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    It drives me crazy, xrp vs xlm.

    This is how I felt in 2014 but then later realized I was being very shortminded like everyone on bitcointalk was being about xrp. I've been buying xrp since mid 2013. I'm rooting for Jed now more than ever. He continues to grow infrastructure for this whole asset class while 99% of others are just checking the price of their favorite coins.
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    Can somebody just make some news up or something?

    I'll always remember the feelings I was having about Ripple from January 2017 to late March 2017. It was so quiet. I've been following and believing Ripple's vision since mid 2013 and I for the first time during this period started questioning myself about things for example "Will the success of Ripple maybe not have an effect on XRP for a decade or so"? Sometimes it felt like I was the only one still thinking about XRP. There was so much good news for years just building up but during early 2017 if you go back on this forum or go through google you will see there were still some news on new committees, presentations and steering group but it truly was the quiet before the storm. XRP was moving around $0.00666 for years and on March 1st we were testing $0.0054 again. I was like wtf is going on now...I know Ripple didnt owe me anything but still I thought there would be some type of growth in transactions or payments etc. We didnt know at the time R3 was given the opportunity to buy 5 billion XRP at $0.0085. I averaged down to around $0.006 after accumulating at around $0.0045 the summer of 2014 after Jed posted on xrptalk on May 22nd sending xrp to $0.002. Well in early 2017, I wasn't in the position to accumulate anymore so I was going to be disappointed that others were about to get a chance to buy XRP in the $0.004xxx three years after I did lol. Before the official XRP breakout around March 23rd 2017, this forum's top posts were ones like this. I have always believed in ripple and continue to do so. I know they are working so hard behind the scenes. I am very grateful that they have given us the opportunity to be part of this Fourth Industrial Revolution. I don't know what to say but to enjoy your time here on earth spend time with the people and things you love. Start a foundation or plan for the future. Maybe 3, 5 or 10 years from now. With the help of your XRP investment, you may be able to do it without working a job you despise but rather something you love doing.
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    XRP Distribution

    TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE 6,392,834,437 TOTAL XRP DISTRIBUTED 38,600,451,446* TOTAL XRP TO BE PLACED IN ESCROW 55,000,000,000 As of October 8th, 2017 *Total includes business development agreements that are still pending.
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    XRP price movement discussion

    My whole house is flickering green and red, it feels like Christmas.
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    XRP price movement discussion

    Nice call earlier today, lets see if it can get through $0.0082
  6. Hello XRP Community, We might finally be at the tipping point of this fourth industrial revolution. Maybe not. Either way, a thread talking about current and past price movements, market depth, volatility, VOLUME/LIQUIDITY and so on needs a home. I know Japan seems to be leading the way while many others look mostly at XRP/BTC. However, I just posted some Bitstamp/Gatehub 3day and 1month XRP/USD charts to start. Just think how different these charts will look years from now. All helpful posts and any type of technical analysis is welcome even though some like to think there isn't any technical analysis to be done on XRP at the moment. I'd like to observe what patterns and trends the XRP Community seeing that I'm not. Maybe you will learn something new or just maybe you will help out the entire XRP Community. All is welcome Cheers!
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    Ripple send error

    I get this same message trying to send btc from gatehub fifth to a btc address. I'll wait and see if it still shows after all my docs are verified.
  8. Warren Paul Anderson (@warpaul) tweeted at 8:41 PM on Fri, Dec 23, 2016: YoY improvements for @Ripple Consensus Ledger & XRP as a native digital asset (source: https://t.co/e6JpR3mVx6) a lot of work left to do! https://t.co/GFnrlRrC8p (https://twitter.com/warpaul/status/812473351767617536?s=03)
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    New Ripple Marketing Videos

    This right here isn't what will make XRP go to the moon, however, it's my favorite. And the funny thing is I don't even need it for cross border payment as of now which is pretty much the whole idea behind this technology. Growing up with friends and family dealing with not having the correct amount of cash or not being able to send money from bank to bank and needing to drive to an ATM just to take out money to put it back in someone elses bank account. This causes spending money on gas and going out in the snow and etc that is so inefficient and sometimes you just never get paid back. Just a couple of examples that has had me constantly thinking of this killer app for decades now is paying a dinner bill, going to the drive thru with friends tonight when its freezing out or fantasy sports league or just betting on sports or being right or wrong putting your money where your mouth is lol Ive stopped carrying cash for over 9 years now.
  10. Even with XRP doing nothing but going down, I found my self smiling reading this whole insight. I've been waiting for this foresight (basket of reserve currencies) from ripple about XRP since October 2013
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    XRP Distribution

    XRP DISTRIBUTION TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE64,521,356,281 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS35,475,773,335* As of October 9th, 2016 *Total includes business development agreements that are still pending.
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    XRP Distribution

  13. Started Feb. 2016. Ripple.co and Ripple News are not affiliated with Ripple.com or Ripple Labs. This wasn't enough.