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  1. I think it will not work at all if that address is invalid. If that address already exists, then you will not get back.
  2. You are jizzing over from Germany regarding about Trump LOL! and You don't seem to have US Passport at all. Our country and president is doing and better, tremendously! Move on @kanaas... And beside, your country is the bigger loser in 2017, it said on LOL
  3. LOL, you will see next 4 years more, he already got some votes for next election!
  4. All I see is crybabies lately... And you called "asshole" is U.S President! No matter you like it or not, if you are an American, he is your President. Move on... If you are not an American, don't jizz over with Clinton from somewhere and you voice doesn't matter. LOL
  5. I think you forget to see that woman as a crook and criminal and sponsored by other countries. Good ridden, she is long gone! Winning biggy!
  6. Chris bashes on Trump, and later he wants from Trump Administration for legislation after bashing. Really? I don't understand what was he thinking... any 5-year-old kid can do better than that. Why can't they move on? Half of American voted, remember?
  7. @GiantGox can help with more insights from Japanese networking.
  8. which BTC gateway is it?
  9. From date: January 29, 2017 To date: February 5, 2017 Change: 188,020,324 XRP
  10. the Bitstamp is down ;P
  11. They sold the Bitcoin Computer for mining - , it is just bitcoin kit for btc introduction.
  12. Here it is -
  13. You can trade on Gatehub with XRP/BTC.bitstamp pairs.
  14. We gonna be stuck with .0069 for sure. That is most of MM are setting up for sale when it reaches to .0069