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  1. Confusing way of proceeding by Ripple imo. They are already sitting in the table with big actors, is that not they right forum to make such statements? Why publishing such a note full page in WSJ? They work with regulators behind doors, why make their position ´so´ public? Are they trying to put pressure on them? Don´t manage to fully understand it... Sounds a bit desperate...? Just some random thoughts....
  2. similar, ie give 100M in grants to projects which use xrp and are created in poor areas, or similar.. this Ripple for good looks like something like that to be honest... I think I may have texted too fast... I´ve just heard so many news of Ripple charity this year...:)
  3. Well they are starting to be the most generous company in the world.... Dont really get it, it´s ok to help others, but I´d say they´ve already donated lots this year right? Does all those xrp get dumped in the market for instant usd? Don´t want to be anti popular but imo they should have a social programme which includes xrp adoption, not only xrp donation....? It seems this Ripple for good programme goes in this direction... the donation in the tv show with aston kutcher was just kind of a joke...
  4. So its basically Corda using AWS and not otherwise. This is common practice in blockchain projects to simulate stress tests using AWS computing power. amazon is the biggest killer out there. If they chose a blockchain project to work with, i expect instant moon for that project
  5. Just found that Emirates NBD, one of Dubai’s larger banks, if not the largest, its offering through their remit direct service, money transference to UK, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Egypt, Srilanka and Lebanon within 60 seconds. would like to know the volume of those corridors, since in Dubai there is many people from those countries sending money home monthly also completely agree with some phrase said by BG( not bearableguy:) Brad G. Once moving money is so easy and cheap as Ripple facilitates, current volumes will see be obsollete, its like comparing postal service volumes against email volumes. Volumes will see a huge growth link: https://www.emiratesnbd.com/en/personal-banking/fx/direct-remit/
  6. do you also think this Clinton announcement is a coincidence? Trying to join the dots......
  7. Regarding tomorrow´s hearing of Coffey vs Ripple, would it be correct to say that if the judge denies to take the case back to a state court and it stays in federal court is like if the judge was saying XRP is not a security? Apologies for my non technical language....
  8. Hugeee https://www.santander.com/csgs/Satellite/CFWCSancomQP01/en_GB/pdf/Earnings_Presentation_ENGLISH_4T17.pdf#page=44
  9. Hi all, last week discussing with a friend, this issues was brought up and i didn't know the correcto Response. Can someone help clarify?? How much of the current issues banks have to reach ripple performance is due to lack of technology and how much due to regulations, which eventually ripple Will have to end up complying as well. I refer to transaction times, need of nostro accounts, transaction fees, search of liquidity, etc.... Thank you!!
  10. Your humbleness honours you. Thank you
  11. Your humbleness honours you. Thank you
  12. If you go to a boutique bank with a 9 figure worth of XRP, I guess many of them will start trading XRP just for you. Why don't you all wealthy veterans spread across multiple banks gaining the max adoption possible....?? Just an idea,
  13. In fact, when you're cashing out, which is fair enough..(HODLLL) one last service asking Falcon to trade XRP as well..... currently in their website they don't advertise it..
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