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  1. no, everything is fine thank you. im just talking about that only RPC-Tool see the txid, other services can't confirm that txid is exist
  2. yep, bithomp see transactions but cant retrieve them. only way to see txid is to go rpc-tool but i dont sure how bittrex support will check them because i used these txids to prove my account which i lost also have issues on gatehub, its just cannot load my transactions, looks like a problem with entire ledger. im dissapointed bcos i thought thats ripple is more stable than it is
  3. Hello Unable to retrieve my transactions. RPC-tool shows the hash but xrpcharts says that its unable to retrieve https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/08C3916176D02064BA67478D5D136C37CF8887AC4085700F1B4F1E96DBDC94BD public address - ratPkNMxRm8NSFbtPGBBKpsU9v1xAo3Y4k
  4. good luck to you too =) so if they want to release more XRP, they are thinking that 38 bil. of XRP is already bought and used? and is it true that XRP is split from Ripple technology, that banks are using?
  5. thank you for quick answer. what is mean by phrase: ? unused XRP will just be locked for a time or removed permanently? and what is "a five year lockup"?
  6. just imagine if XRP is 30$ now, activation of wallet costs 20 XRP = 20*30=600$. can someone explain me is it possible or not and who will use that? and one more question, i heard that ripple planing to reduce amount of ripple from 38*10^9 XRP to ~19*10^9 - is that true?
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