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  1. Not sure how to do that. Here's their address. rwmUeFZnxCDe8KBQSR9or7fYPSJsCzRRZz Do whatever you want with this, they hacked me so IDGAF.
  2. So I found out how the xrp was stolen. I had my recovery passwords and phrases stored in my Evernote app which was fingerprint protected. However they still managed to obtain my credentials for that app, added their "iPhone" device to my profile and scanned my notes for crypto currency related information. Found what they were looking for and boom. Now I'm chasing it to ground with Evernote but they'll probly tell me to **** off since I didn't have 2FA enabled, even though it was their fault security was breached. Let this be a lesson if you don't already know, store sensitive information in a physical location and/or use 2FA if you don't.
  3. Yeah, i currently use an Android 8.0 device and noticed that an iPhone was added to my profile list of one of my apps that contained my password for my toast wallet. I shutter to think that my phone was compromised given an the sensitive data that was stored in my note taking app. I probly screwed on getting back my funds. I have the address the xrp was sent to, but Idk the first thing about trying to retrieve it.
  4. Yes I do have a password to authorize transactions. I'm beginning to think that my phone was hacked.
  5. Looking for help, Has anyone on this forum, that stores their xrp in toast wallet had any unauthorized transactions? I recently went to check my balance of xrp after not logging into my toast wallet for a few months only to discover that all but 28 xrp have been withdrawn from my account. I did not authorize this transaction nor did I initiate this transaction. I thought my xrp was safe being stored in my toast wallet. To make matters worse, there appears to be no customer support for toast wallet. I have tried reaching out to them on this forum numerous times only to be met with silence. I would appreciate any information anyone can give me as to how I can go about getting my xrp back and or how I could get toast wallet customer service to respond. Thank you
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