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  1. " What makes it so attractive to Apple is the kind of interoperability that it offers. Ripple’s interledger provides a better payment processing protocol as it resolves all the problems that various card networks have. The long-term plan with the interledger is to create a global network which can connect cryptocurrencies. The interledger protocol has been equated to the HTTP by Ripple’s head techies." https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://cryptocrimson.com/news/apple-payment-request-api-ripple-interledger-protocol/amp/&ved=0ahUKEwisleDol6jaAhUC8IMKHZ9iBrgQyM8BCCUwAA&usg=AOvVaw0aA-MxzM-0OWx_p5vJcnzI&ampcf=1
  2. This is actually pretty exciting and makes me wonder if we'll see designated tokens like XRP gold, silver,etc. A bit of research puts gold over $1300. If a designated token on the ledger is worth that much even in a small eco system I wonder how that plays on the system as a whole. This is all hypothetical except for the gold price so it's interesting to think about the possibilities.
  3. It seems my digging did not go unfounded. Too bad I don't have as much time right now to research or post but it's great that all the pieces are finally coming together.
  4. So you when actual Ripple, litecoin, and Ethereum and bitcoin when you win?
  5. My hope is that the xrp pairs will help to decouple the rest of the market from btc. As btc is the leading pair on most exchanges it's fall affects the entire market. This centralized bitcoin market cannot flourish with only one hand stirring the pot. It's antithesis to the entire concept of crypto currency. On the other hand this flow of money through sbi should increase xrps value a great deal as that money will be bounced back and forth through the exchange ten fold most likely or more
  6. I've heard to many things against tron with proven evidence to consider it a good investment. But good luck
  7. Too early to buy but I feel ya. When it starts trading horizontal that's the bottom. Wait for that in my opinion.
  8. If this is real a crash then yeah it'll do that. But if it does I'll be buying a boatload of xrp.
  9. You mean overall on the dip? To be honest well over 10,000 in profits. But I'm a hodlr so I hold. It's too risky to divest and reinvest. It can go back up as fast as it went down. Never know what the whales are planning.
  10. I'm waiting until thursday. I have a feeling this dip will last the whole week and its gonna be a bargain bin sale on crypto. I'll get a another thousand plus if it goes under a buck.
  11. JC83

    A Time to Vent

    The way its going if you're cashing out more then 100k you'll pay less tax the someone cashing out 50k. So I'm not too concerned about tax. But you are right that it comes down to personal greed. Crypto is a business at the end of the day and Ripple is the Microsoft to Bitcoins IBM. The succession will come and the fomo will be so great it may break the internet lol. That would be a financial headline I can't wait to see.
  12. JC83

    A Time to Vent

    I've been holding xrp since July last year. I wish I actually knew about it beforehand. Seeing it basically lay flat when it was the most sound crypto was frustrating. Now here at $2 after awesome news it feels the same way as if it was at .20. Don't get me wrong. I'm sitting on a nice pile ome would consider a "life savings" but it's not where I feel it should be. Xrp is a long haul but it fails in its input to output reward ratio when it comes to news. This isn't Ripples fault per se but instead an irrational, uneducated, and highly manipulated market. Something many of you have said before. I think that xrp' s real value doesn't come until regulation in the U.S. goes live on crypto. No more inside traders or bots to push prices artificially and no more libel being posted against Ripple itself without due process being taken. That's when we'll see Xrp really explode and take it's place. Crypto is a new asset class and will expand the belief of how much "money" is money. #$10000xrp
  13. This is notable because Santander never formally said they're using xrp for remittance, only xcurrent. This means the moneygram pilot was carefully worded to allay fomo possibly.
  14. JC83

    This Week in XRP 1/7/18-1/13/18

    Yep, I'll do my best!
  15. Trying something new. Don't hurt me. Enjoy. 1/7/18 1/8/18 1/9/18 1/10/18 1/11/18 1/12/18 1/13/18