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  1. It may be looking different, but you can still get to a page mentioning the theee products. From the menu: Ripplenet -> Join the network
  2. I am wondering if the xCurrent partners so far only exist in countries, for which the relevant XRP/fiat pair exist. If so, the converged product should theoretically enable all current xCurrent partners to do XRP enabled settlement, when released... !?
  3. In one of the crossword puzzles from a long time ago in a ripple video, I believe someone found the text: “It’s just two more lines” But more lines for what, that was the speculative part. Perhaps, in the context of this thread, it makes more sense. Two more code lines to merge the products.
  4. Anyone examined the crossword puzzle? I’ve got: Ripple CrossBorder InternetOfV XRP Crypto Paymen Interledger Multihop SanFran RiskEli(mination)
  5. I have a user on XRPChat, used by Tapatalk, yes. There’s a few things you cannot do from Tapatalk, I think. Tried to join a club, could not find a way to do that from the app. Did it from the webpage instead, and afterwards I could read and write entries to those topics from Tapatalk afterwards. There are some incompatibilities with links to other XRPChat topics.. they become 404 links. It could be better in a few ways, but generally I find it quite nice for just reading topics.
  6. Yes, using it 99% of the time. Both for iOS and Android [emoji3]
  7. You’re not using Tapatalk for XRPChat?
  8. Was not meant as a negative thing, I’m glad to see every new Ripple customer, xRapid or not.. I’m sure, the more places they can get a foothold, the more their name will spread, and eventually possibly lead to the use of xRapid in those places
  9. Technical question: Can a NFC wallet be made? If so, it would be nice to have embedded in the ring. ( I would buy it )
  10. Did a Google Translate from the following page, related to Kakao bank and the 24th og August. Hope someone can make something of this. https://steemit.com/kr/@kimsursa/4o6zgs Got the following result: It is a list of main products of the cacao bank summarized in Seoul newspaper. Of these, I have seen loans and foreign exchange remittances. In the case of a loan, you can borrow 150 million won at an interest rate of 2 percent with a smartphone without a 'security'. Foreign exchange is charged a commission of 5,000 won for the remittance fee of less than $ 5,000, and a fee of 10,000 won for the excess. It is said to be a tenth of the commission fee from other banks, so it would be better to use those who have to send money overseas! Also, if you open your account now, you will be presented with a Cacao Talk Ryan emoticons (until August 24) I think it would be okay to think about those who recently tried to open a bank account.
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