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  1. I'm just going to say if XRP goes and matches bitcoin market cap, the price will be 13.49 Just for fun I will put a sell order at 13 bucks
  2. MoneyGram has pushed out a new service called FastSend, but it has elected for Visa over XRP https://decrypt.co/19635/moneygram-shuns-ripple-xrp-in-latest-settlement-product Are we f*cked?
  3. I'm surprised nobody post about this, what do you think about JPM coin? Will affect xrp? Is this the opening for banks to adopt their own coin? https://www.jpmorgan.com/global/news/digital-coin-payments
  4. Isn’t @NewbieXRP the “visionary” that gave this predictions back in July???? Probablity Over $1 In 2018 - 100% Probablity Over $2 In 2018 - 85% Probability Over $3 In 2018 - 70% Probability Over $4 In 2018 - 50% Probability Over $5 In 2018 - 30% Probability Over $10 In 2018 - 5%
  5. I hold both so I’m happy, success of one doesn’t mean failure of the other, both can reach the moon with no issues, I hope for both to reach triple digits in the long run
  6. Me too, I might add some more if it goes down to 0.50 but that's highly unlikely
  7. So what's going on today in Japan? It is open for business? Also from 0.63 to 0.69 in a few hours is not bad, hope that this becomes in a nice rally
  8. I want it at 2,000 but I will be happy with 200 willing to wait for 12 years, time of my oldest child will go to college
  9. I think Charlie lee gave LTC the death sentence when he sold his stash i will dump that copycat coin
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