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  1. waaay too strict for me, I'm out a simple "no" would have been sufficient, you know
  2. What qualifies someone as trustworthy? I don't want them, just curious if I could have them if I did.
  3. I think there's a misunderstanding here, he meant price / XRP, not the total market cap.
  4. Just for the record for anyone finding this who wasn't around at the time: OP @XRPcalling also stated he was wrong. No excuses, no blame-shifitng, no cryptic hints at some delays etc. Simply admitting he was wrong. That's something I'm yet to see from all the TA gurus and jesterbears and self proclaimed insiders that came before or after him.
  5. 7strings

    Be aware.

    I think I read somewhere that the email is fake, so the phishing attempt is the email itself. Make sure not to click on anything in it.
  6. That's called style @Tinyaccount good luck to you, hope to see you around...
  7. I like you. Fed up with all the negativity here lately
  8. They say DYOR for a reason you know All the information anyone here could share with you has already been posted, you decide what to believe of it. No one knows where this is going, no one knows where Link is going, you could very well do better in the short term with the latter. Or you sell and XRP moons the next week and you miss out. Or both go to 0. It's your personal decision in the end.
  9. maybe they've all been kidnapped and are trying to send a signal?
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