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  1. Yup I'm afraid you're wrong. Got my Ledger end of February and it had firmware 1.3something on it. Did the update today.
  2. No, I used the minimalist client from this link: https://github.com/jatchili/minimalist-ripple-client
  3. Just for clarification: The pair generated by the client is a mismatch. That means, I sent XRP to a address I never even had a secret key for. The secret key given to me by the client does match a different address, not the one that showed up with it in the client when it generated the pair. Sorry for the confusion, English isn't my first language. Well I don't think that is what's happening. I can reproduce the error. When I type in my secret, every time I press set identity a different address shows, after a couple of tries and refreshing the page sometimes even the same mismatch that I was given in the first place.
  4. Well if someone can tell me how to regain control over my account I'm more than happy to send him/her half of the amount of the XRPs that are being stored there.
  5. I'm just happy I was paranoid enough to use different generators and realising this before making my next investment with possibly another minimalist client created ID. A bit gutted about wasting my money though, my first ever bought 1361 XRPs down the drain..
  6. Haha that actually fixed it! I used firefox but it's working nevertheless. Thank you so much for your help. BUT: I created my first paper wallet with the minimalist client in Safari. When entering my secret key for that in firefox it still shows me the wrong public key.. The same but wrong key everytime.. Therefore I assume the minimalist client does not function at all with safari and threw some sort of wrong mixup at me when creating that wallet. For the second one that I created I used the offline creator that's listed on this forum in the links. Secret and private key match perfectly when tested with the minimalist client in firefox. Maybe we should put a warning out about the minimalist client apparently not being compatible with Safari? I'm a bit gutted about that money that I've lost to be honest. I don't think there is a way to redeem it, right?
  7. 1. Open minimalist client 2. Enter Secret Key 3. Press "Set Identity" --> Wrong Public Key shows. 4. Clear Identity 5. Enter same Secret Key --> Different but also wrong Public Key shows again. No matter how often I repeat that with the private being the exact same one, every time a different public key is shown. I have done this about a hundred times now with at least 15 different newly created private keys. Sometimes however the correct public key shows. Often not at first, but after the 5th try or so. Thank you in advance for your help!
  8. First, let me thank you for your answer! Yes, I did use the minimalist client for my test. I downloaded the zip file directly from github. Also, it doesn't matter whether I use the online version or the offline version with no connection to the internet, result is the same. I should mention that at first I tested with just freshly created IDs, because I didn't want to "expose" my secret key, those didn't match. I then thought this could be due to the fact that those accounts are not activated, so I tested it with one of my activated ones but still, displaying a different ID every time I enter the same secret key.
  9. Hi guys, started to get into XRP a couple of weeks ago and have already invested some money. I used the tutorial on how to create paper wallets that can be found on this forum and transferred my ZERPS to two different paper wallets. Used the minimalist client to generate the keys. So today out of curiosity I wanted to check if my secret keys match the public keys. So I put my secret into the client, pressed "set identity" and a different key showed up other than the one I had written down. I've tried it multiple times and multiple different keys showed up. At some point even the correct one. Can someone please explain to me what that means? I'm afraid I wont be able to access my XRP's. Cheers! <3
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