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  1. I'm genuinely curious, how were the thieves able to retrieve and send the code sent to your Authenticator App?
  2. I started moving my zerps from Kraken to Uphold a week before they suspended trading (on the 29th). I had never done it before so first I moved just 10. No problem. Then I moved 100, then 1000 and then 10,000. Still no problem. At 20,000 they had a problem with that!. It said pending and the next day I got the above referenced email. I emailed them back the situation and why I was moving them and within 5 minutes they approved it.
  3. Speaking of addiction, where's Hopium been in all this?
  4. It's up here in US. I sold a little just to see (so when the time really comes, hopefully soon)
  5. So I ran across this thread in researching the exchanges. Have you tried to do any withdrawals with Bitrue?
  6. For what it is worth, I was researching exchanges to move my xrp to since Kraken has suspended trading and I ran across this thread. I will now certainly not be using Bittrue so your threat to them is bearing fruit.
  7. Kraken quit xrp trading just after I went to bed last night. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I can only purchase at market price on Uphold, right?
  8. Kraken is not delisting, but they are suspending trading (Jan 29th I think). So you may still hold there and move your xrp from there but you cannot trade with it.
  9. I emailed Kraken regarding the suspended trading and got this response; "You will be able to deposit, hold, and withdraw your XRP at Kraken after January 29. If that position changes in the future, we will make a public announcement. After January 29, 2021, U.S. residents will not be able to trade XRP. We intend to cancel open XRP orders and liquidate open XRP positions for U.S. residents on January 29, 2021. U.S. residents are strongly encouraged to resolve their positions prior to that day." So I have begun moving all of my XRP to my uphold account. I'm sure Kraken is just looking out for themselves, I can't blame them for that, but it sure is irritating.
  10. Xtoll; could also be used at toll booths. Xmobile: could also be used with cell phones (or for that matter Xcell, though Microsoft my take exception to that) Xonerate; will automatically connect with your lawyer when your self-driving car has an accident
  11. Quote When people ask me 'when is your exit point' for your XRP investment, I sometimes respond with an answer that they didn't expect: "I may not cash out." end quote This above statement is the one that moved me. I am looking forward to the day I can simply xfr 50 xrp to my utility company to pay that month's utility bill (or much fewer I hope!) Or load my starbucks card with xrp to pay with at the counter. Great blog. Thanks Hodor
  12. I noticed it also. I think it is because I had the "remember me" checked after sign-in. I also noticed that after a couple of weeks of not signing in that I had to use the "authy" app again to sign in. My main account is at Kraken, but I signed up with uphold last month after reading about it on this forum because I hate those $25 bank wire fees. I am having trouble understanding the buy procedure. I wanted to buy xrp. I had my xrp card open and clicked on "add funds" and chose my linked bank account. After 7 days it shows up as $50 USD (I chose the minimum amount until I learned the process) on my xrp card. Is this actually in zerps at the price they were when I funded it or is there another process I have to do. Thanks in advance for anyone's help.
  13. Kraken is smooth as silk now and fast. I also wired USD Wednesday afternoon. It wasn't in my account last night, but it was this morning. I immediately put in a buy limit order and it went through without a glitch. I wish there had been a glitch knowing now that xrp would be down another .08 from what I bought it at.
  14. Sure, like that's the REAL Patrick Griffin....
  15. Kraken https://www.kraken.com/en-us/security/practices
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