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  1. Wow yes it is exactly same, though I used IOS, not mac. I'm really thank you for your information
  2. Hi I used Minimalist-Ripple-Client Wallet on Ipad(I thought IOS is safe) wallet : https://jatchili.github.io/minimalist-ripple-client/ code : https://github.com/jatchili/minimalist-ripple-client and I think I lost my xrp... never use this, at least on IOS. I generated an account, encrypted it, saved address account / secret key / encrypted key Something strange was that whenever I 'set identity' on Minimalist using ipad, it show me diffrent account addresses every time. I just thought that that is nothing because I didn't know well about crypto coin wallet. So I sent 20 xrp to this account for test, it worked well, and then I put 2000 xrp which I can't withdraw again. it occured an error like this {"result":"tejMaxLedger","result_message":"Transaction LastLedgerSequence exceeded","engine_result":"tejMaxLedger","engine_result_message":"Transaction LastLedgerSequence exceeded","message":"Transaction LastLedgerSequence exceeded"} which I can't understand, but I tried on other sites, and it said the master key is not matched with the account. ---Edited--- error code on another site(https://ripplerm.github.io/ripple-wallet/) Status:[PRELIMINARY], Result: tefBAD_AUTH_MASTER: Auth for unclaimed account needs correct master key. ------------- I think the problem is IOS can't execute codes of the site propery, so it generated wrong address or key. when I set identity on Windows Chrome, it show me a same account always. Maybe I can't find my 2000 Xrp again.... very sad... never use this on IOS... and please let me know if there are some possible way to solve this...