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  1. I don’t get what the big deal is about listing XRP on Coinbase. Why is it so different from othet exchanges? Why do I see so many ppl anticipated?
  2. This will be done at the end of the year 2018 + this is xCurrent
  3. Oh and one more thing, 1-2 years ago there were people trying to sell XRP using MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and this had a huge impact on XRP, making the conservatives to believe that XRP is just a ponzi scam. Instead of hiring for the head of China and such, I am hoping Ripple would find someone to aid these misguided people in Korea.
  4. Thank you for distinguishing S. Korea from North haha. For some odd reason, Ripple isn't really promoting XRP in Korea (even though Korea has LARGEST trading volume), since the only news that comes through the media are the ones that are directly related to Korean banks (Woori, Shin Han). Most of the news are focused on the topics like: "Why is the price crashing?", "What is blockchain and cryptocurrency?", "OOO commits a suicide after the crypto crash", etc. Clearly, the Korean media are only giving out hype & FUD crap news and no actual info. is passed down to Koreans, that is probably why group 3) is dominant. I recently saw the UAE and Ripple cooperation article in Korea out of 200 other articles creating fears and hypes, so it is extremely difficult to get news/info. on Ripple in Korea. Since I've studied in Canada back when I was young, I have no problem reading English articles, that is why I know why the XRP is the real deal. However, this doesn't apply to vast majority of Korean investors, even though Korea has the highest trading volume! Now only if Ripple is able to keep people in Korea informed, there would be more holders & investors, and fewer day traders. Then, hopefully, all that trading volume will eventually decouple XRP from BTC. P. S. Koreans are hugeeeeee believers of ETH ADA XLM BCH and BTC they hold onto these coins believing they will make them rich one day.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcoming Well, a lot has changed since I last visited. Around... 30% of the buyers are holding onto XRP, while the other 70% are still day traders. It used to be around 10% hodlers and 90% day traders when I last mentioned what Koreans think about XRP. Koreans used to think XRP will be used as a remittances fee only (those extra 1-2% charges when you send your money overseas), but they are now more aware of what Ripple is planning to do. However, that CNBC news saying that Ripple is holding onto $M amount of XRP that "banks do not want", created some fear and made a crash (along with trading ban). So the current perspective on XRP is divided into 3 different groups of people. 1) XRP believers (including me), who thinks XRP can, one day, become global remittances asset. 2) XRP is a scam, BTC, ETH, Stellar, and, Cardano will grant you more profit (after Upbit Exchange showed up, a lot of Korean volumes moved onto Stellar and Cardano due to easy access). 3) XRP is for day trading/short-term profit only (these guys are the ones who entered the market during November-December, where massive buying frenzy occurred OR conservatives). Group 3) has the vast majority of people, and 1) the least.
  6. Just a quick question : what is Huobi's exchange model services? Using BTC and BCH to be traded against all the other coins?
  7. Please note that this was actually announced 'officially' by the blue house of Korea, after 200k ppl signed a petition to the president to not ban crypto trading. -from Korea-
  8. People usually go for 50/50. 50% in your main coin (XRP in your case) and diversify the other 50% into alts (aiming for big shots).
  9. Back to the market after the long Christmas + New Year Holidays. I just wanted to share what I have been seeing so far in the market. Feel free to disagree & leave comments, but for those who think charts are B.S. Do not bother to spend your time reading this post. red - downtrend resistance blue - downtrend support 1) As we can see above, short positions have weakened after the massive sells during Jan. 2) Long positions (buys) are slowly engulfing short positions (sells), if the support level does not break, we may see XRP recover near 2nd week (convergence point) check point (2) of Feb. 3) or 4th week (where long term uptrend support is) of Feb. 4) If the green checkpoint (1) breaks, we may see XRP dropping to 45-50 cents I never thought XRP was able to reach $3 so fast (December) It was nearly $5 in Korea due to 'Korean premium' and it has been one of the wildest rides in my entire life. Hodl on Zerpers
  10. P.S. Forgive my rudeness if I misunderstood your quote, I am not a native speaker.
  11. That is what this club is for isn't it? Instead of saying "woo look, it's another chart analysis guy lameeeeee." why don't you live your own life?
  12. At current uptrend support, we'll be lucky to reach back to $2.00 by April 15th (100% technical analysis, no news, or w/e).
  13. BTC is what we can call symbolism of cryptocurrencies, if countries reject BTC, it is highly likely for countries to reject all the other 'alts'. Unless BTC trading pairs disappear, decoupling cannot happen fast.
  14. Really hard to tell. $7500 is a strong support lvl. for BTC so we won't be seeing 'big drops' like we used to back in January. Also, you can see that the long positions engulfing the short positions (panic sells have weakened). At the current state, uptrend should be able to lift the prices near last week of February, but if this trend breaks, who know what might happen? For some reason, we ain't seeing any dead cats, and if this is a correction, this is way too much (75-80% Fib.). I was guessing 70 Cents lvl. would be able to boost the prices of XRP up to $1.8 ish if this actually is a dead cat, but was proved to be wrong. We'll have to see what the SEC has to say about tether tomorrow. P.S. 45-50 cents seem like a convergence point at 'this moment'.
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