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  1. I didn't read the entire thread.. but maybe this will help you The most scientific paper (from june 2018) written about the valutation of xrp can be found here
  2. If you make huge gains I recommed you to move to another country with no capital gain taxes. In Switzerland for instance you don't have to pay any capital gain or income tax on cryptocurrency. You basically pay taxes for your fortune, the percentage you have to pay is very low.
  3. It was a completely different case. It was just about a tweet, they accused him of market manipulation.
  4. I presume crypto markets do not behave rationally and TA does not help to understand where the price will go.
  5. This company (Xago) is posting technical chart analysis on Twitter which makes them look like a complete untrustworthy joke. By the way - when will real companies use the XRPL?
  6. I bought Ripple "shares" at 31.50$ on Linqto. On Linqto you dont buy the actual shares, you buy a SPV (special purpose vehicle) that was setup by Linqto. This SPV gives you the right to claim your percantage of shares when they will go public in the future.. Based on the latest venture investment rounds Ripple shares are valued at 60$. However this does not mean that when they go public that it will start at this price. there is still a high risk, and we don't know exactly when they will IPO. To buy shares at Linqto you have to be an accredited investor based on your countries regulations...
  7. In my opinion Cinnamon.video has absolutely no chance to compete with Youtube. They must be naive to think they can grab a significant market share. Maybe they know that... However, It's a great example to demonstrate how to implement micropayments into a content creator platform... I hope Youtube is watching, and will implement this in the future.
  8. Microsoft runs a Ripple validator and Royal Bank of England did a proof of concept with Ripple... why?
  9. "simplicity is your best friend" edit: sorry I don't want to be rude. thanks for your opinion
  10. I contacted the support and asked for higher limits. then I had to provide some informations like where my wealth comes from.. standard form.. after that they raised my withrawal limits to the amount I asked them for. Was pretty easy
  11. https://ripple.com/insights/q2-2020-xrp-markets-report/
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