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  1. Thanks Bob. But I don't think the average user is digging around on Github. They need a simple ready to execute solution. Like a Macbook pro: Nice simple design, push button for power and ready to go.
  2. What's the reason there's so little XRP Ledger traffic for non-XRP payments? Are the simple user interfaces to do on-ledger trades missing? Unfortunately the Ripple Trade client, which provided a simple User Interface was abandoned. I mean the tech is there, but the ledger trade volume is only around 1m $.
  3. I do not qualify as accredited investor, so unfortunately i am not able to buy on the secondary market. The big question I have is: When the IPO starts, isn't it too late then. Because the valuation is maybe already overpriced? I think there's a big risk, but I never participated in an IPO. I'd be glad, if someone who has experience in IPO's would share his knowledge.
  4. Do you own Ripple stocks from a secondary market like EquityZen and SharesPost? Or will you buy in on the IPO if it takes place?
  5. You are not forced to participate. I hate when people post useless comments.
  6. I am surprised that so many people voted "Never". Because Brad said: Is it just the fear that XRP will lose value when Ripple goes public?
  7. We discussed this topic in 2018. Brad Garlinghouse said: "I want to make sure we have the right managerial maturity, infrastructure, and ability to forecast properly. ... At some point it will make sense. Just not today." What do you think, when will Ripple go public on the stock market?
  8. This is not huge news. There was already a woocommerce plugin for XRP in 2014.
  9. "Answer chat" and "Answer thread" is a little but confusing. Maybe you need a more specific name like: "Bob's Answer:" and "discussion:". But that's just a suggestion.
  10. Hi Bob It's always a good sign if someone like you shows up to mix up the community Looks like we're almost there... soon..
  11. They want to give us some hints.
  12. nice 15,000$ volume! we don't need coinbase, we have six group.
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