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  1. I think 2018 is a year, where the general attention towards Ripple and XRP will shift dramatically. In the years before, Ripple was regarded as just another "alt coin" by many investors. But in this year, especially with the upcomming announcements which Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse indicate; the public will notice for the first time, what Ripple truly is: A new tech giant in the making, an equivalent to Google or Apple in the crypto world! I expect a further massive inflow of money into XRP and the start of the adoption of xRapid in this year. Still, it is somewhat speculative of course, but the future of Ripple has never looked brighter to me, in this time, than now.
  2. Bitcoin would not be a good financial system at all. I propose to read this article about the financial sytem Bitcoin tries to create. It is in German language, but you can translate it with Google's Chrome into English. It is from another point of view, not from a technological but a philosophical standpoint: http://www.handelsblatt.com/finanzen/maerkte/devisen-rohstoffe/digitalwaehrung-aus-moralischer-sicht-der-bitcoin-ist-unfair/20133134.html
  3. In my opinion Bitcoin has serious problems in keeping the leadership in the cryptomarket. The Bitcoin Dominance according to coinmarketcap.com has dropped to a stunning 34%. This year, we have a serious chance, that Ripple could overtake Bitcoin, especially if we get some messages that real big banks are adopting xRapid/XRP. Ripple is the only Silicon Valley Company with a real business and real flows of payments. A lot of people, who are deeply invested in Bitcoin do not want Bitcoin to loose it's Nr.1 position to Ripple or another coin, as staying the Nr.1 is essential for Bitcoin's success. Who knows, what is going on behind the scenes. XRP had almost half of it's trading volume in South Korea and Coinbase the largest exchange in the US. Now, South Korea's XRP volume will not be included anymore on coimarketcap, where most people still look. All that news will slow down Ripple in the short term. But finally, Bitcoin will be likely displaced by Ripple in the future nevertheless.
  4. Today I tried to log in to gatehub several times, but I got the following message, but no confirmation email. "It looks like you're signing in to GateHub from a computer or device we haven't seen before, or for some time. Please click the confirmation link in the email we just sent you. This is the process that protects the security of your wallet." The problem is, I do not get any confirmation e-mail! Has anyone else have or have had these problems? Do you know, what could be the issue there? Thank you!
  5. In the long run, Ripple XRP has the best chances of all cryptocoins! Also think about that: many coins have very big transaction costs. You pay often 10 or 20 cents for a single transaction or even much more. As long as it is like this, these coins can never suceed as money in the long run. Even if they are not designed as money but for let's say M2M-transactions. You don't want high transaction costs in such networks.
  6. Hi Guys, if you look the longterm chart, you can see, that Ripple sometimes tends to not follow the Bitcoin Trend immediately. But then, completely suddenly and unexpected, XRP explodes. It was so in the first half of this year, as well. You have to know: Ripple is disregarded and hated by most crypto investors. But, honestly, a currency needs to be really used to have a real success longterm! That is not happening with Bitcoin, Ethereum and so on. They all hoard the monies only. And even if the price would be 10x the current price with BTC and ETH it will stay the same. And that is, why I love ripple. It is different, as there is a real case, that it will be used by the banks to save fees in every transaction and so - indirectly by the customer also. Ripple, in my humble opinion, is probably the best chance out there, if you have patience.
  7. Thank you. I did read also the explanation of JoelKatz. It makes sense, that the real first mover in cryptocurrency seems to be Ripple as it knows already how to take position in the real world. For me, it is logical, that a cryptocurrency can only succeed in the long run, if it is used for a wide range of payments and not almost exclusively only for speculation. And that will be almost certainly be the case with ripple xrp, which will be used at last indirectly by the consumer through their payments with banks. More and more it seems to me, as if the smart money positions itself in ripple rather in ethereum or bitcoin. Also an impression, which I got from reading here on the forum. As it was written in another posting on the xrpchat-forum: "While bitcoin and ethereum are gaining media attention, ripple is gaining influence".
  8. I think, that is a good point. Thank you. Ripple has also many hurdles already behind them concerning regulations and connections with the current financial system.
  9. Hi there, I am not so much into technology, please excuse if I miss something. As I know it, in this moment, Ripple XRP's ledger has a huge advantage over Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins out there when it comes to the amount of possible transactions per second. Also, the cost of each transaction with XRP is way below the other coins, almost zero. But can this be defended over time as Bitcoin is advancing it's lightning network? Or is this lightning network from Bitcoin more a dream than a functioning reality? In this moment huge amounts of money are still flowing into Bitcoin and Ethereum. Still, there tech seams to be out of date in many areas, compared to Ripple. And, besides, nobody is really using Bitcoin or Ether for commerce. And that should stay so for a very long time, I think, because almost everybody there is just holding for price gains, and uses fiat for the real payments ! That will stay until the bubble breaks or the whole world will be consumed by Bitcoin (or Ether). If it cannot take the whole world, Bitcoin/Ether would not be worth much as it is not used in commerce. As I see it, with Ripple, it will likely be different, when banks HAVE to use XRPs (so indirectly consumers also through using bank payments) when banks really want to save on daily FX-transactions, as payments with the XRP ledger are likely to be the cheapest method. So, what do you think? Can Ripple hold it's technological advantage or will Bitcoin (or Ethereum) eventually catch up with lightning or something similar? Thank you, ZE
  10. For me, it worked to log out and to log in again. After that it did reset to the old method with password.
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