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  1. Does this have a shopify integration? Trying to sell some Physical Ripple coins and let people pay with XRP.
  2. Hopefully we can use this to sell some Physical Ripple coins on our shopify store!
  3. They're coming just working on shipping!
  4. Yes, Physical Ripple/XRP coins exist! We're actually working on getting them onto Amazon right now!
  5. These coins are awesome! Really like the silver ones
  6. Hard to say to be honest, but i'd say 2-3 weeks at max
  7. We have a site but do not have them listed yet but will soon, and they unfortunately wont be connected to an xrp address. Cool idea, thanks for that!
  8. We will try and see if that's possible at this price We choose $2 because that's the lowest we could sell them for to make them affordable for everyone while not selling them at a loss. Also great suggestion, we will outline that these are physical XRP coins that do not hold any digital XRP on them, thanks for that! Once we get them shipped we will start mailing them out to whoever wants one and selling them to whoever wants to buy one. They will have a choice. Also cool that you do video production and marketing/advertising, we'll send you some and you can do something with them if you would like to Wow awesome! They will probably cost around $2 and we will let you know once we have them listed, thanks so much!!
  9. Hey XRPChat! We recently made a physical Ripple/XRP coin and made a post about it on Reddit and thought it would be a good idea to share it here too! Figured some people are interested in how the coins are made so here's how we do it: Firstly, what we do is make a mold for the coin, then we get thick sheets of metal and cut them in the shape of the mold. Now that we are left with a blank coin, we polish the edges of the coins so they become smooth. Lastly, we then spray the coins for that nice Ripple blue color and for a slick finish and walla, you have a Ripple coin! The coins are roughly 38mm in diameter and 3mm thick and are solid and smooth. Once we get them shipped we plan to give away as many we can to the XRP community to then start selling for around 2 dollars if possible. Really wondering what you guys think of them, any suggestions you have, or if you want us to mail you one for free! To keep you guys updated you can sign up for our email list here (scroll to the bottom of this Ripple guide) and we'll email you!
  10. Anyone know how a shopify merchant could accept XRP? We just made some new physical XRP coins and think it'd be cool to accept XRP!
  11. Hopefully a Shopify one is made soon too! Great progress being made already!
  12. Only a matter of time before the true potential of Ripple and XRP is revealed to all of the doubters.
  13. If this is part of the countdown thing Ripple is doing, this is going to be game changing...
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