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  1. Illuminati started the brainwash campaign early
  2. I am not shure if it's good marketing-wise to talk like this about competitors
  3. I don't think he is just trolling, we need critical thinking people like him!
  4. I was not able to withdraw my funds from Justcoin, because they were just gone after the attack and my balance was 0... There was something fishy going on at Justcoin. And I remember how we had big trust in them. Never trust an exchange! Even if it looks trustworthy and the owners are active in the community!
  5. From what I read here, it is not really safer to use a ledger nano S hardware wallet. I could use a cold wallet generated on a computer never connected to the internet instead... Is this correct?
  6. We already know what the plans of the royal mint are: It's from the recent WSJ article:
  7. I will join the party with @GreatValue ... We can drive to the Netherlands in my new tesla..
  8. XRP is now on the roadmap of ledger: Thanks @R8102V1D2D for posting this in the Zerpbox
  9. LinkedIn description of Ezforex:
  10. Must be frustrating for him to have missed out the recent XRP pump
  11. No mention of Ripple, but Ripple partners: to open the article without WSJ subscription go to the twitter page of Ripple and click on it:
  12. If you look at it closely and long enough it looks like the silhouette of the moon rover
  13. I think the timing for a lock-up announcement would be perfect now.