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  1. New Petition on Change.org

    Haha we still have 10 days for Q3
  2. Before the end of 2017, no specific date.
  3. $0.40 with SBI going live with S. Korea
  4. Since XRP has fast transactions, ppl. might be buying in to transfer their money to their country. No one knows for sure, but it is still a good sign.
  5. Try connecting the lows, we are heading short-term bearish run which may last longer IF BTC continues to drop for correction.
  6. The fact that ALL CRYPTO CURRENCIES can be traded by BTC is the reason why. If BTC / fiat drops and XRP / BTC stays the same, XRP / fiat is more likely to drop then to maintain price.
  7. Payments International with Fed. talking about the topic: "will central banks use digital currencies?"
  8. It also has actual usage 1) U can buy almost ALL cryptos with BTC, but not with XRP or ETH. 2) Pizzas were bought with BTC 3) I think I saw an article about buying lamborghini with BTC as well. 4) BTC ATMs set up in Japan and Europe hmm.. what else..? I'm not that intetested in BTC, and yet I can name these many while none for the XRPs
  9. In addition to these three tactics, the Federal Reserve will consider other enhancements to its existing services and will continue to monitor, study and solicit input from stakeholders to understand the implications of new payment technologies and models, including distributed ledger technologies and digital currencies, that can facilitate a safe and efficient U.S. payment system. I guess we're not quite there yet :'(
  10. No, but I would love to! Thanks for the info.
  11. He corrected his false statement by quoting this 12 hrs ago: "hi @mrenne_17 and @Wobile, FlashFX is using RCL and XRP to effect payments on the network, say AUD to USD (XRP is used for this as part of the transfer). However, we have not enabled whereby a user can spend AUD to buy / sell XRP through us. Apologies if I did not explain myself correctly. " One fiat only, but real usage right?
  12. So the lowest it can go is $2.60? I'm buying more
  13. Time for public audiences to find out where XRPs will be heading. This is part of the Payments International Agenda btw.
  14. But in reality, it is, that's why it has over 40% dominance. Plus) It's got first mover's advantage