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  1. Verschwörungstheorien sind immer wieder spannend und haben manchmal auch ein Stück Wahrheit dabei. Bei meiner Recherche zur Comex Rule 589 bin ich auf folgenden 2-teiligen Artikel gestossen: https://www.goldseiten.de/artikel/390152--Tritt-Regel-589-in-Kraft-Teil1~2.html Wenn der Author recht behält, könnte es sich lohnen wenigstens ein bisschen Silber in seinem Portfolio zu halten. (Das eigene Körpergewicht in Silber, wie er erwähnt, ist da vielleicht ein wenig übertrieben.)
  2. How would you buy the 500k gold/silver? Physical and store it in a safe. Or commodity papers? Do you think the value will grow significant in the next 20 years? What kind of investments would you put the 250k? Single stocks? Cryptos? ETFs?
  3. My biggest advice to everybody here is to have AT LEAST two trading accounts with the highest trier verification. It's better to split your millions to several exchanges when you cash out. It is very possible that some of the exchanges will have infrastructure problems from the high traffic. You also don't want to hold millions of IOU $ on an exchange with a cashout limit of 50,000$ per month, so make shure to have a high withdrawal limit! This is very important guys! One thing is for shure, the price rise will not be slow and steady, it was never slow and steady - so be ready
  4. I think this asian guy on the mcdonald photo wants to give a hint (10$ XRP) with his McNuggets.
  5. Any update? There are some high volume REP (Augur) ledger payments coming from Gatehub.?
  6. The volume seems to be from REP (Augur) via Gatehub.
  7. Ok fanboys I understand. A little critical thinking is helpful for your investment decisions.
  8. No they are not. Facebook is in the better position than Ripple. They have a huge customer base including Whatsapp users.
  9. Just google "deemoney.xctest.i.ripple.com" and you will find out it's legit.
  10. Source Moneygram has 900m $ in debts. Ripple made around 1b$ in cash from XRP sales since 2018. edit: does anybody have access to the full article by Dallas Business Journal?
  11. What numbers are you talking about? To cashout a few millions should'nt be a problem.
  12. A house for 150k $. Damn thats cheap, you live in USA?
  13. I cannot see any significant on ledger payment volume..
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