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  1. With the old Rippletrade client it was really easy to issue an IOU on RCL. You just had to send a coin to someones address, type in 3 letters XYZ and the recipient needed to trust your address for XYZ. done.
  2. More about the IMF and Ripple: Thanks @Niek who postet this in the chatbox
  3. I wonder if christine lagarde is hodling xrp. She seems very bullish on cryptocurrencies ;-)
  4. I am curious about your project expanse. I heard the name before, I think there was a presale? (maybe I am wrong) If there was one, how much was the price per token and how much money you collected? What are the recent developments of Expanse? Any exciting partnerships? Tell us some insider news edit: I just saw that there was no ICO. But do you have collected any money from investors? Are you still hiring developers?....
  5. This is really great news and I think some people are missing this. Here's todays coindesk article regarding this topic: We have to consider that Chris Larsen (EX-CEO of Ripple and still Executive Chairman of Ripple) is a member of the high level advisory group of the IMF and THIS IS HUGE! This guy is dealing directly with Christine Lagarde (director of the IMF) Ripple is doing a good job in making important connections with powerful people.
  6. The ledger nano s was the best purchase I have ever done with cryptocurrencies. It is really easy to handle and I feel really safe now.
  7. Could be, I am not an expert. But since I watch cryptos I see corrections like this happen all the time, I am used to it that my portfolio makes huge jumps up and down all the time. However, it is interesting to see it was only on BTC/XRP markets. This confirms again that @miguel is on the right path, to add more fiat/xrp exchanges.
  8. Yeah but that segwit2x news was 7 hours ago, and the dump just now.. For me it looks like a normal correction that happens when a crypto rises like xrp did today.
  9. @R8102V1D2D Maybe you can answer me this question. From 0.006$ till 0.25$ we had an increase of 4000%. Now lets assume we have another increase of 4000%, we would be at 10$ / XRP. Does it need the same buying power at a higher price per XRP to drive the price up? Is it mathematically the same, or do we need more money to move the price now? My head just can't find an answer. I mean the +4000% happened in 2 months or so. So it should be easy to happen again right? (I know a token cannot only go up in value) Or is the trading volume the only thing that counts?
  10. In the last report you said it could take-off to 0.70$ if it forms base again for the third time at 0.30$. How likely is this?
  11. Good luck with your investment! But if the opposite happens and XRP falls fast, don't get nervous.. Just hold and wait.. It will rise again. The whole crypto trading community tends really to panic reactions.
  12. As an early adopter and longterm holder I can say you: price spikes like this are so random, you cannot predict them.
  13. Yes.
  14. @xh3b4sd Are you working for them?
  15. Everything that is not Ripple is a scam for you right? I don't really understand it, but it looks legit to me: David Sønstebø, Sergey Ivancheglo, Dominik Schiener, and Dr. Serguei Popov founded IOTA in 2015. Serguei Popov, a Ph.D. in mathematics, laid out the math required for the Tangle which was then written into code by the programming prodigies Sergey Ivancheglo and Dominik Schiener.