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  1. A few largely followed twitter personalities have blocked me for refuting their fud but they are working overtime on xrp. I'm not too concerned though tbh as most big holders i know either don't have twitter or are educated enough to see through the fud.
  2. That's a 180 billion step, but i have faith in it. Let's Go!
  3. Anyone who has invested in xrp should be up unless they bought at the last ath Load up before it skyrockets again very soon. You'll be kicking yourself if you don't. Here in Australia the banks have blocked AUD going in to coinspot until after first week of new year which is so annoying because i can't buy more ?
  4. When it skyrocketed everyone wished they loaded up more when it was cheaper, when it drops to a great buying price they freak out. Humans. Here's your chance to grab more!
  5. Buy the dips and hodl. You hear it so many times but your instincts tell you otherwise ~ oh no it's dropping it must be crashing! I'm going to lose everything! It's never going back up! I'm buying at the ath! ~ It's not crashing buddy it's just not pumping as much as yesterday, but it will, ripple is only expanding and getting bigger deals, it's not going anywhere. From my short experience i have constantly made money buying the dips, the price always goes up. So buy buy buy and hodl hodl hodl you will so glad that you did.
  6. The suspense of finally reaching $1 is killing me. Can one of you whales just get it done already!
  7. I will only answer one of those questions and that is when should you sell... NEVER.
  8. I still consider it a great buy even at this price, just bought some more this morning If someone told me a few days ago we would tear down those sell walls and reach a new ath i wouldn't have believed it, so $1 seems like a natural progression from here. Your 16k will turn to 30k and more, congrats and welcome aboard!
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