-avg. in every week....
  9. didn't read all 9 pages, but has the cheeto-fingered, mountain-dew drinking, basement-dwelling OP apologized yet?????
  10. im BALLS DEEP XRP.....right down to the base
  11. been buying XRP since it was well below 0.10.......i just average in every week, small amounts, keep adding to the stash.........that is the best strategy, for me at least.....trying to guess what it (or anything else) will do in the next month, week, day, hour our minute is just a fools-errand............the descent from the ATH til' now has been painful, but i try not to look at the elephant too closely......looking at the big picture, the daily progress Ripple is making.......
  12. hey OP, what a fine example of FUD.......nice try.....didn't work....
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