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  1. No, thanks for asking though. Just received the 2eth a bit ago though so all is well there. I don't understand why these exchanges cant simply post when they're having technical difficulties like I've seen coinbase do.
  2. Yeah, I submitted a query to their support yesterday. Thanks for interpreting its status.
  3. Several days ago I attempted to send 2 ETH from my Gatehub account to my Bitfinex account. I did several other transactions earlier that day with no problems that were virtually identical other than the amount sent. This time it didn't arrive in my Bitfinex account though? It shows sent on the Gatehub side of things, but nothing when I log on to Bitfinex. I submitted a query for both sites, but am doubtful of the support I'll get from the Gatehub end. I've done quite a bit of crypto investing for while, but I really don't know much on the technical side. can anyone help with advice? Here is the TX hash: 90D3E6A6165F7F8068A6AB2F0F0C944DB80A296DEBE503BD66D5D0EB2E393BF7 here the transaction link: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/90D3E6A6165F7F8068A6AB2F0F0C944DB80A296DEBE503BD66D5D0EB2E393BF7
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