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  1. So many cryptoexperts on youtube lately. All joined a few months ago. Some people have a too high opinion of themselfes and think they know everything.. I will stay quiet and enjoy the ride.
  2. haha we already have some moon posts in the general sub now good luck! when the community grows we will have bitcointalk like anarchy here anyway, but then I don't care anymore because I will be rich.
  3. Spreading the Word

    I will put a Paypal sticker on my car if Ripple will not make me rich.
  4. The forum is called xrpchat and they exclude the speculation sub. Made me lol. What a hurukan move..
  5. @miguel I was sceptical first after the first market report. But after seeing you speak at consensus I think you are the best person to do this job.
  6. If moores law is true and xrp follows bitcoin, 1 XRP should be worth around 5$ in 2021. http://www.businessinsider.com/bitcoin-price-and-moores-law-2017-8
  7. You are one of these guys with 2 months experience in the cryptomarket, talking ******** about your trading skills. For shure you will not tell us if you make a bad trade, only the good ones are worth to mention.
  8. xCurrent / xRapid / xVia???

    Are you saying Ripple is not interested in a higher price per XRP because they are already rich if the price stays at current level ?
  9. Its impossible that XRP will go to 100$. It would make me richer than many rockstars..
  10. Just a theory... I would do it if I had the control of the company.
  11. Ripple is selling alot of XRP before the lockup.. it's good for them for 2 reasons. 1. Price will stay low for the moment, it's too early for the big rise, they need to giveaway more xrp to FIs for a good low rate. 2. They will have enough $ for the next years to pay salaries and still enough xrp to sell at higher prices. I think this is a good strategy and we will all become rich anyway sooner or later.
  12. Ethereum will be able to handle 1 million transactions per second. Ripple can do 2000 per second. Will Ripple be able to scale to the same number as ethereum raiden?
  13. Dont know what you are talking about here. The whole cryptomarket is bullish. We are at 117b $ marketcap.