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  1. Hit send too early on my previous post, the point I wanted to make is that you can "care" for others and have a "balanced view" without calling anyone brainwashed who has a different opinion . I'm not sure we're allowed gifs here, but imagine a crying one.
  2. My only serious post are more or less when I tell newbies to only invest what they can afford to lose and that this all still is ultrahigh risk. Also these are typically the posts which end up without likes.
  3. 7strings

    Zerpening Club

    Going for that first place trophy are we?
  4. 7strings

    Zerpening Club

    This is the most accurate description of the Zerpening I've ever seen - so why do you want back in? @Ripple-Stiltskin Second place award for best description of the Zerpening.
  5. So you're saying every single person in the world will owe Ripple 7.5 XRP activation fees??
  6. This would be a best case scenario, let's hope David meant that.
  7. @Tinyaccount Good to see you posting again As for your maths I agree with @AlvaroXRP that I can't really follow it - why August 2020?
  8. Yeah, we could express this in a more sophisticated way but I'd be in serious trouble if I had to word it more accurately.
  9. Funny thing @Hodor didn't mention @nikb doing basically the same when quizzing Bob. He said something like "I don"t doubt it's you, still, here's a question for you ". For the record: I'm not implying Nik doubted Bob's identity, I'm implying that it's ok to be personally convinced still ask on behalf of the community as you both did.
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