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  1. So it is now available on PyPi. ver 0.0.2 ready. pip install bitrue-python
  2. Some may have seen this on Twitter. Here is my contribution to Bitrue Exchange. I have developed a python package for trading and today built out a historical trade to csv script. If anyone has any requests on a custom script that the community can use I can build it out as long as it doesnt take an insane amount of time. https://github.com/snub-fighter/python-bitrue
  3. Is there a way to accept a coil payment using a click button option? As in I would like to accept a payment when someone pushed a button on my webpage. Or.... is codius the best option here?
  4. Just thinking about my classic stocks in relation to crypto. If SBI is supposed to be huge and is partnered with Moneygram any thoughts on stock prices ? MGI has dipped 8% and near low for 2018.
  5. I cannot find an API on their website which may be the reason its not on those sites. They pull via API. Anyone have access that can look inside after you are logged in? Send me the API doc and Ill see about pulling data.
  6. Im following a principle for now is that I have a sell point at 10.57 Selling a % of holding so that I recoup all my principle. The rest will ride. Going with the SBI prediction of 10.00 by EOY 2018. We shall see.
  7. Do most ILP connectors charge a fee for being an intermediary or do they run free of charge?
  8. Thats because nobody cares about ETC. We went from .22 to 3.50 based on a rumor. CB is not our only hope by a long shot but for sure it will pump the price more than ETC.
  9. found the answer - https://github.com/codius/codius-wiki/blob/master/FAQ.md#how-do-i-list-pods-contracts-running-on-my-host hyperctl list
  10. I havent seen anything in the docs showing how to check on smart contracts - past and current. I have two up and running but there is no indepth document on valid codius arguments
  11. You run out of all that XRP > USD you cashed out in Jan? LOL
  12. "I don't have big XRP holdings, I guess its important to me. If the company is successful I will do alright." - Cory Hence if the company is successful his small bag will do alright. His focus is, as others in Ripple have been, is to make Ripple successful. A byproduct of Ripple being successful , (xRapid, Codius, ILP, etc) will make XRP successful. Context.....
  13. 1. Is the allvor distribution still available for accounts prior to March 27? 2. Even with disabling "Rippling" is there any risk in losing current XRP by adding a trust line with someone?
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