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  1. LunaXRP

    What's New with xCurrent 4.0

    yep... semi-old news now. Welcome back to the chat!
  2. I tried to move funds to gate hub via flash fz last week. It’s currently disabled which bites. I really want to get some fiat across today and take advantage. I’ll let you guys know if it’s back after I chat to Nick.
  3. So uninformed... I used to tell Nouriel how he was wrong on twitter. I mean "used to" as he blocked me. They don't like it when you bring up facts on the FUD storm they produce.
  4. Personally, XRP doesn't need Coinbase. Once Ripplenet starts to spread, and we have utility, Coinbase needs XRP, not the other way around.
  5. October 26, because it’s the best day of the year...
  6. LunaXRP


    Not sure about this video... he has had some good content in previous vids, but this just jumps around the place unfortunately.
  7. Ask me in 12 months time, I’ll give you my postcode on the moon.
  8. Lowest 15c DCA around 30c wish I knew about XRP a few months earlier than I did!
  9. No way in hell im selling... just HODL... the whales want you to sell. Not getting my zerps!
  10. Sell? This is the time to buy in my opinion (not financial advice). I started buying in June 2017, and still buying now. Look at the fundamentals, what Ripple is trying to disrupt, and doing a fine job of it to date. The last thing I’m thinking of doing is selling. Patience is key.
  11. LunaXRP

    Poll: Bull run or Bull trap?

    Getting the gut feeling it’s a trap, but we’ll see soon enough!
  12. You’re out? You barely joined! Hope that 67c for the post serves you well.
  13. LunaXRP

    6 Months, 10 transactions.

    It’s obvious they are threatened by XRapid and what it can do. This is the perfect opportunity for the likes of Moneygram to jump in, get on XRapid, lower their fees and still make a killing, while taking away a portion of WU clients. I know what I’d be doing if I was someone like Moneygram... Watch WU change their tune if that were to happen, which I personally think will.
  14. LunaXRP

    This from Western Union CEO

    Kind of makes no sense, why test a software for a prolonged period (it’s been 2 years) if it doesn’t add value to your operations? Possibly keeping things close to his chest, which is expected. Time will tell... not just trying to put a positive spin on it, but it just doesn’t make sense to me.