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  1. hey we already went to the moon. you are too late
  2. Not many people saw this report in 2017/2018... Do you have something new to contribute?
  3. Couldn't they just partner with Ripple and integrate ODL into their system without buying Moneygram...
  4. the insurance for 100m $ seems a bit low... also difficult to trust a Bulgarian company with lawyer address in Switzerland.
  5. Is someone here holding substantial amounts on the nexo platform, like several 100k USD? I don't really trust them because they speak about 8% interest without risk. sounds impossible.
  6. Is this the first non-financial company that confirmed the adoption of ODL?
  7. The circulating XRP supply has a marketcap of 10b $ right now. The company Ripple is valued at 10b $. They could burn the remaining XRP and just make XRP to their company share? All the circulating XRP have the same value as the company right now... Not shure if this is in any way possible or legal... but in theory we are speaking about tokenized company shares since the start of the XRPL.
  8. https://twitter.com/bgarlinghouse/status/1216941455073255426 Big names starting to buy fintech/blockchain companies. Visa who was an early investor in Plaid, now bought the company. Guess who is an early investor in Ripple: Google Ventures! Possible buy-out of Ripple to come?
  9. https://www.dataviper.io/blog/2019/gnosticplayers-part-1-nclay-ddb-nsfw/ So where are the recovered funds?
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