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  1. That's called style @Tinyaccount good luck to you, hope to see you around...
  2. I like you. Fed up with all the negativity here lately
  3. They say DYOR for a reason you know All the information anyone here could share with you has already been posted, you decide what to believe of it. No one knows where this is going, no one knows where Link is going, you could very well do better in the short term with the latter. Or you sell and XRP moons the next week and you miss out. Or both go to 0. It's your personal decision in the end.
  4. maybe they've all been kidnapped and are trying to send a signal?
  5. Coca Cola using xRapid confirmed
  6. so... we're all idiots you say?
  7. how does this contradict what I said about not being happy about anyone losing their (life) savings?
  8. just as a side note, I feel the same when people here are cheering for xlm/btc/whatever hodlers getting rekt...
  9. There it was, in front of your eyes and we didn't see it. Thanks man.
  10. Err... which month? Asking for a friend.
  11. Everyone has their own reasons to sell, be it impatience, frustration, personal financial emergency (or, someday, simply sticking to an exit plan and not looking back). While the OP's reasons don't make much sense to me I could never be happy about someone else's misfortune. We're in this together. It's easy to make fun of OP, just as it was easy to make fun of us all who didn't sell in January 2018. For the record: same goes for BTC, ETH, XLM and so on. I'm not happy about and don't wish anyone losing their investment just because they chose a different coin. @djdhrubs not directed at you and no offense meant.
  12. If you think 1.62 AUD is incomming how can this not be the time to buy? Just curious...
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