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  1. Hey @JoelKatz how many of that 8,000,000 XRP which you had in 2014 are still in your wallet? Hope you sold at the peak.
  2. baggy23

    breakout imminent

    My crystall ball is showing 5$ in May (856 EST)
  3. I love roller coaster pump and dumps. Thats why I am here.
  4. baggy23

    Quitting my job for cryptos.

    @tuloHow long can you live without a job when your bots are not working anymore?
  5. baggy23

    Quitting my job for cryptos.

    You are right. I could quit right now, just some things I have to finish first. Already planning a looong travel, just want to enjoy one last summer with my close friends and familly before I go.
  6. baggy23

    Quitting my job for cryptos.

    Hope you bought XRP with that money from the house... Will probably quit my job at the end of 2018
  7. edit: https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ code is opensource: https://github.com/iancoleman/bip39
  8. baggy23

    Weiss Ratings Issues First-ever Ratings Grades

    Looks like Weissratings got hacked. New website design, and they want to sell you an abo.. nice
  9. baggy23

    Weiss Ratings Issues First-ever Ratings Grades

    If true = wall street people have no idea what's going on
  10. baggy23

    i lost 6000 dollars

    I am in this game since a few years now, and belive me I "lost" way more in the last few weeks than 6,000$. But I dont care, because I know how the market works. Patience is the key
  11. It makes no sense to open a new topic for every link about ripple you find
  12. baggy23

    Ripplewall.com (buy your pixels)

    old... millionripplehomepage existed already in 2014. They sold many pixels for 1XRP per pixel
  13. They have no withdrawal limit. But they will ask you additional questions if you want to withdraw a high amount of fiat. And if you cannot provide the answers they will not let you withdraw. (for instance: where did you buy your XRP, show proof/printscreen from other exchanges etc.)
  14. baggy23

    Kraken Withdrawal Time

    Update: I received this E-Mail:
  15. Hello Has anyone on this forum experience with Fiat withdrawals on Kraken? I made a SMBC Swift withdrawal in USD from Kraken to my bank in Switzerland. The status on Kraken says: success I did the withdrawal on 21.12.17. Kraken says on their website it usually is between 1- 5 business days. Then I called my bank, and they cannot see any pending international deposit for my banking account. I am a little bit worried because it's not a small amount. But maybe it's normal that it does not work so fast? What are your experiences?