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  1. I'd love to see it hit triple digits, not sure if that's completely unrealistic or not but it would be awesome (if I'm holding a bunch). I've been trying to ask all my "well-to-do" friends for a loan all day haha... nobody's biting yet, or asking if any of them want to retain me / pre-purchase my design or photography services -- I'm exhausting ANY and ALL options to get more XRP before it's higher than I want to stomach! Very exciting times right now but I don't hold enough to change my life yet.
  2. Yep, I am trying to remain positive and buy what I can when I can but I'm not sure I'll want to buy it once it breaks $1 but we will see... I feel that time is coming sooner than I had hoped, I bought about $1500 worth in August at .18 - .20 but financial difficulties had me sell it all on November 3rd (boooo!) would have been a decent ROI for a little investment... I wish I had a wedding to shoot or something graphic design projects so I could buy a few grand more quick lol. I'll work for XRP if anyone needs a creative professional (haha, shameless plug)
  3. Ahhhhhh! I need to get back in after I had to sell mine... it's really cruising up past few days! One of my really cool friends I've been telling about XRP and trying to get to buy it since Summer gave me a few hundred bucks to get back in last night because he felt bad that I can't buy any right now -- Pretty damn cool of him, only have 650XRP instead of the 8000 I had in November but it's something I guess, I don't think I'll ever hit my 20,000 goal at this point though haha... hope I have a few thousand at least before the banks start using it. I didn't expect it to wake up to .66 this morning.
  4. I don't believe I'll ever get ahead if I sit around watching opportunities pass me by... I guess you'd have to be a freelancer to understand that though, there aren't always projects going on but sometimes there's huge ones and I'm doing fine which is exactly when I should be investing into these opportunities rather than just waiting around until things are more stable, I'll never get anywhere that way -- I'll just regret it if this stuff gains value and I "was responsible" instead of taking a shot. If the monthly bills are paid, that's all that matters... I don't need more money than that to justify buying some of this here or there -- No different than losing money at the Casino which I've done plenty of times except this could possibly benefit me largely if it's a gamble/investment that turns out to be good. I get where you're coming from though in what you're saying... living "safe" I'll be paycheck to paycheck my whole life though. I ended up buying some Bitcoin last night on Coinbase with my credit card and it shows up in my portfolio balance on the dashboard but still doesn't show up in my "wallet" when I click on Accounts to send it to an exchange, ******* stupid really... those credit card purchases are supposed to be instant, this **** has gone up 12 cents since then and I could have bought it yesterday.
  5. I just bought $31 worth of BTC on Coinbase so I can turn it into a whopping 80 XRP or so, lol... every little bit counts I guess.
  6. Graphic Design, Photoshop, Graphics for website, Banner Advertisements, Business Cards, etc... general desktop design and image/photo related work plus custom art. If you've ever heard of DraftKings (fantasy sports site, for money) I was their first designer working with a 5 man team... being from a different state and working remotely they pretty much hired in house and I don't get that much work anymore, when it rains I get paid well but it's kind of sporadic these days. http://www.behance.net/pooshda is some of my older stuff, if this is allowed... I generally charge ~$60/hour.
  7. I'll try and accumulate some (hopefully a lot) before then!
  8. I definitely would but works been so slow I'm literally THAT broke right now.. haha... I guess I can laugh about it. I'm a freelance designer so I usually do well but there are sometimes months with no work and I ate up the reserves. I would have never cashed out to pay the house payment otherwise.
  9. At least you guys are making me feel a little bit better... appreciated.
  10. I could overdraft my Citi card by $1000... ha ha... ha. Just kidding, I appreciate the words of encouragement... I just hate knowing I'll get thousands less for the same amount of money invested next time I go to buy it, I had a goal to get to 20K (XRP, not dollars) but that's a lot of money now lol.
  11. Feeling pretty ****** right now considering I'm holding 0 XRP and had to sell my 8,000 a month or two ago to pay bills because of something coming up... ugh. I've had no way to get back into it, I hope it's not out of reach by the time I have some money but it's not looking too good. I wish I never had to cash it out...
  12. Haha, I hope I have more time than that to rebuy all my XRP... I needed to cash out for an expense that came up (ugh) It'll probably get locked down before I buy back even half of what I had... good times! lol
  13. I'm sad to say my portfolio no longer exists because I was expecting a decent payment from a client in time to take care of something I absolutely must pay for by the middle of the month, I won't get paid in time so I'm using all my XRP to take care of it and hopefully jumping back in once my delayed payment arrives... yikes! Hopefully the lockup or whatever doesn't occur before I can re-purchase what I had (at hopefully a similar price to now). It'll probably shoot up to .27 tomorrow now that I did that... I'm almost expecting it now that I openly said this.
  14. I should have been holding BTC earlier, just switching yesterday has made me enough profit to get a free 500+ XRP while doing nothing... would have been more but I donked off $20 in profit by making a silly trade w/ Bitshares at the wrong time. I just need to make sure I re-purchase XRP before it starts moving again. I saw a couple "pumps" with altcoins last night, wish I knew how to identify them before they happen, I could have turned my $1600 into $2300 off one of them I missed. I know I'm not a trader though, I always seem to pick the wrong time and lose a few bucks haha, can be fun to try though.
  15. Didn't mean to come off as offended but reading that from someone else's eyes definitely looks like it for sure. I should be playing around w/ limit orders though, I've tried in the past but my waiting was too short term and I got impatient... I was just getting started with this back then so it gets kind of obsessive and fun to play with the trading platform, Now I've been going days on end without even being curious of the price so I might be more patient now... the excitement died a while ago. It's too bad I didn't try and sell it when it hit .29 though and gotten back in now -- I need to stop looking back with "what if" all the time because if I could do something about those I'd be a billionaire already haha.
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