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  1. Yeah it's as I mentioned in the post. It's this stupid aspect of electron. It's a great system, but the overall program size is huge because of all the dependencies. It's a platform that allows you to build desktop apps using html/javascript/css.
  2. I know this will sound stupid, but was just googling about people having the same issues with electron, and one thing you might try that seemed to work is rebooting. It could also be the symlinks that didn't copy over as well causing the issue. I'll try and get that worked out as well and repackage.
  3. That sucks, I followed the build instructions for x64 mac for electron, not sure what else I can do. I'll google some and see what else I can find.
  4. @panmores @Luschka - I have it built for Mac, and you can download at - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8h-738SYputcUZScU15RFR4Q0E/view?usp=sharing When I compressed it to an archive, it wouldn't include "symlinks", but everything else added fine. I google a bit and from what I understand symlinks are just like a shortcut so the app should still work fine. Please let me know how it goes.
  5. My Biggest Problem - I seem to keep making is getting distracted by the potential of other altcoins to maybe increase my XRP reserve. If I would have just put in to XRP, I'd probably be much more ahead at this point. I think part of the problem is human greed, or desire to have large amounts of money. I tell myself "oh well I have 100k of this altcoin and if it reaches this price, I can buy X amount of XRP", but then I get more caught in the waiting on that coin or other coins while I could have easily bought in at XRP while it was lower and likely come out ahead. I haven't sold any XRP, and don't plan on it but I need to curb my enthusiasm for some of these alts.
  6. Sweet, won't be able to do it tonight, winding down, but I'll keep you posted.
  7. I just tested, and yes, I can build for Mac. Would you be able to test it out to make sure it's working properly?
  8. Hey everyone. I was getting tired of having to constantly go to webpages and look for XRP stats, so I took the liberty of making a windows x64 application that runs as a small widget and updates every 10 seconds. The condition was I had to link to cryptocompare because they are providing the json/data for the widget, but that's not a biggie to me, as you can see it's just a small link on the bottom of the widget. Features - "Always on top" behavior so it doesn't get lost under other application windows. Minimizable to system tray icon Restore from system tray icon. I built it using the electron application platform, so I apologize for the ridiculous file size, that just the ugly nature of electron. Once minimized to system tray, you can right click the system try icon and choose to restore it from the menu. Here's the download link for those of you who want to get it - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8h-738SYputWjZEcVk5QTU3Sms I named it xTicker, and at this point it's just something I made for myself I figured you all would dig also. I used the Ripple logo, but hopefully that's ok as it's only in reference to it's statistics. Hope some of you dig it.
  9. Hey all, Was on my Twitter and saw this person giving away 7k XRP randomly -
  10. I told a buddy about it, and he said he wanted to buy some but when it came to using the wallet and exchange system he said it was weird and he wasn't comfortable with it (understandable), so I am going to meet up w/ him one of these weeks and walk him through it, with of course the disclaimer that these places get hacked and crazy crap happens quite often. I'll recommend an offline wallet but he probably won't do it, but - I will have done my part to make sure his crap was safe.
  11. So all this Market Cap stuff aside, my gut tells me that Ripple will be 100-200 range in about 4 years *if* things continue to go well. I have no numbers or reasons for this other than I feel it's a natural place for the coin to be by then based on how I feel about its growth and the large moves the company makes. I could totally be wrong, but that's my 2 cents.
  12. That was an interesting read. One of the comments below the article interested me. "The majority of SWIFT payments occur within 24 hours - and a good proportion within an hour or even minutes. Delays are typically caused not by the infrastructure, but by banking calendar mismatches, and incomplete or invalid payment instructions. Ripple has not yet proposed a solution to these - delivery of a smart contract doesn't ensure the beneficiary has use of the funds." I am not sure about the validity of this, but I think he does bring up an interesting point about what causes the initial delays.
  13. So it's hard to tell if it would be so much a partnership as it would be that Swift tries to buy Ripple if they are taking any of their pie (or maybe they just want the tech) . So let's pretend worst case scenario that happens, the real question is - what would happen to XRP? I think it's ok to theorize these things because they are possibilities (even if remote). I sure as hell won't base my buying decisions on theories, but I think it's good to speculate rationally.
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