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  1. For me I am at a loss at to why this has always been a cloud over Ripples head. Why has this been so damn hard to either determine XRP as a security or not a security. I believe this a political power struggle. Unfortunately we are the ones who have been financially harmed.
  2. Maybe this meeting wasn’t in regards to determine if XRP being a security. Maybe it was something else. Then again, what do I know. I’m in the middle of a 4 day meltdown over all of this .😭😭
  3. This is related to the same meeting and subsequent meetings. Not sure what to make of it. Just wanted to share it.
  4. Good to see you made it here, sorry for the circumstances. Just curious to know seeing that you were not hacked until Nov. Did you receive any notice from Gatehub regarding the hack or database leak in June or where you not aware of it until you got hacked ? Also wanted to share the private group here for the victims in addition to this thread.
  5. I wonder if your email could be have been hacked from another site unless it was exclusive to Gatehub. I am not sure the poster is correct about the dates, I am like you I prefer not to download the database. I do think this database and possibly others may have been leaked before and we were never made aware of it . I also believe we are being played by some posters on here who may have a hidden agenda to try and convince us of what happened, we are not law enforcement so I am not sure why they are intent on doing so.
  6. I am so sorry. I am past the point of frustration with this. 6 months later with not one update. This is pathetic.
  7. Same situation with this wallet holder back in 2016. Yet again this wallet holders issue never addressed and he is told it is his fault. It so convenient for Gatehub to just dismiss these claims and not investigate. This is one of many. Same crap.
  8. Just curious, when was the wallet they hacked created ? I am wondering if it was an issue with earlier wallets, mine was created in 2016.
  9. Yes I am positive. Even if it was 2017 database I had changed my email 2 times since then but also none of the wallets that were hacked were accessed by using log in credentials. My Gatehub log in records confirm that on the day my wallet was hacked it shows no login entries. Maybe some one here on the forum who is familiar with databases can look closer at the database. However one of the members on Raidforums stated this.
  10. Yes, I sure was. I actually put my password in Have I been pawned Site and it came up as Not pawned and neither was the email. I also went back and confirmed previous passwords and emails used for Gatehub and again none were showing not pawned.
  11. I Appreciate this. Out of all the gd high volume wallets why could you not have just hacked Chris Larson or Brad Garlinghouse wallets. I mean damn, really, why you gotta take out us small guys. Just so you know Gatehub does not give a shit. These were not their coins that were stolen. You all should probably consider thanking them for indirectly helping you.
  12. Is this you on raid forums? Are you Gnosticplayers that previously posted his confession here ? I am not fluent with how the hashes were cracked, are you refuting or agreeing with what this individual posted here on Raidforums in regards to Hashkiller.couk complicity in this ? What I would really like to know is when exactly this 2017 database was stolen ?
  13. This is correct. I used an email address that was exclusive for Gatehub only. I also changed email address 3 times over a two year period, with the most recent being 2 months before the hack. I also changed the passwords each time using 18 characters and not passphrase.
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