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  1. @Eric123 is a waste of your time. There’s no point in having a discussion with him.
  2. This is the reason why I was initially hesitant and waited 18 months after investing to join XRP chat. You judge someone’s merit by the amount of posts they have rather than the quality of those posts. Rather than opening your ears and welcoming growth you vehemently resist it. You think you know everything when you really know nothing. The amount of useless, whiny posts I’ve seen you make in the last couple days is honestly impressive...you must be exhausted. I’ve worked 28 years as a Fx G10 spot trader for UBS (a bank that is a client of Ripples) I truly understand remittance as an issue, not through reading and regurgitating someone else’s experience and opinion, but through my own experiences I was able to form my own opinion. Personally I own over 7 figures of XRP. I want the price to increase just as much as anyone else does. But I understand how banks and companies work. It is a long process. I’m proud of what Ripple has accomplished this year and I’m sure most long term XRP holders would agree with me. They have made astronomical growth and are certainly on the right path. Dont act like a child and judge my merit based on the amount of posts I have...that’s simply pathetic.
  3. You are not a true hodler. You don’t understand that the implementation of XRP is a long term process. The underlying tech must be widely adopted first and then the FIs and Commerical use of XRP will naturally follow. I don’t understand why you thought these three days were going to make you wildly rich. If you watched the livestreams I’m not sure how you would conclude the speakers were irrelevant. Additionally I don’t trade the XRP/BTC pair so idrc what happens with bitcoin too much. This argument is a waste of my time you were just trying to make a quick buck over a three day span. That’s not investing it’s gambling and guess what...you lost this time. No one to be upset with besides yourself.
  4. Speak for yourself. I know I didn’t make them. They don’t owe me anything in terms of gains in the price of XRP. The price of XRP will naturally increase multiple times over after widespread FI and commercial adoption of the underlying technology. It takes time, stop looking for a quick buck and assuming they owe you something.
  5. Don’t get too excited. The first won’t raise the price of XRP...remember only real world use by FI or commercial use will raise the price of XRP. The first might give it a tiny speculative bump but nothing more.
  6. I’ve been involved in the crypto space since 2012. At the time I was a large Bitcoin advocate. However, at the same time there weren’t many options that seemed as likely (if not more likely) to succeed as Bitcoin. Eventually in 2016 I made my way to supporting Ripple (recognizing the advantages it posed over other cryptos) and even investing in its native digital asset: XRP. Ever since I have been a huge xrp supporter and heading into Swell I really believed that XRP would enter a new much higher price range. However, as we all know this has not happened so far (1 day remaining). I was disappointed to say the least and for the first time since I bought XRP I thought that maybe I was wrong about Ripple. While streaming one of today’s discussions at Swell, Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik Buterin, made a point that FI’s shouldn’t wait or fear jumping into the blockchain space. Although, he then noted that the technology seemed to be the lagging point or bottleneck for companies implementing blockchain technologies. I disagreed Thankfully, Ripple’s CTO, Stefan Thomas, was given one last opportunity to speak and reply to Vitalik’s comment. He argued that the tech (scalability, throughput, transaction speed) was not the problem in Ripples case as is in most other companies cases. This was very reassuring in the sense that though the price may not be currently heading in the direction I am rooting for, Ripple is still light years ahead of competitors in what THEY deemed to be the area holding them back the most. No matter what way Swell takes the XRP price I am sure that this company will succeed and in return I will succeed as an investor. HODL ON.
  7. Don't know where you saw this. It was my understanding that each session was being streamed on Ripple Insights, along with updates via twitter and recaps at the end of each day.
  8. Def not .60 by tomorrow evening...even if a huge, positive announcement was made it is unlikely that the price of XRP would increase that much in less than 20 hours.
  9. Your best bet to buy for holding at least 3 years is going to be at any price before Swell. I think the Swell Conference will really push XRP into a new, higher price range and you will never see an opportunity to buy @.25 ever again.
  10. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-rolls-300m-ripplenet-accelerator-program-grow-volume-xrp-utility/ I find this ripple accelerator program to be very early-paypal-esque as was briefly mentioned in the article. I do believe that incentivized programs like the Volume Rebate Program and Adoption Marketing Incentive Program described in the article are great strategies to really push FI to adopting or at least testing the technology. Curious to see what implications this will have on the future price of XRP. As always, questions and comments are welcomed
  11. I agree w Teddy. IMO it will never be as cheap after Swell.
  12. Does anyone have any information on when the Q3 earning report is supposed to be released. It should be released sometime this month (I'm thinking after or possibly even during Swell). Will the implications of a good report translate to the price of XRP this time or will the report have little influence on the price of XRP. As always questions and comments are always welcome. Thanks
  13. Hi all, Can anyone explain why the market is currently dropping...big five currently: BTC - 7.09% ETH -7.70% BCH -11.59% XRP - 4.76% LTC -10.24% As always all thoughts and comments are welcome. Thanks
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