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  1. It's public available information. Don't start the censorship again on this forum.
  2. Where can I exchange my XRP to Ripple stocks?
  3. FIs buy XRP now to sell them later for profit right? how is this not speculative?
  4. I don't know about a series C round. Did they invest in the B round? edit: I just found it, they participated in the series B round. OK let's hope there will be a huge C round, this is the most important one to see if it will scale.
  5. There's a freeze function: Edit: okay I just saw it: No one can freeze xrp. Only IOUs can be frozen
  6. remember OpenXRPtalk? they had a nice forum software and a XRP giveaway as well ;-)
  7. Why does it have to be worth more, and how much should it be to facilitate larger notional transfers by financial institutions?
  8. I still think Lisk can become an Ethereum competitor one day...
  9. Does this mean the United Kingdom will soon mint gold coins with a big Ripple logo on it?
  10. Got this on vinyl - smooth listening
  11. They also have a project called "JED".. this is a bad omen..