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  1. i'd assume that's how this show starts. OTC, inside buyers and small retail and then BAM, game on. I hope you're correct.
  2. That twitter response was on point! Great job at correcting the authors just plain terrible work.
  3. put a very high sell order on your XRP, say $500 a share. that way your shares can not be uses to short. at least, that was what I was told when I asked about that a long while ago.
  4. what's up with Montana leading the XRP google query ?
  5. exactly. it's such on old story. that's what I like about crypto, it's kinda easy to see the big picture lately. a very manipulated environment. just watch the CNBC and laugh. It's comical. Have fun out there.
  6. agree with you. I listen to their headlines and plan for the opposite.
  7. FWIW, I was curious what the max withdraw from gatehub is, there isn't according to tech support. Junior (GateHub) Jun 18, 08:06 CEST Dear L, There are currently no limits for USD withdrawals. Kind regards, Ziga Support Agent | GateHub Ltd. | gatehub.net Make sure to turn on 2-factor authentication and to never reuse a login password. Follow our social media:
  8. seriously a RIPPLE EFFECT? That is terrible.
  9. You must meet one of these in order to invest BTW I am accredited because: You made $200,000 or more in each of the last two years and expect to make at least $200,000 this year Your household income was $300,000 or more in each of the last two years and it is expected to be at least $300,000 this year You have a net worth either on your own or jointly with your spouse of $1,000,000 or more excluding your home
  10. https://www.fool.com/taxes/2017/12/22/your-guide-to-capital-gains-taxes-in-2018.aspx Capital Gain Tax Rates for California Residents If your primary residence is in California, add 9.3% for the state tax rate (this could be less for some taxpayers). For high-income taxpayers in California, that rate can be 4% higher due to the Mental Health Services Tax and recently enacted Proposition 30.
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