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  1. I would really like to know how this relates to the recent Bitwise study, where they found that 95% of volume on btc exchanges is fake. Does it imply fake xrp volume? If yes, does the programmatic selling strategy consider data from "evil exchanges" where volume is usually overstated by magnitudes?
  2. You can have a heterogenous network, where the aws node's job is only to allow access for a dedicated public web application, while the rest of the application runs somewhere else. Think of supply chain tracking, where validator nodes and applications run privately on premise. producers can log "i have manufactured xy from yx" within the private part of the network, while the aws node provides read access to an application where the public can check the origin of their food with their phone.
  3. It seems that Raos Deep Dive was well received at FSSTech. This is their follow up and takeaways about Ripple: http://www.fsstech.com/postings-from-indias-ripple-deep-dive-event/ Interesting for us: FSS has build "Mobile Pay", a mobile banking application it leverages the the ripple network "to offer instant, on-the-go transfers over the Ripple Network." it was demonstrated to "40+ financial institutions and processors in South Asia" on a test network.
  4. I disaggree with everything. "One frictionless way to send money globally" means the "Internet of Value" / Interledger. Any ledger of value (Paypal, Bitcoin, Banks, ..) should be connected and everybody should be able to send money to anybody, no matter what ledger is used. https://ripple.com/insights/the-w3cs-mission-to-standardize-web-payments/
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