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  1. Got everything sorted. Was an issue with the nested virtualisation of my server. Starting to see steady stream of payments now, obviously dependant on the volume of contracts
  2. Any luck fixing? Whats strange is I have seen the contact count for my host at 1 today on codiushosts.com. Checking through the logs I see some hyperd errors, no idea why full listing below. @retryW anything obviously wrong here? Jul 08 21:49:23 codius1.connectilp.com hyperd[32882]: E0708 21:49:23.555183 32882 server.go:170] Handler for GET /pod/info returned error: Can not get Pod info with pod ID(l2xvchk27rbrnh3mc3y4p3iaeoonjzur2u24qxuod2iaqd5mlioa) Jul 08 21:49:23 codius1.connectilp.com hyperd[32882]: E0708 21:49:23.629599 32882 json.go:141] read init data failed Jul 08 21:49:23 cod
  3. Depends if you are hosting a contract or not. Some days receive payment every few hours, some days every 20 minutes or so. The rate is calculated per second but not sure what logic is for payouts
  4. @retryWThanks for a great tool. Just testing it out now and getting a below message. Have you seen this before? Pod Upload Failed!: Request Failed
  5. Guys I have set up 2 servers on azure. Reach out to me if you have any issues or need some guidance. In terms of profitability, it's going to take a while before the network evolves to that level. However in the last 24 hours the payments have really increased where I have been receiving .001378 XRP every 2 hours approx. Contracts on the network have jumped to over 40, which is still quite small. It's very rewarding receiving passive XRP (however small) every few hours.
  6. For anyone who had the same issue as me, whereby nothing happened when I ran the npm update command, please use yarn to update codiusd. It did the trick for me is now updated to version 1.1.1 yarn global remove codiusd yarn global add codiusd systemctl restart codiusd
  7. Anyone else host stopped receiving payment? My last payment was on the 28th June. Was regularly getting a very small payment every 3-5 hours but have since stopped. Nothing since the 28th.
  8. Yes that's the command I ran, just nothing happens. On my other server it runs perfectly. Haven't investigated too much yet but nothing obvious jumping out at me.
  9. Yeah I would imagine a lot of test contracts for some time in order to stabilise. It is still in beta after all.
  10. I'm having the same issue on one of my nodes. When I run the npm upgrade command nothing happens. When I ran on my others server it updated successfully. No idea why yet.
  11. Haha ah no need to do that. Its great confusing other members of the community!
  12. You moving in on my turf?? Did you not see what happened to Mr. Fring!?
  13. If this guy is excited we all should be!
  14. https://news.bitcoin.com/paypal-files-patent-expedited-cryptocurrency-transaction-system/
  15. This is what I am thinking, CNBC is not the forum for an announcement, with the 2 other guests as well.
  16. I can't see that happening, but we will see I guess. Always skeptical about these types of rumours in crypto land. Don't get me wrong it will happen eventually, but thinking CNBC is not the forum for announcement. Why have two other panelists there as well?
  17. Does everyone actually think there will be an announcement on CNBC? I just cant see it happening, would love if it was. I recall the last hype about Brad interview on Bloomberg I think it was, nothing came of that. Coinbase could very well be on the cards, maybe announced at a later date, but not on CNBC.
  18. No doubt they have performed their analysis. I would be confident in that analysis
  19. The next spike will come. But does anyone ever think that XRapid production use just won't allow it to retrace as much as it has in the past?
  20. My second son is 7 months old.. you can talk to him now.. he is listening that's for sure. What a special time, enjoy every moment. And don't let announcements or price spikes get in the way of that!
  21. Love it.. I thought I was the only one. She has even taught my 2 year old the words "off phone daddy"
  22. XRapid in production will source XRP from participating exchanges. If XRapid needs more xrp than the current price can provide it needs to buy more at a higher price. This a live production ready application that has direct impact on price so we should not be equating company shares market cap to XRP market cap. No such application is driving up the stock price of Facebook, that's pure speculation
  23. Did you not know that XRapid has logic hard coded to not allow a transaction to be processed if the purchase of XRP sends the market cap over a certain price!! ??
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