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  1. I know ... it's happened to me before elsewhere . People thought I was lying but I wasn't!
  2. From what I see, zerpdigger's quotation is accurate. Maybe the article was changed and the update just hadn't filtered through (don't know what Ripple uses to host their website.) In any case, I agree that the tone of the statement is different between the two quotations, especially in this environment where everyone is wanting news.
  3. I don't know about TH, but the comment that DS made about Stellar network going down was the right thing to do IMO.
  4. Right. And I don't bash the companies in which I am not invested. The BTC maximalist hate is going to eat them up inside. Life is too short for that.
  5. I've been hanging on since summer 2017 ... I'm very patient too.
  6. Sorry ... really the article just struck me as unbiased with a conclusion that is based on facts (as opposed to so many biased articles). So ... just striking up idle conversation.
  7. https://bravenewcoin.com/insights/xrp-price-analysis-where-is-the-traffic Lots of history and factual information in this article, with a conclusion at the end that XRP price action is not based on remittance business. I think most readers of this forum knew that anyway. Maybe in another year?
  8. I have the very same opinion. I hold some ADA, but not like XRP. To be completely honest I purchased some ADA because the system is written in Haskell (I know it's a dumb reason, but the Cardano team looked good). Also, if the Ethereum team messes up when they move to POS then Cardano may in a good position.
  9. "the entire network went down but because it isn't frequently used, few noticed." That surprises me just a little. Hmmm. I think if the XRPL went down for two hours people would notice.
  10. Thanks for posting this detailed explanation. One FX company that would benefit (I think) from Ripple is this http://paylinebyice.com/ I use this company, but I have yet to see any hint that they use Ripple.
  11. Don't give up! I enjoy your posts. It's a good discussion.
  12. By *order* I'm guessing they meant that miners prioritize which transactions get included into the next block (the ones that pay high transaction fees). Regarding the chronological ordering of the transactions, the block height is the timestamp... that's why you have to wait until a transactions is 6 blocks deep for it to be considered as confirmed. The blocks are Bitcoin's solution to chronological ordering.
  13. That's right. The transactions are included in the block that is trying to be created, then the hash is found. The nonce and some other header data are changed to find a hash that is below the target value. But it is nitpicking just a bit ... the spirit the censorship argument is there.
  14. XRP, XLM, and NEO are the three that I know about. Are there any others that people are aware of? Thanks.
  15. i followed you until this point. By "dealer" do you mean Market Maker? Isn't this where MMs step in to take advantage of the expected flow from EUR to USD?
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