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  1. Nope, the venture cap investors are non controlling. Founders and employees and SBI still rule, although the venture guy’s opinions still count.
  2. But the banks do care about settlement. Big time. And that is why they are the first target.
  3. It does not make sense to “maintain a low price”. It makes sense to always transact at market
  4. Main point of going public is not to get more capital but to provide liquidity for early investors, those wanting to cash out. They have not seen a dime, which is good. Every single $ from XRP sales has been plowed back into the ecosystem, not investors pockets. So far initial investors have been patient. No reason they can’t wait another 12-24 months.......Additional capital for growth, if needed, can be gotten other ways.....Ripple has already “raised” its initial project stash. No need for more. We are now in that magical post vision pre realization phase. Full of doubt and worry yet tasting a true tangible result that is historically hard to believe but actually makes sense. A very rare fact pattern.
  5. Relax Chico, even a broken clock is correct twice a day. BTC maxis are the dinosaurs of 2020. May the future belong to the pragmatists.
  6. The odds are against it happening anytime soon. Diluting shares to raise unneeded money is simply unwise. So is gifting XRP to anyone. Shareholders would not allow it. Remember they own the company NOT management. Also a company does an IPO only when the company’s vision is within view of the masses..... Ripple already has shareholders. There already is a secondary market for those shares, albeit illiquid. A direct listing makes sense perhaps as it does not dilute. But not any IPO that diluted shares.
  7. Dumping assumption is quite real. IRS or equivalent demands estate tax paid in fiat. All that BTC is valued in fiat at death. No way around it. It is interesting that the court decision later clarified the estate’s value, but the principle remains. That tax bill has to be paid one way or another.
  8. Throughout history banks have been repositories of value. That will not change. If digital assets prove to have value banks will hold them. It does not matter if individuals can also hold them. There is lots of value for banks to add......Meaning banks will be around but not quite as powerful as before. Any maxis thinking otherwise do not know history/geoplolitics
  9. Agree. A subscription? Really? That is going forward? No. Yes micropayments will be huge, but not that way. Subscriptions work only in certain precisely defined enterprises, not in the mass Youtube/blogsphere. I have run businesses based on micropayments vs ads and ads always win out when a consumer is the end user. Because ads are actually a micropayment in the form of barter; consumer trades his/her mindshare for a vendor’s expense. It is profoundly efficient. Not to mention the oftentimes situation where ads increase the consciousness of a product. So while micropayments will be huge, they will not be huge where ads are huger. Don’t underestimate ads. The graveyards are full of entrepreneurs who tried ad workarounds.
  10. That 75% is a highly suspect figure bandied about by the pro BTC crowd. The cold hard warming fact is that any time electricity is burned unnecessarily it increases demand on the worldwide grid. We have obvious better currency alternatives. Wait till Greenpeace, Sierra Club, U.N. Council on Global Warming et al start putting BTC in their target sites. Less than 12 months away I would think. Transferring BTC will be seen as so politically incorrect that it will equated with the KKK. Anyone trying to spend BTC will be ostracized.
  11. I think in their statement SWIFT implied they won’t partner with anyone, just lay down an open foundation where any third party vendor can do anything innovative. They are recognizing their limitations. Good news. And leaving a huge opening for XRP imo.
  12. FB will not be allowed to favor any currency over another due to upcoming antitrust law.
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