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  1. XRP price higher at Polo means . Korea 's ripple coin price soon follows poloniex. Or, it is difficult to raise the volume of Korea's sales. Can be seen as. This depends on the situation. It is good to just refer!
  2. Now I understood. Thank you. So funny words! The Korean president 's nickname is famous for Moon!
  3. 한국인 이신가요? 반갑습니다! 수정하겠습니다 감사합니다!
  4. Does moon mean the president of Korea? What does that mean? Is the president of Korea popular? I hate moon! hahaha
  5. Station premium. It means when the Korean price is lower than the Poloniex. When I use Google translator, there is a mistake. In Korea, it is called "station premium". Do you mean when the Korean premium is more than 10%? At that time, when many Koreans jumped into the coin market. Koreans like things like stocks or coins. At this time, I got a premium that I can not understand. This was corrected right now. Korea premium has many problems. It may be that the exchange manipulated the ticker, or was created by a particular force. This is still a question for our Koreans.
  6. The lower left is the fastening amount. What is next to the amount is the volume of transactions .I did not understand the sentence behind. What do you mean?
  7. Yesterday I wrote a ripple coin and a kakao bank. and Yesterday 'KBS' mentioned ripple coin and kakao bank. http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=101&oid=056&aid=0010491221 'KbS is an American 'cnn' class broadcaster.' Very briefly pointing out the ripple coin, like a kakao bank. The rumor has not been revealed yet. The fact that the overseas remittance of the cacao bank is cheap and the virtual currency reflow can be cheap. It's just that. Interpret the link !
  8. Hi I'm korean . Even if my English is not enough, understand! 1. Look at the ripple coin price in Korea! https://coinone.co.kr/exchange/trade/xrp/ This is Korea's Coin Exchange! Xrp You can see the price. 206 is Price of ripple coin . The number of ripple coins that are next to the price. Sometimes, the price of poloniex is 1% 2% higher than the price of Korea. This is called the reverse premium of Korea. 'korea reverse premium.' When the price of poloniex is lower than that of Korea, it is called Korea premium. 'korea premium' When you buy ripple coins, it helps to see Korea 's premium. Interesting story about Korea premium. Korea premium was more than 10%. This is a story just two months ago. When Koreans were most interested in coins! 2. See the prices of Etherium and ripple coins! Etherium has a lot of Korean trading volume. This is like a ripple coin. Ripple coin also reacted when the etherium rose significantly. The Korean investment sentiment is high! 3. Recently, interest in ripple coin has been increasing in Korea. Ripple coin is attracting attention from yesterday 's kakao bank rumor. Yesterday I mentioned ripple coin and cacao bank in kbs news. http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=101&oid=056&aid=0010491221 A little while, but Korea 'kbs' called 'cnn' mentions ripple coin in live broadcast. The rumor has yet to be revealed. Thank you. Xrp chat members. As much as I get the information here, I will also share the coin information in Korea!
  9. Hi, I'm korean The ripple coin responded today. why? This is a rumor and it is not true yet. Kakao is a big company in Korea. kakao has created a new bank. That 'kakao Bank' The kakao bank has the advantage that it is very cheap to send money abroad. It is rumored that the kakao bank uses ripple technology. It may be rumor but it is a big rumor now in Korea. This may be true. 1. In kakao Bank's overseas remittance, the commission is 8,000 krw for Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. Do you know what's suspicious? Japan, Thailand and the Philippines ! Currently Japan and Thailand are using the first ripple transfer. 2. kakao Bank uses City group's WorldLink network City group is currently a member of R3 and R3 is collaborating with Ripple. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-and-r3-team-up-with-12-banks-to-trial-xrp-for-cross-border-payments/ If this turns out to be true, you can expect a big rise. Now Koreans are looking forward to it.
  10. Koreans were expecting sbi listing. Sbi Exchange will generate huge supply of ripple capital.
  11. As I get good information here, I will write about Korea 's ripple coin information.
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