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  1. There's a freeze function: Edit: okay I just saw it: No one can freeze xrp. Only IOUs can be frozen
  2. remember OpenXRPtalk? they had a nice forum software and a XRP giveaway as well ;-)
  3. Why does it have to be worth more, and how much should it be to facilitate larger notional transfers by financial institutions?
  4. I still think Lisk can become an Ethereum competitor one day...
  5. Does this mean the United Kingdom will soon mint gold coins with a big Ripple logo on it?
  6. Got this on vinyl - smooth listening
  7. They also have a project called "JED".. this is a bad omen..
  8. hmmm... Ripple - 30 active integrations... That's not just theory
  9. Interesting - SWIFT invites their biggest competitor to SIBOS... I am wondering what this means
  10. OK there are another 55m$ - I think we are safe now.
  11. Iconomi will start an index fund for cryptocurrencies too. ICO ongoing
  12. If the average salary is 100k$ per year, that's already 10m$ per year just to pay the employees. average is maybe higher - silcon valley isn't the cheapest place edit: And they are still hiring: 19 open jobs at the moment
  13. Ripple received 38.6m $ total funding. source: What do you think how much is left of the funding and how long will it last? Ripple has to pay over 100 employees, rent office space, and pay for infrastructure and so on. 38m $ sounds like alot - but they also have high costs per year.
  14. Let's buy it and put Ripple advertising in the signature of each account.