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  1. FB will not be allowed to favor any currency over another due to upcoming antitrust law.
  2. It is not under the SEC’s pervue whether Ripple owns assets like XRP. Ripple has every right to. No different than a company like DeBeers owning a lot of diamonds or a large farmer having a stash of corn in his emergency silo.
  3. M Remember the exchanges all froze under the congestion. All the fundamentals are in xrp’s favor
  4. He sold way less than 1%. Remember he indirectly owns 1 billion+ xrp through his 2% ownership of Ripple.
  5. I would hope Coil and micropayments would be more attractive to Facebook than its current inefficient advertising model.
  6. You don’t know what u r talking about
  7. Sure, slowly distribute pro rata the xrp to the shareholders so they individually can decide to hold or sell. And Ripple could keep enough stash to ensure future funding etc. Distribute say 25 billion over five years. A big benefit would be that critics would have 50% less of a target stash to criticize. Holding 25% of a supply is a lot different than holding 50%.
  8. Fact: Ripple the Co spent some $40mm+ in 2018 on share repurchases based entirely on the fact that they considered their stash of XRP undervalued. Undervalued...Digest that. Management and shareholders are still all in re XRP’s potential.
  9. There is enough xrp in circulation now to do what it has to do. Escrow is also doing its job limiting release. The only problem is the emotional one of the public being envious of xrp holders. The politics of envy. Ripple’s stash is owned by over a thousand shareholders. Ripple should slowly give their shareholders ownership of that stash.
  10. My take from the press on the possible Chinese mining ban is that it is focused on the environmental damage of Proof of Work mining. Specifically electricity. And the crypto market tanked as a result. Why no differentiation of those consensus crypto’s, (xrp, etc) that are clean and pass the test? Xrp prices should be rising
  11. Doesn’t Ripple Labs own some xrp in addition to escrow?
  12. The Deadhead became Ripple Labs’ first investor, so he has Ripple stock.
  13. Well originally Dec 25 was the Saturnalia celebration throughout the Roman Empire. Latter day Christians adopted it because they actually didn’t know Jesus’s birthday. (When Christianity started getting popular Jesus had died 400 years before). So the overall original feel of the holiday was Pagan until the Middle Ages when Christianity was hugely dominant and the holiday became more religious. We are now back to a blend of Pagan and Christianity. Another 500 years and we will probably be all Pagan.
  14. The more that time goes by and a use case gets fulfilled, the more the volume and liquidity justify the Ripple Labs calculation. Theirs is an endgame calculation, which is kinda heartening to see for all of us in the middle.
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