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  1. A bully?? that's a bit rich; I don't have any crypto right now so I don't care about the sell off. Why didn't the chart gurus call this one, I read that the BTC price was going up today? Calling that out doesn't make me a bully. Perhaps the way I did it was harsh, but honestly when are people going to stop believing in santa clause
  2. I can't say what's going to happen for sure; I don't have the ego to post every single day that's all. That takes a very special kind of person - one who's buoyed up by the rest of the community, a lot of whom are calling for a 400k bitcoin. Should we not test the veracity of their claims? And yes, for the record, BTC was looking pretty good yesterday!! But not good enough for me to invest in it.
  3. I know people that invest on reading a tweet, people want shortcuts. Spreading awareness that these people get it wrong - in fact we all do - is healthy and vital information. Just trying to help spark some debate
  4. It's bad because if someone reads his posts and sees "we should see a big run from here" so they commit to buying and fomo in, the very next day bitcoin crashes almost 20% and then recovers slightly, that person would have been much better waiting. If I were one of the chart gurus like Eric I'd feel like a right mug, and I'd feel bad that anyone that took my advice lost out. But... what do they do, they keep posting their nonsense, trying to build their little empire of idiots that listen to them. BTC to 400K $$$$, people should be telling this guy to can it, but because he says what they want to hear it doesn't matter that it's all total nonsense. Yes it bothers me.
  5. This - Gurus hang up your hats ffs, go outside and get a life. Stop with the daily updates, they are totally meaningless @Plikk @Eric123 give up the goat kid, the game's up
  6. @Julian_Williams lol, really to quote "We should see a big run from here"... looks like he missed it from where I'm sitting
  7. funny that your charting didn't identify this, just being a critical friend
  8. I must admit I don't read this tweet as 'there will be further delays' I think if there were to be more delays they would be up front and they would say it. Maybe that's around the corner, who knows - I hope that it isn't. I actually think it's quite honourable and that they recognise they messed up a little bit.
  9. haha I could be wrong to be fair, more I was pointing out that nobody knows for sure and the TA gurus have got it wrong so many times - but because they're bullish everyone worships them. to be clear, I'd love to see XRP explode so everyone here gets rich I personally think that BTC is looking good now too.
  10. @High_Lollerdo you make any other contributions here
  11. We seem to be having good weekends at the moment, my guess is still that we'll go to around the 50k mark, I think slightly less and we'll stay here a few more weeks. Ultimately I think we're still in a bear market though.
  12. It's a bit concerning, I hope nothing changes and we still get the tokens
  13. Does anyone have an update on when the FLR tokens might be distributed?
  14. neva send three messages in a row brudda, don't you know nuffin about seduction
  15. what the heck is happening with the Flare airdrop, does anyone know?
  16. There's been some great price action recently for hodlers. Like I've said to me it looks like a bear market, but nobody knows for sure
  17. woah, yah bro. Just sorted for the top 100 biggest gains... this is off the hook bra, we're ripping!!!!!!!!! (can I have some of those mushrooms you had for lunch please)
  18. So you think DASH up 12% (at time of writing) signals alt season beginning?
  19. 100% Some people have almost become like religious zealots in their defence of the chart guru telling them to hold on to their assets. Very little evidence suggests that these lines on the chart actually mean anything, people have just been seduced by the guy selling them a dream. Much like "Don't worry, you'll go to heaven after you're dead." ZERO evidence, but it's nice, warm and fuzzy hopium.
  20. What makes you think that this is a trap by the whales, where's the evidence for that (either present day or from the past)? I think people read too much into whale manipulation, it's doubtful that there's a group of whales all working together to drive the market one way or another. These are natural cycles imho
  21. $400 k bitcoin and big green candle incoming. Say anything less and you get mashed, bashed and thrashed. It's not looking good atm, I can see a 0.4X XRP and sub 30k BTC before the week is out.
  22. Who made the law that said this is strictly a charting topic, see the first post: Title Epic Pennant on BTC chart, where even the great Eric123 himself is doubtful (he's grown in confidence since then). So the first post and title don't suggest that this is an exclusive thread and that those that doubt TA shouldn't comment, as you can see - as I've pointed out - Eric doubted himself and he went on from that first post to make wrong calls. WHY SHOULDN'T I CALL THAT OUT? People in the community deserve respect, but not at the expenses of others, those reading these threads need to be aware that TA is about interpretation, and we should judge those claiming to be experts based on their results, not to do so is an act of ignorance and hopium.
  23. So much arrogance isn't there, Plikk doesn't have much of value to say in terms of price prediction from what I've seen. But likes to put it out there like he's a chart god 😂
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