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  1. We won't freak out. In fact, we'd love to see the community get involved. Although @mDuo13's "FinishedThatForYou" bot may beat everyone to the task beforehand.
  2. Hey Everyone, we touched base with the ShapeShift team. They were observing their rippled desyncing, so they temporarily removed XRP while they investigated the issue. After an upgrade to 0.80.0 and a restart, their rippled synced smoothly again. They should have XRP back online.
  3. I know the numbers are similar, but 0.80.1 contains some fixes that we want to release prior to the aforementioned / scheduled 0.81.0 release. We're getting there!
  4. In May 2017, we said 18 months and we're still on track. *Edit* 2017 (not 2016)
  5. BitGo's enterprise XRP wallet is currently live to select partners and exchanges. They will be launching support for individual XRP wallets sün.
  6. count the dots. also, we will be publishing our benchmark testing methodology soon, so I would tone it down a bit until then.
  7. each dot represents 1 tps we used triangles to represent performance here and wanted continuity transactions per second (to coincide with the title); milestones are time-based (2015, 2016, 2017) to visualize the progression from 525 tps to 1000 tps to 1500 tps 525 tps
  8. Glad you asked! The quick answer is: to preserve and protect the stable operation and sensible evolution of the network. Some links that support that: https://ripple.com/technical-faq-ripple-consensus-ledger/ https://ripple.com/build/rippled-setup/#reasons-to-run-a-validator What does that mean? As you know validators on the UNL can enable/veto amendments, which are designed to improve the network. Participation in this process is critically important, so having more diversity involved will ensure that the network is adapting to a cross functional set of stakeholders. Validators on the UNL can also vote to modify fees on the network. Obviously this is an action that would likely affect everyone on the network, so having input from more diverse stakeholders would help make the impactful decision more inclusive. Lastly, but most frequent and obvious, validators on the UNL validate transactions on the network. This day-to-day function is the most important function of a validator, so reliability is a critical requirement. It turns out that colleges are not the most ideal entities to run validators because they tend to have higher seasonal turnover. That's not to say that universities shouldn't run validators because they can gain a lot of insight for research, but including them on a UNL should be reconsidered. We believe the top candidates to run validators that will be added to the UNL are: - Manged hosting providers - Telecom providers - Financial institutions that have a stake in XRP We will be adding more information to our site that supports all the above too.
  9. a few things you can do with XRP, but can't do in USD, at least without relying on third parties: Multisign Escrow (hashlock) Crypto-Conditions (sün) Vote (via Amendments) to make it better Not worry about inflation
  10. An update on Coincheck: Historically, Coincheck has not publicly reported XRP volume, so they are considered a private OTC brokerage, similar to Coinbase (not GDAX) and Unocoin. Yesterday, we received a report from Coincheck that they had published an API endpoint for us to start harvesting: https://coincheck.com/exchange/candle_rates?limit=300&market=coincheck&pair=xrp_jpy&unit=300&v2=true The data from their API lined up with their verbal report, so we published it to Ripple Charts yesterday afternoon. Last night, we received a message from Coincheck that they discovered a bug in their API, which is reporting inaccurate volume data. This morning, we temporarily removed Coincheck from Ripple Charts until they correct the issue. Based on their publicly reported BTC volume, we are optimistic that Coincheck will serve as a great source of XRP liquidity in Japan.
  11. We've discussed using XRP in escrow as the marginal reserve in this example, where an IOU would not be fulfilled until certain conditions were met in XRP. Sounds similar to what you are referencing.
  12. If Ethereum supported ILP crypto-conditions, then yes, I believe both of these would be possible. There are a lot of creative use cases that crypto-conditions could theoretically support to reduce counterparty risk.
  13. @cmbartley thank you for getting this done! The community on XRPChat has more power and influence than many of you realize. Please keep channeling that power in positive ways like this and we will surely see the market respond in a favorable fashion.
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