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  1. Funny thing @Hodor didn't mention @nikb doing basically the same when quizzing Bob. He said something like "I don"t doubt it's you, still, here's a question for you ". For the record: I'm not implying Nik doubted Bob's identity, I'm implying that it's ok to be personally convinced still ask on behalf of the community as you both did.
  2. My opinion as well - this doesn't sound like a success story or the prelude to something big (and good) at all...
  3. 1. No, it's not ok, he is clearly trolling. 2 Yes, it has mislead me slightly back when he changed his avatar. 3. I think 99% of the members here know them both and can easily differentiate between their posts, even when at first it did cause some confusion. If this becomes a tendency, mods might need to step in, but not because of one troll.
  4. It's wrong for all 3 coins in your screenshot...
  5. OK, pattern just broke, but we could still go for a cup and handle I think, no need to panic
  6. Remember when I said your posts fit in seamlessly with this topic?
  7. After watching the whole demonstration and reading Ledger's answer @XRP-JAG posted above I think these vulnerabilities are luckily a non-issue in real-life situations. However your case also shows that Ledger's security standards could be much lower in reality than they claim.
  8. I see your point and you're possibly right. But to me (=average idiot on the internet) people on crypto boards claiming the Nano is unhackable and then researching the product, seeing Ledger advertising it as "tamper-resistant" etc. is close enough. It's possible they never used that phrase, but to an average user the difference is a bit philosophical.
  9. lol It' seems to be a very complex technical hack for now, but it's still disturbing Ledger market these things as unhackable... EDIT: as @LordVetinari pointed out, Ledger themselves didn't state "unhackable"
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