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  1. And this video of Cramer talking about pushing the market around:
  2. I'm not sure I agree with your conclusions... https://bithomp.com/explorer/rQrsPWVXNAfAdhQq7fdgCK8vcHwLePMCMY
  3. Those of us watching the bitstamp / bitfinex order books have seen it. 1M sell walls, they keep coming. It's pretty obvious when someone has big size they are dumping.
  4. Someone has a large position they have decided to unload. I don't think it is necessarily malign, but I also don't think the market can take this much size right now. I assume the guys at ripple HQ are onto this and are probably going to buy as much as they can. But not 800M.
  5. Fresh deliveries to the exchanges: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rskcAQhZie8mB39FHuJuk1ZmBaF6RYZYNV 7M to bitstamp. It's not too big, but it looks like it will keep coming...
  6. Another 288M arrived today: https://bithomp.com/explorer/r4FZaGzZcrJ3D8CJpd6d2qrnT4jWX4hJND
  7. It makes sense if it is your mission in life to destroy ripple.
  8. OP is talking about Jed, I dunno why we got sidetracked into talking about JK.
  9. To me it sounds like 1% of 1%, which is 0.0001 of 10B, which is 1M a day. (argh, i give up trying to format my response...)
  10. someone was dumping 1M blocks on bitstamp a couple of days ago at $2. 5M in 30 minutes doesn't sound like a big deal to me. 1M definitely would not move the market much usually (although now it's got the jitters)
  11. According to the forbes article Larson has 5B xrp, so this is too big to be him.
  12. Does anyone have any further update on this, ie. pulling trades out of gatehub and/or the ripple network ?
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