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  1. Back to the market after the long Christmas + New Year Holidays. I just wanted to share what I have been seeing so far in the market. Feel free to disagree & leave comments, but for those who think charts are B.S. Do not bother to spend your time reading this post. red - downtrend resistance blue - downtrend support 1) As we can see above, short positions have weakened after the massive sells during Jan. 2) Long positions (buys) are slowly engulfing short positions (sells), if the support level does not break, we may see XRP recover near 2nd week (convergence point) check point (2) of Feb. 3) or 4th week (where long term uptrend support is) of Feb. 4) If the green checkpoint (1) breaks, we may see XRP dropping to 45-50 cents I never thought XRP was able to reach $3 so fast (December) It was nearly $5 in Korea due to 'Korean premium' and it has been one of the wildest rides in my entire life. Hodl on Zerpers
  2. Near-term outlook

    P.S. Forgive my rudeness if I misunderstood your quote, I am not a native speaker.
  3. Near-term outlook

    That is what this club is for isn't it? Instead of saying "woo look, it's another chart analysis guy lameeeeee." why don't you live your own life?
  4. Near-term outlook

    At current uptrend support, we'll be lucky to reach back to $2.00 by April 15th (100% technical analysis, no news, or w/e).
  5. Near-term outlook

    BTC is what we can call symbolism of cryptocurrencies, if countries reject BTC, it is highly likely for countries to reject all the other 'alts'. Unless BTC trading pairs disappear, decoupling cannot happen fast.
  6. Near-term outlook

    Really hard to tell. $7500 is a strong support lvl. for BTC so we won't be seeing 'big drops' like we used to back in January. Also, you can see that the long positions engulfing the short positions (panic sells have weakened). At the current state, uptrend should be able to lift the prices near last week of February, but if this trend breaks, who know what might happen? For some reason, we ain't seeing any dead cats, and if this is a correction, this is way too much (75-80% Fib.). I was guessing 70 Cents lvl. would be able to boost the prices of XRP up to $1.8 ish if this actually is a dead cat, but was proved to be wrong. We'll have to see what the SEC has to say about tether tomorrow. P.S. 45-50 cents seem like a convergence point at 'this moment'.
  7. Speculators + Korean premium building up.
  8. Volume means ppl are buying and SELLING doesn't necessarily have to be buying. Why should the price go up when the volume does?
  9. When is the 4Q announcement?

    Gather your own information, filter out the false information and reserve the goodies, don't blame it on the 'Korean' forum.
  10. Why $2? Based on what?
  11. LOL Maybe my friend, let us dream.
  12. Samsung SDS is part of EEA (Ethereum Enterprise Alliance) and I heard they liked the idea of IOTA, which caused the MASSIVE price surge last week.
  13. I thought they were in favor of IOTA and ETH?