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  1. My bitfolio is down 120,000$ from ripple's ATH back in JAN lol. Down and down it goes...
  2. I've been watching AC for the past 2 night. I think its AWESOME.
  3. "An incredible 84 billion XRP, out of a total 100 billion, is held by Ripple Labs, the Ripple board or former members of the Ripple board, new extensive data reveals.". "The data appears to be authentic, and perhaps even immaculate, although we have not undertaken extensive verification." http://www.trustnodes.com/2018/01/20/crypto-detective-reveals-10-ripple-held-masses Quick everyone! Sell now! RIPPLE HAS BEEN EXPOSED. m1gdankmemes on reddit said so. His data "appears" to be authentic! SMH.
  4. Hey all! I've been away for a while. Was the Moneygram announcement one of the two household names we were expecting or was it something else?
  5. People who think the government isn't capable of chasing up unpaid taxes related to cryptocurrency trading is dead wrong. All the government needs to do is compel the crypto exchanges in their jurisdictions to release the transaction histories on everyone's accounts. If you're a citizen, your name is gonna be right there beside the account(s) you've verified using your passport or your drivers license. Don't know what all this foolishness is about cryptocurrencies being anonymous because in all my exchange accounts, I can easily pull up full transaction histories for everything i've ever bought and sold. The government might want to have access to that data one day, these companies won't be able to refuse, and someone is gonna sit in a cubicle and calculate what's owed.
  6. Oops you're the 4000-5000 and 20000-30000 zerp brackets...
  7. What would facebook need with cryptos? Legit question. Don't say for advertising.
  8. I thought I had regrets, but all I have to do is look at my XRPs
  9. It's been mentioned before that there aren't many cryptos with a Korean Won trading pair. XRP just happens to be one of them.
  10. I just had my christmas dinner also, and all my aunts and uncles know about bitcoin, and all of them said them and their work colleagues often talk about bitcoin (I certainly didn't bring the topic up; its nice to know how popular it is) but not a single one of them have ANY clue how to buy any. Knowledge of bitcoin may have entered mainstream consciousness, but it's certainly not mainstream when so many people are still looking in from the outside.
  11. This. I was never brave enough to fight for my dream of being an artist because of the fear of struggling to make money. That is a great gift to be able to give your children. I am so thankful that I still have a lot of years ahead of me, and that the recent rise in XRP has already given me enough money that I can drop everything right now and give it a shot before its too late and I regret it forever!
  12. Thankyou for always sharing these insights of yours. Legend.
  13. No seriously... Why did she wink at Brad when they were discussing Amazon? Look closely. They laugh for no reason, and she winks her left eye.
  14. Yeah, thats what I thought, but the way Brad sounded when he closed his Q&A felt like he was saying that's a wrap from Ripple, see ya next year. Could be wrong of course.
  15. The two household names thing is true. But as Brad said during his Q&A, there aren't going to be any announcements made about anything until they're ready to do so, as is their usual mantra. The part where people think something is going to happen on friday was just an unrelated joke from JoelKatz after the gazzilionth person had asked him when XRP was going to moon.
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