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  1. Today I tried to send USD international wire at gatehub, and they just return it back, without giving any information or whatsoever. I never receive withdraw confirmation emails nor a reason why they gave it back. If you are having same experiences about withdrawing USD at Gatehub. Please let me know too. @gatehub
  2. Are you on Gatehub? Ask for setting trust on the gateway for IOU assets. Actually, you only need KYC when you are going to withdraw IOU from the gateway you trusted.
  3. if the company went away and do whatever they like for ripple technology with banks, will RippleLab guarantee that we will have RCL continue operating?
  4. I have talked with Rep from Payoneer, they are okay with digital coin exchanges.
  5. it works for any companies and freelancers who are expecting money from clients.
  6. @gatehub @gregor @enej Would you guys accept fund via Payoneer? I think Payoneer will be excellent for gatehub and users while waiting for Gatehub to open an office in the US. I have a feeling that Gatehub can accept with USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, JPY with Payoneer bank accounts, without opening the office in anywhere. If you can accept, we can send the fund to your email address for funding via Payoneer or we can transfer money via local bank transfer to your Payoneer local virtual bank accounts.
  7. TETHER - So we can move USD via Tether Address ZEC - PIVX - FCT GNT
  8. Ripple got youtube channel. the view counts are less than average Joe's channel. The Ripple really needs social Marketing team for sure.
  9. that is better!
  10. Sure, I will report to Ripple by the end of this month, based on what we found out at all Gateways.
  11. Let's get XRP ETF
  12. what is your XRP address?
  13. Veem, DLT, Swift, and all banking institutions should adopt already Ripple for people sake!
  14. Without RCL, Coinbase <-> BitStamp exchange is the only way to gain small profits. I like the Ripple Gateways because I sometimes get BTC in cheap price
  15. I am dealing with Coinbase for BTC/USD funding, there are no fees for any deposit because I clear with ACH, so I get what I deposit. And I usually trade on profitable Ripple gateways. Ripple gateway exchanges charge me very relatively low fees and withdraw back in BTC.