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  1. Ok fanboys I understand. A little critical thinking is helpful for your investment decisions.
  2. No they are not. Facebook is in the better position than Ripple. They have a huge customer base including Whatsapp users.
  3. Just google "deemoney.xctest.i.ripple.com" and you will find out it's legit.
  4. Source Moneygram has 900m $ in debts. Ripple made around 1b$ in cash from XRP sales since 2018. edit: does anybody have access to the full article by Dallas Business Journal?
  5. What numbers are you talking about? To cashout a few millions should'nt be a problem.
  6. A house for 150k $. Damn thats cheap, you live in USA?
  7. I cannot see any significant on ledger payment volume..
  8. They said JYP. Not shure what currency this is.
  9. I find it interesting that Gatehub signed to implement a new anti fraud technology just before this happenings. https://4stop.com/media/gatehub-presser.html
  10. Thanks Bob. But I don't think the average user is digging around on Github. They need a simple ready to execute solution. Like a Macbook pro: Nice simple design, push button for power and ready to go.
  11. What's the reason there's so little XRP Ledger traffic for non-XRP payments? Are the simple user interfaces to do on-ledger trades missing? Unfortunately the Ripple Trade client, which provided a simple User Interface was abandoned. I mean the tech is there, but the ledger trade volume is only around 1m $.
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