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  1. Without banks and FI, there is no retail. Its like a pyramid, government and banks at the top and consumers at the bottom. This structure will always be the strongest regardless if you disagree.
  2. XRP will become the standard of digital currencies. Why? 1) Banks are here to stay. The argument that bitcoin or some form of virtual currency will replace fiat is a complete fantasy. I will bet that in 50 years, majority of people will still be paying for goods and services using fiat currency. XRP is designed to be most effective by using FIAT currency. 99% of people do not care about cryptocurrency. Ask your friends and family if they are willing to accept bitcoin as form of payment, most likely no. Heck, I bet most of us wont even accept virtual currencies as form of payment. XRP is designed so you can pay for goods and services with FIAT currency instantly anywhere around the world, not just in your country. If you want to send money overseas, it will take at least a few days and even up to 2 weeks with high fees. Ripple is the only company that allows fiat currency to be sent anywhere in the world instantly (3-5 secs). Ripple is the monopoly, no other company or technology can do this. 2) The power of XRP is you don't even know your using it. Bitcoin is used as a form of payment. Eg: Bitcoin → Goods and services → Bitcoin. People will have to learn how to use this and for the average person, its extremely complicated. Anything that is successful is simple. When XRP is being used, you don't even know your using it. Your not changing peoples habits by using XRP (think about it!). Example- If you want to buy a expensive watch in China, your most likely going to buy it with FIAT currency regardless of high fees or transaction times. If my bank happens to use the Ripple software and XRP for the cross-border transaction, the money will be transferred instantly with minimal fees. Me, as a paying customer wouldn't even know XRP is being used to convert my local currency to the overseas currency. The bank does this automatically! Its not replacing fiat currency, its acting as a tool to help it. That is why over 90+ banks are using this software already. This ultimately is the magic of XRP and where it wins over all cryptocurrencies 3) Ripple is pro-regulation. Bitcoin and most virtual currencies is designed to bypass government/bank controls. People underestimate the power of governments and banks. They literally control the world. New laws will be implemented to deter this type of behaviour. Look at China, they recently banned all yuan-bitcoin trading. Only logical more countries will follow and rightly so. Regulation is the only way to allow real growth. If I buy a item with bitcoin and I didn't receive the goods, its up to the seller to refund the bitcoin. I cannot go to a bank and ask to reverse the transaction. This alone deters 99% of real use cases that bitcoin was designed for. Because Ripple works with banks, if you did not receive the goods and services that you purchased, you simply tell your bank to reverse the transaction. This is one aspect of the benefits of pro-regulation. 4) XRP is the closest cryptocurrency to mainstream adoption. All cryptocurrencies including XRP is speculation until the they are actually used for real world cases. XRP is in a unique situation that no other "crypto" has, a actual company behind the technology. Ripple is a company that is backed by some of the biggest companies in the world. Why does XRP have value? Because Ripple already has 90+ banks using the software. It has real commercial customers using the software already. The fact that combining the existing software with XRP can save banks up to 60% in transaction costs is a BIG advantage. We are talking about banks, not people. Bitcoin is peer-to-peer. XRP is bank-to-bank. Given that already 90+ banks are using the software, if only 1 bank announces they will be using XRP, the value will skyrocket as it will become the first cryptocurrency to be used in real world situations. Its not a matter of if, but when they will start using XRP.
  3. Just out of curiosity, how many XRP tokens do you have?
  4. Price gone up today..... By over 15%. Ripple official Twitter page posted "3,2,1 countdown begins" today. I think this guy is legit
  5. Yes it means they will be using XRP.. That's why it's called XRP Ledger, not ether, Bitcoin or any other coins. Its XRP coins.
  6. This is huge news for ripple! People are using ripple already without even realizing! The true power we have is we don't have to change the way people do things.... (think about it). We are a monopoly in this blockchain money transfer industry. I just got back from dubai and and abu dhabi. To get things straight, abu dhabi is the wealthiest city in UAE. The king of kings is in abu dhabi. 20billion USD per year is the remmitence market in UAE. The largest bank is a ripples customer and announced they will be using XRP. This is only the beginning... Iam 100% sure the ripple team is focusing there existing 90+ customers to use XRP also! The price now is so irrelevant to where we are going... The ups and down today doesn't mean anything compared to 10-15 years from now. We are all pioneers in this game changing company!
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