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  1. I think this is credible. It's obvious the market is being seriously manipulated. These constant sudden dips with nothing but good news across the playing field makes absolutely no sense. Huge news like Nasdaq should have buoyed the entire market but no we get a dip. Unfortunately these investigations can take months but oh I hope they find them so we can put a face to the torture. The only upside us it gives me more time to accumulate on other coins including XRP to reach my early retirement.
  2. There's a difference in leverage here. Ripple brings a professional ecosystem rife with numerous Forbes 500 partners and some of the best minds in the industry. If you were a small startup and wanted some big connections immediately I'm pretty sure you'd know where to start
  3. I agree that this is the greatest issue affecting Ether at this time. It's actually the sole reason why it hasn't grown practically at all in the past year. I know there is a ton of support out there for Ether but if its gonna go gold in some kind of market it can't be held up by a 2 Ether worth virtual Garfield. As long as this is an issue Xpring will always be a better option. But also the best part of Xpring is that it will allow great projects to come forward and build up until they are ready. They are going exactly for the quality over quantity mentality. So I really doubt we'll see Xrpokemon anytime soon. Though I think that would be a great idea. Someone tell Nintendo lol.
  4. We don't but it's the peanut butter and jelly to the peanut butter and bologna idea I say.
  5. I'm just inferring a suite of applications s as you would need a software ecosystem established in order for further projects to be built on top of the it. Just reading between the lines. Ripple is on the federal reserve task force to this day. You can easily see that on a Google search. There hasn't been much info regarding what else the task force is doing until 2020 but we can assume that ripple is a part of the plan.
  6. I'm not saying xpring is an application itself. Just a name for the initiative. Just as Ripple is the company and not XRP. Say you want to build a bakery that makes money through xrp. Every loaf of bread is 1 xrp. But you need to bake it first. Your store is codius. Your flour vendor is your creator delivering to your bakery you call Xpring. Your oven is the ilp.
  7. Codius is probably an app within the Xpring suite of applications. This is how you would get other projects to run on Xpring the way they described it.
  8. So I was thinking that Xpring will lead to Ethereum being an after thought in the crypto market. Knowing the capabilities of Xpring we know it can do more than Ether and has a huge backing already when you add in Ripple's partners. How does this equal the death of Ethereum though? My thoughts are we know the sec is constantly scrutinizing Ether and could say it's a security. This would kill every dapp on the platform. Coin creators would be livid and would want to sue the SEC because of this. But what if they had a better option? Enter Xpring. The XRP ledger can hold any coin or token today. It doesn't matter what platform it's on and it can be easily added to the ledger with its current value. So why is this a possibility? Ripple's partner The United States Federal Reserve. To maintain a semblance of control they need an asset they can 'trust 'and that isn't Ether. I see them kicking Ether to the curb and have Xpring scoop up every dapp and token on the Ethereum platform. Imagine all that value coming into Xrp almost overnight. I find this outcome highly probable given the current circumstances. Thoughts?
  9. The most stand out part of this to me is that there is a decentralized exchange built into the xrp ledger. I wish he would have gone into detail on that. To my knowledge we know xrp is a medium of exchange but is he saying that other digital assets can be put into the xrp ledger and exchanged for others without affecting a single xrp identity? Or is it just the ilp being used as an exchange of value using xrp as normal? This seems really important and interesting they never formally mentioned it until now.
  10. JC83

    Chinese IT Ministry Cryptocurrency Ratings Released

    I'm actually surprise they didn't mention TRON at all being that it is the most talked about coin in China supposedly. I would have thought it'd be first or at least third but no mention at all. Ripple's absence isn't a shock to me at all as They've only recently gotten into the Chinese market after the ban so they haven't gotten a foothold there quite yet. That and Tron is all over China like white on rice.
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    Ripple insights: Welcome to Xpring

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    Ripple insights: Welcome to Xpring

    You mean Xummer lol
  13. The way I see it Ripple is going to be Ethereum on steroids. This is so huge. I can't wait to see what kind of apps or businesses get built around xrp as a medium. Really this could be a prelude for Fortune 500 companies to easily integrate XRP into any project they are currently working on. Amazon, Google,Apple, the skies the limit.
  14. The firewall might just be the case but that's s measure I do not think they'll take. Even though they did block purchase of the Petro by us citizens.
  15. I understand all of that. Like I said before I'm just seeing reasons why it could be labeled a security. The problem with this is if they do mistakenly label it a security and we investors still hold our XRP on or off exchange they can close all avenues of exchange into fiat to public retail. Meaning we'd be left in the desert with a bucket of seeds and no water.