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  1. I ran a competition, with a prize in XRPs, a long time ago, and it was allowed on this forum. As for whether it is tax deductible, it depends on where you´re based and, if that is a deciding factor, you should probably check with a tax professional. Don´t take the word of strangers on the Internet.
  2. "A grueling year of XRP volatility." As opposed to the tremendous stability we've seen so far?
  3. Thanks, I'll wait. Yeah, mining with Boinc back then (has it really been that long?) was fun. Too bad they discontinued that after a little while. Otherwise, I'd be a millionaire right now.
  4. I'm trying to mine Gridcoin and I followed the installation guide found on their website, but hit a wall on step 3: I can't find the 'Rebuild block chain | Download Blocks' anywhere. Ergo, I can't click on it. If anyone here is mining Gridcoin and is kind enough to tell me where I can find this link I'm supposed to click on, I'd be very grateful.
  5. Yes. There's no customer service, but there's (some) hope.
  6. I got my money too -- almost four weeks after I made the withdrawal. Not cool, Gatehub, not cool. And your customer service, which used to be excellent, now is non-existent.
  7. I've been waiting for 22 days. Twenty-two. The delay is killing me and the lack of response (a tweet doesn't replace decent customer service) from Gatehub is unacceptable. I've defended Gatehub on this forum before, but after this ****, no more.
  8. Really? That's such good news. I'm happy for you -- and it gives me hope. This situation has caused me sooo much stress.
  9. Funny, I withdrew dollars on the same date, and I'm on the same boat. Tried their "customer service," and all I got was an automated response. My two following emails went unanswered. I sent a private message to @enej through this forum, which in the past has done the trick of getting my GB problems solved, and still nothing. (XRPchat info says he hasn't logged on to the forum in months.) So I tried contacting both Gatehub and Enej on Twitter and now here I am, waiting and venting on this forum, seeing if maybe a little public shaming will make a difference. To be fair, I've made several
  10. I'd appreciate it if you took your childish name-calling to a more appropriate forum, such as Breitbart "News" or the toddler-in-chief's twitter feed. Let's keep XRPChat a welcoming forum for all of us interested in Ripple, regardless of our political beliefs or any other differences.
  11. Overall, my experience with GH has also been positive. The one thing that bugs me is the huge difference in the XRP price between GH and, say, Bitstamp. I don't get why it's soooo much lower on GH.
  12. You should use trade to convert your XRPs into dollars. You get lousy rates with exchange.
  13. cap

    No Dancing Banana?

    I thought for sure that when we hit $1, XRP Chat would have a super (Gold? Diamond?) dancing banana.
  14. Me too. I'm trying to be patient, but it's very frustrating.
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