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  1. I think that Bitcoin has entered a bear market and will not recover in market share. Bitcoin has already lost a huge market share. The Hodlers of Bitcoins, are blind to the fact, that Bitcoin's value is only justified if it can really dominate also as a payments system. I think, that Bitcoin has no chance as a digital gold only. There is limitless competition. At some point in time, XRP will decouple from Bitcoin. With XRP we have an use case. Mark my words: Bitcoin will never return to 90% market share again, like it was the standard for many years.
  2. I think, the reason is, that you can check the facts (use case) with XRP always and with other coins not! For example, you can look, if XRP has a real adoption or not. Many other coins only promise. And they did this many years. They say, Bitcoin (or each other standard coin like LTC) for example, sometime in the future Bitcoin WILL be a currency for everyday use (that they did use to say many years). - In the future, there will be less volatility (which did not happen) - In the future, there will be merchant adoption (which did not happen) - In the
  3. I think: Can ETH and Lisk and so on even scale? I mean, they try. For example a LISK transaction takes about 30 minutes and costs 0.1 Lisk, which is 2.2 USD in the moment. All the applications that run on this network have to pay 2.2 USD for each change of information. How is that supposed to work? It is completely unusable with this fees for any serious business in the moment, I mean. Many coins have the same problems like Bitcoin. They get more and more expensive and are slow. Nevertheless, they trade in the billions of Dollars. I have sold recently my holdings in other coins because o
  4. Does anyone know why Ethereum is so expensive? I mean when I look at transaction fees and times it is well above XRP. ETH fees (and that of similar coins) have risen 300 fold or so the last year. Can the network even function like that?
  5. Have a look at the Ethereum transaction fees chart. It is the same development like with Bitcoin. In January 2017, the average fee was around 0.007 USD, now we have a fee of 1,55 USD. That is an increase of 221 times (!). During the recent hype, Ethereum fees have been 4$ and more. That would be an increase of 571 times. I wonder how the want to stay competetive. Ripple has invested in the codius platform. Soon there will be smartcontracts over the ripple network. But our transaction fee is well below Ethereum with only 0.0004 USD. Here a graphic with Ethereum fees: https://bit
  6. I often wonder, how all these coins can function with the high transaction costs. There is so much unfounded optimism in this space. I mean, with a transaction fee of 2-5$ for some database coins, who want's to use that database? It is not efficient at all.
  7. The Bitcoin connection brought us almost to our knees in price. That coinmarketcap made an artificial "optical crash" of 25% in removing South Korea from the price calculation made new investors panic and sell their XRP; even more than other coins. Of course, that won't stop XRP from becoming the Nr.1 Crypto, soon!
  8. @Internethobo What about the risk of the market maker. case 2) They have to hold XRP. But with the huge volatility going around that is also a huge risk, isn't it? The last days, for example, where completely crazy!
  9. Thank you again very much. I almost understand it now. Could you make a small model calculation with numbers (Dollars, Ripple price, KRW-rate, profit and loss) so that is more visible for me? That would be great, as there are still some unclarities on my side!
  10. Hi folks! Does anyone know how the banks can hedge themselves against XRP fluctuations exactly? In their model calculation they say, that banks can save 42% on transactions with high XRP volatility and 60% with low volatility. But where do they exactly hedge, there is currently no futures market for XRP? How does it exactly function and who carries the risk of the XRP volatility? Thank you, ZE
  11. I have cashed out from other coins before the dive. But Ripple is a different story. It has a fundamental value and could even survive a complete Bitcoin crash. In the moment, this fundamental story is still completely ignored by the market. There is a good chance, that in some time, XRP will be the Nr. 1 coin. I am sad a little bit, that XRP crashes so much. Much more, than other coins. I did not expect this, you?
  12. It is falling like a rock. Sadly, XRP still is thrown in one basket with other cryptos. Many coins are just hot hot air, but they trade in the billions. I wonder when the market will discriminate between fantasy coins and coins with a real business story.
  13. Who knows how high the price could go. Ripple is targeting for nostro bank accounts. There is a huge pile of money parked in there; it is in the trillions. If banks and financial institutions, who participate in the Ripple Network, start holding XRP instead of nostro money, that would be great for investors. XRP could be a store of value for banks and financial instituitions. Here is a link to a discussion on XRP-Chat (from Hodor) about Nostro-accounts:
  14. Here two articles from the internet, which imagine us the giantic potential of Ripple's XRP token, if they succeed on a big scale. https://toughnickel.com/personal-finance/The-Ripple-XRP-Cryptocurrency-Might-Be-a-Big-Winner Below a link to another article, which speculates how much the price could increase, if we catch up for example to the payment volume of Mastercard or Visa. https://keepingstock.net/opinion-ripples-price-with-visa-or-mastercard-integration-6e723f7936d5 . Here a quote from the 2nd article from the net [Bold formatting added for XRP target numbers]: O
  15. Awesome! Thank you for your work, Hodor :-) The news also today from Monneygram is outstanding!
  16. Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool.
  17. I am sad, that so many people call Ripple a scam. In fact, I see that there are many other coins out there, which really deserve to be called a scam. But for sure not Ripple. The Ripple team is hard working, to create the best digital asset out there. In my opinion they did succeed with that.
  18. Yes, thank you. But on the BIP39 Homepage which is connected to the Nano Ledger homepage I am missing XRP in the drop down list. Link is here: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/support/bip39-standalone.html
  19. Here is a nice overview how Ripple's XRP compares to other digital assets. https://ripple.com/xrp/xrp-stacks-digital-assets/
  20. I have solved the problem like this: I sold other cryptocoins which I had . There are a lot of coins out there which are only hot air. For XRP, however, I see a real chance that it will become something like Google or Apple in the crypto space.
  21. I am missing XRP in the lists of BIP39 compatible wallets: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/support/bip39-standalone.html Go to the selections of coins. Many coins, but no XRP.
  22. Is there a way to extract the private key for the Ripple address out of the Nano Ledger S? I consider to store my XRP also on the Nano Ledger S. But there seems to be no possibilty to extract the private key. If sometime in the future Nano goes out of business there might be the possibilty that we cannot access our XRP then? They write on their homepage, that the dektop app is dependend on their servers...
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