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  1. baggy23

    Coinbase 12 days

    They want to give us some hints.
  2. nice 15,000$ volume! we don't need coinbase, we have six group.
  3. A line of credit,to lift you to your potential. sounds legit
  4. baggy23

    Wipple 0.11.1 has been released an deployed

    Cool! Thanks for the "accounts created" stats. I was missing this on xrpcharts.com
  5. at the swift link there's: David Scola, Head of North America, SWIFT at the AFP link first there was David Scola, Head of North America, SWIFT, after that they changed to: Keith Gilroy, Director, Strategic Relationships, SWIFT  and now there's no one from SWIFT listed
  6. Update: They removed the speaker from SWIFT. !!!!!! https://conference.afponline.org/program/sessions/payments
  7. The worst thing when you invest money is to become a complete fanboy of your investment and ignore everything else. It's good to have critical thinkers. You should be on track about what the potential competitors are doing.
  8. SWIFT made 780 Million Euros in revenue in 2017. (source: swift annual review 2017) Ripple does not have such a high income stream. If they talk together about a collaboration, the one with more power (money) is the boss.
  9. Shure, but in this case SWIFT is the boss. Ripple has make an offer that fits into the concept of SWIFT. To have 11,000 members is stronger than to just have the good technology.
  10. Thanks for pointing out that there is still competition out there. It's not an easy game for Ripple. Some people here tend to forget that. SWIFT is a huge competitor for Ripple, they have a huge customer base. Ripple has the better technology, but it's still not easy to take over the major market share. We are here because the risk for Ripple to lose this battle is really high. Which also means we will profit alot if they win it.
  11. For me it looks like they had some legal problems because of market manipulation. You cannot add the top currencies and exclude XRP. Now they decided to just add every shitcoin that fits into their digital asset framework. Everyone can apply for his own asset for free: https://listing.coinbase.com/
  12. There's almost no liquidity on the MXN and PHP markets.. Does this still work?
  13. https://www.ccn.com/mastercard-wins-a-patent-to-link-cryptocurrency-with-fiat-accounts/