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  1. This trading pairs will just be dead with no volume at all....
  2. Bei diesem Artikel handelt es sich nur um eine Theorie. Interessant ist die Verbindung vom SZR, IWF und Ripple: edit: there's also an english version LOL:
  3. WOOW, now it starts to get interesting. Maybe this is the soon we were all waiting for!
  4. I think he means absurdly high. But in the world of cryptos it's still not so high ;-)
  5. Vinnie maybe knows more than we do but is not allowed to tell us ?
  6. Give this guy a job at Ripple HQ
  7. JED recognised the exploit in the Stellar fork, and now used it on Ripple maybe?
  8. Can you post the address of the hacker? how much IOUs already gone?
  9. because it is a WARNING ?
  10. Only IOUs can be stolen right? No XRP?
  11. to become a world reserve currency governments must hold significant quantities of all XRP. I think we are far away from that goal. And I am not shure if it's good if a reserve currency rises in value.. And that's why we are all here I guess
  12. Buy XRP with 0.01% of your money please.