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  1. So basically the hack is still ongoing, Unbelievable. I know a few of the exchanges were responsive and some funds were frozen. Mine were sent to ChangeNow. It looks like there are over 500 wallet addresses still unclaimed.
  2. Where you able to freeze any of your stolen funds? What was the response from Gatehub?
  3. Yes, I would definitely try and get the advice of lawyers in the UK/EU. I think they are termed Barristers, Solicitors. Different laws may apply to UK residents. You could do a search for those that are fluent and experienced in cryptocurrency law, class action. At least they could start you in the right direction and you can usually do a online/phone call and evaluate your case.
  4. I was also hoping for some clarity too. As for cashed out do they mean XRP converted to another currency or converted to flat. Are they attempting to freeze those wallets as well? We deserve transparency as to the amount of funds frozen from the exchanges.
  5. I hate hearing this happened . Were there any police reports filed ? Did Gatehub notify any law enforcement regarding the hack?
  6. I had just changed my password 3 days prior to my account being hacked. I used 18 characters including upper case, lower case letters, numbers and punctuation marks. 2fa on Gatehub account New Email Account was Added 2fa on an email that was exclusive to Gatehub account only never used for anything other than Gatehub. Account was created in 2016
  7. I definately agree, I think all of us who are victims and lost ridiculous amounts of money have been extremely patient. At least try and get some of the funds that were frozen distributed. I am so over this crap now.
  8. Thank you so much for sharing the information ! First phase? How many phases are needed ? For some reason I am still not receiving any emails from Gatehub except for the new device confirmations. I will be sure to store the recovery key in a safe place so I can protect the 45 XRP I have remaining because I have nothing left.
  9. Thank you. Think positive don't give up hope. I hate that this happened. All we can do is see how this unfolds in the next few weeks. Hopefully Gatehub will keep us posted as to the amounts that the exchanges were able to freeze. I will not let this fade away. I lost too much money. I would suggest documenting and take screen shots of all your activity logs on your account. Were you able to file a police report ? I am in the US and filed a complaint with https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx and a police report too.
  10. I did NOT receive the phishing email or an email that my account was vulnerable. My account was hacked and drained. I had always received the new device confirmation email and the Gatehub support email. I did question this false sense of security they were giving to account holders telling them if they did not receive an email there was no reason to suspect their account was threatened. I pointed this out on my support ticket. Honestly I am starting to lose patience. 3 years with Gatehub. Wallet created in June 2016.
  11. What is concerning to me is that I have NOT yet received any email notifying me of the initial hack to my Gatehub account or the phishing attempt. I do however receive all of the emails from Gatehub to confirm new device and follow up from support. Many Gatehub account holders may not even access the emails they use to for their Gatehub account on a regular basis. Why has Gatehub not placed a banner on Gatehub website warning of the hack and phishing as Karlos did for XRP Chat. I hate this.
  12. Yes my wallet also created in July 2016. Unfortunately that was the wallet that contained a large amount of my original deposits. When I first started at gatehub I was not familiar with what I was doing
  13. I posted this earlier I had created multiple wallets on Gatehub. Only one wallet was hacked and that was my original and only hosted wallet created in 2016. Did anyone else have multiple wallets on Gatehub ? If hackers had gained access through log in credentials why would they not hack all the wallets? Other wallets also HAD ( since moved) substantial amounts as well.
  14. Me too. I have slept about 2 hours and can not eat. I really hope Gatehub is transparent about this hack. I am trying to stay positive.
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