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  1. This is an old(er) post but I have to say... I knew what I was getting into but after reading that cesspool of garbage bitcointalk.org link...I commend you, @JoelKatz for staying calm and stating the facts. Further proof the internet has become, for the most part, a platform for voice of the ignorant masses spitting misinformation. It really is sad you can't have a dedicated forum for a rational discussion. Think of all we could learn from true discourse and debate...very sad.
  2. Been a while since I've posted here. Quite a runup we had in December. Good times gents. Anyway, I'd imagine that one of the reasons we're all interested in Ripple and XRP is that it has a solid use case and not to mention a successful business plan for implementation whilst working on partnerships and testing the technology with stakeholders. Quite exciting times we've had with XRP and Ripple so far. That said, just wanted to bring to everyone's attention Dent Wireless and their token DENT. Dent's goal is to provide a global market place for data, allowing people to transfer / e
  3. The fact that .gov believes they can just BAN crypto shows they know nothing about the technology or implications of it's adoption in business. The ignorant leading the informed (well...mostly informed).
  4. Though I'm not the biggest fan of WB, I definitely agree with your advice and I think we may have had similar luck in trading this year. Just need to keep holding like my original plan last year. I've picked a handful of projects with huge potential and just gonna hold it. Losses only occur when they're realized. Might as well keep stacking right now. Stack and hold, stack and hold.
  5. I'd use the proceeds to pay down debt, then reinvest what is left over, maybe save...OH WAIT I'M MARRIED
  6. I'd definitely be going the most legal way possible. There are a few niche HF's out there who started up a few years ago and looking at various opportunities. I live in New England so it's a little easier for me to get in contact with dem boys in Greenwich but definitely it wouldn't be a conversation had over the phone. All the more reason and opportunity for a bigger institution to create proper clearing / settlement of trades from crypto to fiat. This stuff is still in its infancy.
  7. All of these are excellent ideas. In addition, if you happen to have hedge fund connections those are institutions you could reach out to as well.
  8. Not really surprised regarding the quality of this Forbes piece. Online news articles like this, even from once respected media outlets, have rapidly declined in quality since the age of "write now, research later". It's all about getting that article out and capitalizing on the "reach" it has, even better if the article happens to hit on a topic that is trendy such as blockchain technology. Wonder how long it took him to write this...probably a few minutes. Whatever misinformation can be fed to the masses to put down more prospective companies in this space, it's sure to get a prime s
  9. Seems like us here in the good ol U S of A have limited options at the moment. Bitstamp doesn't take US withdrawals right? I'm waiting for banks to accept XRP anyway so not like I'm in any rush.
  10. This times a gagillion. People don't realize the gains they have in their own back-pocket.
  11. 60% XRP, 20% DENT, 20% BTC You guys should check out DENT btw...fairly comparable to XRP in the realm of data remittance across mobile networks. Very promising and they've hit huge milestones in only six months. Will be releasing the iPhone app and rolling into US / Mexican data networks at the end of December / Early January.
  12. Thanks for sharing, good analysis. I felt the same way initially, felt like it took a while for Brad to loosen. He's a good voice for the company and it's definitely reassuring seeing how they are open to doing these kind of things so early on. Good time to be a HODLer.
  13. You're so rude. I'm going to go cry now....eat some avocado toast. Listen to records on my record player....do yoga. Not work... What is it other people claim millennials do for fun? I need a few more.
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