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  1. Or it means that no FI wants to buy more XRP
  2. I really like the idea of a silver/gold backed token on the Ripple ledger. The big guys are on to this as well. The royal mint of england planned to issue a gold backed token on the blockchain. The government of England blocked the project in the last minute. Not shure how big the chances of success are for us small guys, but since no one really succeeded yet with a precious metal token on the blockchain it could be worth a try. This project is too big for just one person, collaboration is the key to success. If you guys pull this up I am considering to participate in the seed invest. What was the reason to do this with the NXT blockchain? Couldn't you issue your company shares on the RCL and pay dividends on them?
  3. Thanks Mr. expert who is too late in crypto and missed the 2017 bullrun.
  4. Price is manipulated by jp morgan. They are stacking physical silver since years. https://www.sunshineprofits.com/gold-silver/dictionary/silver-manipulation/
  5. baggy23

    An Update

    Sad to hear that you were not able to profit from the last bullrun. I remember you were here since the beginning. Get well soon!
  6. silver price will explode soon... It's just a matter of time. second best investment after XRP.
  7. I'd just like to hear opinions on this. Is it possible that Ripple will do something simmilar to what Stellar did?
  8. Thanks for this explanation. I don't trust Coinfield. Maybe I would trust the NYSE if they would issue stocks on the XRPL.
  9. Is there a feature on the XRPL that prevents the creation of additional tokens? I don't know about such a feature, If you trust an issuer of a token let's say 1 mio SOLO, they can sell you 1 mio SOLO. It's all about trust with these IOU tokens. Did I miss something?
  10. Or soon the option to use cordacoin. https://mobile.twitter.com/inside_r3/status/1181550413293727746
  11. We need someone who we can trust to issue a stablecoin... Someone like the federal reserve bank
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