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  1. Also, I think another application are things like tickets to concerts or events.
  2. As I understand it, this is the basic idea. You can prove that you own a pixelated image. I personally don't place too much value on that, but ... lot's of people apparently do.
  3. Why do I continue to read these things? Translation: the price could go up or the price could go down.
  4. I think your math is a bit off? 25e12 / 600e9 = 41.67 but, we need to account for uncertainty. The probability that Ripple is successful is replacing all 25T in nostro value? Say it's 1% 41.67 * 0.01 = .4167 which is about where we are today.
  5. "I'm settling for nothing less than yacht money" ... That was a quote I saw from someone on this forum (can't recall who.) But I agree. After holding through the singularity of 2017/2018 and the SEC case, I'm not thinking about selling until it's $10. Having said that, I sold 65% of my stash immediately after the SEC announcement. So I'm talking about the remaining 35%.
  6. People will hoard something that is deflationary (that has value).
  7. As far as I can tell, the SEC is saying that XRP was sold as a security, and not necessarily that it "is" a security today. I don't think XLM has that problem.
  8. Troote, I respect your posts, but my eyes were opened today. The short squeeze by WSB did not happen over two days. It's all been out in the open and it's been building for at least a month. The hedge funds that engaged in naked shorting (which is ILLEGAL) dismissed WSB. When the hedge funds realized they were not going to win, the rules were changed. Only their side could buy AND sell. The other side could only sell, allowing the hedge funds to unwind their positions (in an unfair manner). It's BS. I've never been so mad as I was today at the whole system.
  9. We can quibble about the interpretations, but I think we all expected better things to have happened by now.
  10. Hodor was way too obvious ... way too goo-ga-ga about Ripple. I have to admit, I always thought Galgitron was legit, but he's been MIA since Dec 26. If he doesn't come back then I will have learned something,
  11. I wonder how much one gets paid for being on a Board of Advisors. I'll bet he makes bank doing that.
  12. Yes, I should have said US exchanges. I hope I'm wrong ... but I do not think we will see a big run for XRP any time soon.
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